Are We Getting Closer To All-in-One Wearable Tech?

People tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to wearable tech: those who scramble to purchase and try them out, and those that just don’t get it. But maybe the slow adopters don't want to contribute to the tech waste left behind with every generation of improvements. An all-in-one wearable would certainly solve that problem – but are we even close?  ...more

How Texting Brought Me Closer to My Daughter

There are many horror stories about the damage that can come from poorly timed and inappropriately made cell phone texts. Especially by teenagers. I admit that all of these stories affected me and were a big motivator in the reason for why I waited quite a while to get my own teenage daughter her first cell phone. This past Christmas however my husband and I decided it was time. I did not expect that her getting a cell phone and being able to text would bring us closer together. ...more
Thank you! Really took this to heart. I'm so afraid of the news about tech and kids and their ...more

Another reason why my son isn't listening to me

My son and I have a deal to help him get through his school morning routine: If my little bear completes his tasks early (dressed, teeth and hair brushed) then he is allowed to play on his iPad. This gives me enough time to make his lunch and do my hair and make-up....more

Family-Friendly Tech

All the gadgets for kids on store shelves today come with plenty of appeal – education, fun, distraction! – but they also don't always come cheap. It adds up when you're a family of four or five or six or more and you're operating under the impression that everyone in the household needs their own tech. But wait – what if mom, dad and the kiddos could agree that sharing is caring when it comes to the latest technology? ...more

When the accent comes out to play

My husband and I were born in the Northeastern United States. We spent a third of our lives there before our families migrated South. So, we've spent most of our lives living in the Carolinas. Although I know my speech pattern has slowed down a bit and I will on occasion say "y'all," I don't have much of an accent - neither Southern nor Northern....more

Keeping a digital tab on your teen

I know that I am going to stalk my son on his mobile device. It will not matter to me how responsible he is, or what agreement we will have around his device or how old he is. I will be stalking him. Mostly because I love him....more

Female CEO Managing a Global Workforce

In today’s global market, many industries have expanded their workforces to other parts of the world, animation and entertainment industries included. The demand for the production of high-quality animated titles continues to increase with the release of newer consoles, but so does the desire to keep production costs low. Cost is one of the main factors that have industry leaders looking outside the U.S. for production help, as it is a much more viable and cost effective support option....more

New Technology Low Battery..!

Do you remember that day you were at a party and your battery died in the middle of a selfie hunt. What were your immediate thoughts? "fun died with it?, party was over too? I should write a feedback letter to this  phone company.?"Whatever it was I’m sure you felt like urgh new technology but low battery!For us sunrises and sunsets from the phone....more

Why Teachers Shouldn't Battle Cell Phones

Today I was at a school where teachers fight with students about cell phones. In the staffroom at lunch, teachers were complaining that kids are so devious they sit on their phones, or pretend to be reading, anything to be on their phones when it's a very specific, important rule in the class that phones are to be away and off....more

Why Improving Your Connectivity is Important in Today's Relationships

 Whether personal or professional, it’s undeniable that strong relationships are important. Forging new and maintaining existing relationships are fostered through communication and interaction. In a world as modern and as fast paced as ours, what does it mean to connect? ...more