Parent/Teacher Conferences

I think I'm getting to old for this job. I've been through too much, for too long. Public school teaching "ain't easy," as they say-- especially in this neighborhood. At what age is it no longer possible to look a parent in the face, explain said child's behavior without exposing your true feelings....more

Parenting Thoughts from a Non-Parent

Here's an interesting quote I came across in my back-to-school research: "What good are straight teeth and trumpet lessons to the child who isn't awake to the wonder that this world is charged with?"...more

Teaching My Son While Facing My Fears

I earned my stripes as a Master Naturalist the other day. It might only be in the minds of my husband and I, but I definitely grew considerably, both professionally and personally.My family and I are at my father's cabin in the Catskills for a week of vacation. We arrived a few days ago in the later evening, and were occupied with putting the kids to bed and then passing out ourselves, so exploring had to wait until the following morning.After breakfast was finished and cleaned up, I heard “Wow”, from my husband out on the screen porch....more

Just keep swimming


Sweet Summer Blessings

[Click here to view original post.] I’m sitting here with a great big grin on my face—because my summer vacation started about five hours ago. Hurray!You may know a teacher or two—heck, you may be a teacher yourself—so it probably isn’t much of a surprise that as much as we love our jobs, we also delight in our summers. Teaching is intense, no matter what age or subject, and I’m certain that most of us would lose our minds without the summer break....more

All Good Things: A Father's Retirement

In life, all good things come hard, but wisdom is the hardest to come by....more

Best Field Trip Answer, EVER

Our first grade field trip to the farm this week......more Thanks Robin.  It was a fun day and Peter really enjoyed all of the new ...more

Commercializing the Classroom: Is Putting Ads on a Teacher's Website Ethical?

Like many teachers, I have been busily investigating best practices for reaching my students and preparing them to be literate citizens in the digital age. One of the many tactics I've implemented in my classroom is a teacher website whereby students and parents can subscribe to receive assignment updates, class announcements, and downloadable classroom handouts....more
 @JourneyofLife Unfortunately, asking for a donation isn't allowed unless I can ask to use some ...more

Teaching High School Students...With Love

I gave my new students "the look," but they kept up with their behavior.  This is crazy.  In all my years of teaching, nothing works better to tame a wild class than "the look." It was brilliant because I never had to yell.  I could maintain a classroom with the threat of my silence.  I always had control.  Until now.  ...more
Beautifully written. What an illustration of the power of God's love as it poured out through ...more