the things we leave behind

Last night I made the mistake of watching Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMA's......more

Nagging helps no one.

If you think that nagging is going to help you get your way, you’re wrong.What's really happening...more

Yes, We're a Gaming Family, but No, I'm Not a Lazy Parent

One thing that I'm not. A banner of games. I'll do as I see fit for my child. My son can play the games I allow. He must earn his play time. He only gets an hour at a time AND video game time does not supersede more important things like playing with his toys, outside time and/or playing with his sister. As soon as it does, it goes away. For him....more
@ahlmt Congratulations to your son!! Gamers do get a terrible rep that they are antisocial, have ...more

Lies I Tell My Students

AAfter I wrote my post Lies I Tell on Facebook I realized there are so many other places I like to lie.  One of them is my classroom.  I know it is terrible to do this but, you have to have a little fun sometimes right, keep the kids on their toes ya know....more

Sam Is Mad at Me: How to Teach Your Child to Read

"Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." "Sam is mad at me." Yesterday morning, I'm hearing this whisper chanted in my ear over and over. Lying in bed in the dark early hours of the morning, my five year old son, Trevor, is sitting up next to me repeating a sentence he read from his reading lesson the day before. He always tiptoes to my bed in the morning and snuggles with me for a while before we get up. My daughter does too. Today it seemed extra early though....more
@NinaLevin  Good to know. I'll have to check it out! :)more

Tuesday Disneyday

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun.  The last two weeks have been rather grueling for me.  March is absolutely the worst month to be a teacher and a student too.  It really is the long march to Spring Break!  May had a ton of homework this weekend and my quarter grades are due Wednesday.  The last few days have been work, work, work.  May finished all her hom...more

What Makes Teaching Worthwhile

Occasionally, my students surprise me. Like when they exclaim in June, after a year of calling me Mrs., “You’re married?!” Or, when they announce, “My feet smell good today.” (They definitely did not smell good that day.) I say, “Oh?” and they say, “Yeah, I put perfume on them this morning.” Or, when given permission to go rinse out their mouth because they have been hacking incessantly, they head to the hand sanitizer machine, and then wonder why I am shouting STOP across the room in horror. ...more
Like, awesome on steroids...broadcast in stero....this was great!more

First Impressions

First Impressions One week into my new adventure as a high school English teacher in China has opened my eyes to some amazing discoveries.  I had some pre-conceived notions about what to expect that have been annihilated by reality. ...more

"You know Miss B, this whole thing has me wondering...would you take a bullet for us? Be honest."

I've blogged about my student teaching experiences before, and how I've handled my sexuality in the classroom, dealing with the aftermath of Sandy in my school, and other experiences. However, I never expected to have students ask me if I would take a bullet for them. ...more

I cried in the faculty room today.

So I wrote about my amazing student a few days ago, and I posted the note I wrote to her as well. Today she slyly slipped a note on my desk at the start of class. I knew what it probably said, based on what I had written, and I slipped it in my folder to read during my prep.What I didn't expect was to cry in the faculty room. Lucky for me nobody saw, but if they had, I would have had to show them this note and make them cry too. ...more
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