Please read this post carefully; there will be a quiz next week.“Seven billion.”A student in the back row asked a friend how many people were in the world, and I blurted out the answer as I was writing the day’s schedule on the whiteboard. I couldn’t control myself!“Three-hundred million,” I added when he inquired (still talking to his friend) how many people were in the U.S....more
My daughter and I are both bossy know-it-alls, though she is slowly and methodically putting me ...more

What was your favorite subject in school?

Summer is over and back to school thoughts fill the air.  We want to know what the BlogHer community remembers about school days.  Maybe you're helping your own kids with homework and a random formula pops into your mind, after lying dormant for years.  Maybe you are still going to school and preparing to write a paper....more
What about Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Ec.)? I loved it so much in high school that I ...more

Teacher Heroes

She was a young teacher, new to her ‘trade’. She was enthusiastic. She saw the potential in each student. She was planning her wedding, exciting, heady days to be sure but she did not lose her focus. Kids first second and last. And not just any kids but adolescents, the worst kind. Adolescents from a working class area. Their futures? Working in retail, the factories, blue collar trades....more

Your Thoughts: Teachers Blogging

Pull out a chair and sit down with your cup of coffee. It's time to have a little talk. Today's discussion: teachers blogging. A suspended English teacher who wrote negatively about her students on her blog will be returning to the classroom in a few weeks. Students at the school can request not to be in her classroom, and 60 students already have. It's one things for blogging parents to call their own children lazy online, but it's quite another for their teacher to do the same... or is it? ...more
I'm a blogger teacher too but I was also an risk teenager who registered as an abandoned child ...more

It's A New Year: Here They Come!

The students are coming into the building tomorrow. This has been a year of many changes. We have two new administrators (a principal and assistant principal), about thirty teachers new to the building, over half of them in their first year, and new standards that have created a huge curriculum shift in English. I don't feel ready, but I don't think I ever feel ready. You're never really ready for the kids until they're in your room, staring you down.  ...more
"I didn't get into education to help the kids who can help themselves." Amen to that!more

Defending Teachers

Today, as I checked my Facebook wall, I came across not one, but two articles vilifying teachers. One was an article on how Tim Pawlenty claimed that schools indoctrinate our children. The second was a video of a teacher emphatically telling people what his job is, which was posted by a homeschooler friend of mine, and her comments were decidely negative towards this man's opinions. And it stuck in my craw. Because my husband is a teacher. A damn good teacher. A patient teacher. A supply buying, breakfast supplying teacher....more

Teacher departure creates a void

I picked up a recent agenda for a school board meeting and searched the list of resignations. There, I see it. My children’s music teacher is leaving. I’m pretty sure this teacher was in her first year at the school, and my kids loved her. She was creative, fun and inventive.If I’m right – and I’m pretty sure I am – she was the second one-year-only music teacher in a row. My son liked the one before her, too. Our school doesn’t have much turnover, so even one departure stands out....more

School Librarians Get the Third Degree

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is having serious budget problems. There is a section on the district web site that shows a chart of how they spend the money. One of the LAUSD solutions is the closing of elementary and middle school libraries. ...more

You have people that really do not understand why we need real people to communicate with ...more

I could wake up Monday morning if...

up Monday morning if ... ...I saw George Michael laying right beside me, singing in his sleep: Wake Me Up Before You Go..."    ...more

Whoever would have thought?

Sometime life takes unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes what you think will be an important event or situation turns into nothing. And then, sometimes, the opposite happens. A minor event, one that you don’t give a second thought to, somehow, takes on a different meaning, and makes an lasting impact on you, or someone else’s life. This is one of those stories.Several months back I was contacted by Megan at Build a Sign to host a bumper sticker give away on my blog....more