Why you learn, but you still know nothing.

As a new graduate and a current teacher, EJ Koh's tweet is too relevant. And too funny....more

Why I appreciate Veterans in the classroom

At the end of last semester, one of my students handed me a small, but weighty envelope. When I opened it, I found a thank you card and a large coin with U.S. Marine Corps insignia and the word Veteran at the top. Inside the card, she had written thanks to me for challenging her to go outside of her comfort zone all semester.I felt so moved as we shook hands and said end-of-semester goodbyes....more

Drawing leadership and seeing learning

At the beginning of the semester, they give me sass.I hear the the sighs, see the eye rolls, catch the not-quite-under-breath whispers “Umm, we’re not in kindergarten, anymore…”At the beginning of the semester, they see markers and paper as beneath them. By this point, with just a few weeks left together, they can see value. Or at least, they’re too tired to complain.Today, I asked my upper division organizational communication students to draw their ideal leaders....more

Partially Employed

So, due to aforementioned life drama that caused me to want to weep or go fetal whenever I thought about applying/interviewing/accepting a new job, I have instead been substitute teaching. It keeps me in the district and on their radar in case I lose my mind enough to want to go back to working full time, as well as giving me flexibility on time blah blah blah.I had an interview for a full time teaching job last month. I couldn't tell you exactly how it went, except that I thought it went swimmingly, and then the phone never rang one way or the other. Which, dude. Uncool....more

Slow Clap For the Canadian Cabinet -- and Gender Equity

Thank you Justin Trudeau for pointing out that it's 2015 and time for gender equality....more
Absolutely Perfect.more

Teaching English in Turkey

I was video chatting with Emma and Anna and Anna had all sorts of questions about teaching and what my classes were like.  I realized that, while I've mentioned a few things here and there, I haven't really described what it's like. ...more

How teaching in Qatar made me a better person

By Chandi Wyanthttp://paradiseofexiles.comWhy would I cart myself off to the other side of the world where fresh air is in shorter supply than toilet paper was in the USSR and where the only thing that’s organic is thermogenic gas and with a gender ratio of 75% men?Originally I thought it was to have a job in my field. But now, at the end of three years, I think it’s because of the personal growth....more

13 things my writing students need to know

It's obvious when a class's honeymoon period is over. It happens after the first essay is graded and it feels like deflated balloons. No eye contact. Sagging shoulders. Grumbling. From some anyway.As a writer and teacher of writing, I'm acutely aware that the process of receiving feedback is tough. Believe me, I've cried over bad reviews before. Writing is personal and involves vulnerability. To be critiqued is painful, irritating, angering. But, it's part of the process and often makes the writing better. If you don't give up....more

8 Strategies to Foster Early Math Skills

A good friend of mine who teaches in the Birth-Kindergarten program at a regional university told me about current research that indicates early math knowledge is just as, if not more, important than early literacy at predicting future academic success....more

Dear Teachers: You do not suck

Yesterday, I went through new teacher training for the new job.Teacher training is teacher training is teacher training. It usually consists of a lot of “getting to know you” activities, strange games and collaborative list-making to show what you already know about a certain topic.It’s basically like being back in elementary school....more