How Close Do You Think We Are to Microsoft's World?

I've just spent the last 6.17 mins watching what Microsoft sees as the future. It wasn't until ShesConnected Conference that I really gave any thought of where companies would get their ideas to move forward with new technology. When I got to watch Sheryl Connelly discuss her work in Global Consumer Trends and Futuring for Ford Motor Company, I was finally able to get a proper picture of how companies work on getting that next "good idea" to wow their consumers and make it into the next level of technological advancement....more

Entertain Me NOW... please!

If you read me yesterday, you might remember my saying to keep an eye out for certain companies that are no doubt aiming for the top of the tech list? There's a new leak on an upcoming HTC smartphone that will encase a 1.5GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. What does this mean in layman's terms? It'll be one fast mo-fo. Your phone is Wile E. Coyote and this new HTC Quad-Core Superphone currently titled as the "Edge", is the Road Runner. ...more

The Haves and Have-Nots

Monday was my regular day off from work. Among the errands I had that day was dropping off a couple bags of books and videos at the Goodwill store in my neighborhood. That same afternoon, I headed down to my wireless carrier and finally got an upgrade for my iPhone. Moving up to the 3GS for free left me feeling pretty good about my choice. I didn't have a compelling reason to invest in the just-released 4S, which came with a hefty price tag and quite a bit more cultural cachet. ...more
@Sofia Michaels Thanks for your comment. I sit here and wring my hands even as I hope retailers ...more

The Golden Wrapper

I'm sure the countdown to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Launch has begun by now!New smartphone launches are always exciting, 'cause developers are frequently pushed to the edge to create something extraordinary for the latest embodiment of communication devices. And as much as it pains me for how quickly a computer or TV can become "old tech" these days (*cough* only six months before potentially obsolete*cough*), these have nothing on the near non-existent shelf life of smartphones....more

Your Kids and Technology

Now let me be up front from the beginning. I'm not rocking the newest tech by any means. I hardly use my cell phone. In fact I bet you ten bucks (Canadian admittedly), that it isn't even charged right now. I don't own a watch. Our family didn't even get a computer until my first year of university. The idea of ten year olds texting just blows my mind....more

Getting to Grips With QR Codes

Have you spotted how common ...more

Please Tell Your Kids: That Magazine is Not a Broken iPad

You've probably seen the video by now, of a 1 year old baby trying to figure out how to use magazines. Apparently she thinks they should be as responsive as tablet computers. The video title is "A Magazine is an iPad that Doesn't Work".I saw a number of people share and comment on this video last week. Many of them were saying that this new generation will never know traditional media or will learn to see beyond paper. It makes me picture a world where books are rare, sacred objects to which only an elite few have access. The idea of it saddens me....more
@taxtweet I just RT'd an article on Steve Jobs with baby video in it. Interesting to read this ...more

Spill Now: The Coupling of Psychology and Technology

College is difficult as it is with the 20 page essays and two hour exams.  There's no question that college life for a lot of students breeds doubt, self-esteem issues, and anxiety toward the unforeseen future.  It goes without saying that added concerns like roommate issues and other personal dilemmas only add to the stress and confusion.   Many students become isolated because they struggle to find a worthy confidant among friends and are hesitant to seek therapy.  Luckily, startup company Spill has confronted a lot of these problems for students all over the US....more

My Mom, Honorary Geek Girl: An Ada Lovelace Day Tribute

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!I almost forgot to tell you that Ada Lovelace day has changed dates! According to a Finding Ada blog post about the date change:The March date was always arbitrary, picked because I was too impatient to wait any longer! The October date has been picked because it’s far enough away that it gives us a chance to get our ducks in a row, but also because (hopefully!) it doesn’t clash with school and university calendars....more

Even Android fangirls can see the impact you had on the world. Goodbye, Steve.

Yes, I am on Team Droid, but even I can't dispute that without Jobs there may be no Android anything: the iPhone begat all the droid smartphones; the iPad begat all the droid tablets. It all had to start somewhere: in the creative mind of a futurist and visionary. And in being able to produce what he dreamt, he took us along with him as he changed the world.Thank you, Steve....more