How to Remove Your Google Voice Search History

If you use Google Voice Search , your history is stored and although you are the only one who can see it, it’s still a good idea to periodically erase your search results. I rarely use voice search myself—typically, I will inadvertently turn it on by sitting on my phone. I have also randomly activated it because I’m not wearing my glasses, resulting in a bleary screen and I can't see what the hell I'm clicking, tapping or sliding.  Usually once a month (if I remember), I go online and erase my search results and so should you. Here’s how: ...more

Do You Remember Your Childhood Phone Number?

How many numbers can we remember anymore? I used to remember mine, my mother’s at work, my father’s at work, my grandmother’s, my best friends, and her other line. ...more

Goodbye Kindle Hello Real Books

I'm done with my Kindle. It lays uncharged on my bookcase, a dead black rectangle. I missed some deadline for updating its technology so it probably wouldn't work right even if it was charged. I let it die. It was no accident. People came around with food and water, offered to call 911 and start CPR and I just said no. No, it's better this way....more

This is your 2-minute warning

My little bear bears through the morning routine the best way he can. He whimpers as I help him get dressed and he slunks off to completed his bathroom stuff on his own. By the time he is finished, he is fully awake and ready to play. Our deal is that he can have screentime on his iPad until it is time to go to school....more

What’s Next for Wearable Tech?

The wearables market is just starting to explode, but we're already taking it for granted. And it's hard not to wonder where it will go next – especially considering where we've been.We couldn't have imaginedThough not true wearables by today's standards, devices like the Sony Walkman and Discman of days gone by offered a glimpse of a future big on "attachment." After all, both of Sony's old-school mobile music players had wrist straps – that counts for something, right?...more

Feeling like a newbie while leveling up a business

I don't know if I've blogged about this before, but I am officially a businesswoman! Together with a few partners, I run an online fashion store and I also have a couple of internet shops scattered throughout my hometown.If anyone told me two years ago that I would actually be doing these, I would have laughed. I don't think of business as easy at all. It's tough to actually find the type of business that you like, one that allows you to still, well, stay sane!...more

Research Examines the Link Between "Difficult" Child Behavior and iPad Use

Have you ever handed your iPad or phone to your kid when he/she is fussy? What about when they are having a full-blown tantrum? I'm sure many of us have done this. It's probably not our proudest parenting moment, but it happens....more

Are We Getting Closer To All-in-One Wearable Tech?

People tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to wearable tech: those who scramble to purchase and try them out, and those that just don’t get it. But maybe the slow adopters don't want to contribute to the tech waste left behind with every generation of improvements. An all-in-one wearable would certainly solve that problem – but are we even close?  ...more

How Texting Brought Me Closer to My Daughter

There are many horror stories about the damage that can come from poorly timed and inappropriately made cell phone texts. Especially by teenagers. I admit that all of these stories affected me and were a big motivator in the reason for why I waited quite a while to get my own teenage daughter her first cell phone. This past Christmas however my husband and I decided it was time. I did not expect that her getting a cell phone and being able to text would bring us closer together. ...more
Thank you! Really took this to heart. I'm so afraid of the news about tech and kids and their ...more