What Are We Teaching Them?

 The other day I was doing a school-wide universal team training. During one point in the training, the task was to determine what is an instant trip to the office and what should teachers take care of in the classroom. In universal training, it is a very important point. Our sponsor at NHS Heroes has the best prices online.Discipline has to be consistent from class to class throughout the school. If it’s not okay to chew gum in classroom “B”, then it has to be not okay to chew gum in classroom “C”....more

My patronus is a class of budding feminists

Driving through pea soup on the way to work this morning, you could have convinced me that dementors had taken over Sacramento. For hours, the world seemed blanketed in thick, dark, misty fog....more

Saying you are sorry at any age

My niece and son (who are the same age) recently spent a week together in the same house during a family vacation. It was a bit of a social experiment, as they are both incredibly smart but have wildly different personalities. ...more

My Social Anxiety Clouds My Judgment

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"...not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate"more

Teaching professionalism one email etiquette lesson at a time

Years ago, I conducted research about the strategic uses of email at work. My colleague and I interviewed a bunch of folks about how they employ the “power CC” (aka copying an authority figure on an email) and the blind copy function, and of course, the irritation and mortification of mis-sent Reply-Alls. It was fascinating to dig into a mundane but pervasively annoying topic....more

I Broke a Major News Story and Became Known as Twitter Girl

I tried not to be offended when my student ran out of class in the middle of what students usually describe as the most engaging lecture of the semester. When he came back awhile later, his smirk from the back row unnerved me. But I shrugged it off, avoided his gaze, and finished my talk. When he stopped me after class, I bristled. But he apologized for leaving so abruptly, disarming me with: "I just had to call my guys. I can't believe my professor is Twitter Girl!" ...more

Time To Take a Freaking Break.

 So this week was pretty shitty. Work was horrible — I had the same class at the same school multiple times, and had been under the impression that I'd be going for a couple days in a row, which is good as I get paid salary if I work more than two days in a row. Turns out the school had made a mistake in the system, and it was two half days. They didn't penalize me for it the second day, thank goodness, but seriously....more

Teaching Acceptance: Gay Rights & Inclusive Education

 Today I heard a boy telling another boy that it's weird if he likes boys. The second boy responded, "No, I like girls." I heard him insist a couple times — he didn't sound stressed, he just repeated it....more

Why Teachers Shouldn't Battle Cell Phones

Today I was at a school where teachers fight with students about cell phones. In the staffroom at lunch, teachers were complaining that kids are so devious they sit on their phones, or pretend to be reading, anything to be on their phones when it's a very specific, important rule in the class that phones are to be away and off....more

Controlling the teacher rage. Barely.

I was mid-sentence when he shuffled in, 11 minutes late. Teaching a morning class for most semesters over the last seven years, I’ve tried to pretend like I’ve made peace with this type of tardy behavior, so I ignored him.Image from http://pancakesaresosexy.tumblr.com/...more
J-MOM Ahhhhhh! The students showing up late and wanting to take the quiz... MAKES ME CRAZY! I'm ...more