He can't even address a letter WTH!!!

Oh well well well, my morning began rather roughly. My oldest son as many of you know by now is in Texas and he has left a few loose ends here in town. I called him this morning to inform him that he had to take care of these matters and to call these to places to do so. NO ANSWER, of course, he is alseep. Poor Baby, has it rough. I called my ex-husband to in turn call his wife so she could wake him up and tell him to call me to get the info he needed. He calls me back, all grumpy that he has been disturbed and I told him what he needed to do....more

What She Really Said: Fighting Sexist Jokes the Geeky Way!

I work at a startup, and most of the time, I enjoy it. Compared to most tech companies, and certainly most startups, we have quite a few people who are relatively clueful. There are relatively few moments of “brogrammer” culture. There is, however, one thing that has been bugging me for months, ever since it was introduced....more
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Hey Mom...Have You Seen the FB Pic of Your Kid Yet?

When my beautiful daughter went off to college I wondered how mothers of the past coped with the separation from their child before we had all the lovely technology available to us today. Facebook, texting, mail, and cell phones mean almost certain access to those we love (within reason). She could send me a picture of her dorm room instantly, and I could interact from 6 hours away! I spoke to my former MIL about how thankful I was for the ability to be this involved and connected with my girl....more

Technology vs. Kids: An Expert Guide to Online Safety

For kids who love technology, the Internet can be a boundless source of learning and entertainment. For parents, it can also be an endless source of anxiety and heated conversation due to pressing issues surrounding online safety, health and privacy. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a high-tech expert to make advancements like smartphones, apps and social networks a safe and positive part of family life. Teach both yourself and kids to observe these simple rules, and you’ll be better positioned to make technology a healthy part of the household -- and give yourself a great excuse to say goodbye to Xanax....more
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Must parents keep Interactive Media away from Kids?

The NAEYC & The Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning & Children's Media joined forces releasing their most powerful statement yesterday, essentially stating that screen technology for young child...more

Employment- Stand Out!

Blog DirectoryThings I wish I could say to stand-out in applications:i have/am good at/a:...more

Women in Porn

Are women afraid of porn? If so, why are women afraid of porn? Men watch porn-period. Get over it. Why shame them or manipulate them based on their enjoyment of visual stimulation? Isn't it time to get a more mature attitude, feel empowered and maybe enjoy some of this visual stimulation yourself? ...more
Women watch porn period. Women consume 50 percent of porn. Women of all sexual orientations ...more

Technology Can Be a Cruel Mistress

We all depend on technology each and every day. From the simplest of activities, like watching TV, to the more complex computer activities, like creating PowerPoint presentations, we all depend on technology. Students are beginning to get textbooks in the form of e-books. Airlines are putting pilot manuals on iPads. Our health care providers are using computers, iPads, and smart phones all in tandem to assist them in providing their services. Data that used to backed up on CD’s or flash drives is now stored in the cloud....more

Finally a Useful Upgrade

I just received the new Minimed pump. It now asks stupid questions to remind me to do things I instinctually do because I have been pumping so long. After I prime the tubing, it asks me, "Do you see drops at the end of the tubing?"      I usually yell at it, "You think I would have stopped priming if I didn't?"      I wish I knew how to hack into its software and program it to ask more relevant and helpful questions. Maybe questions Stewart Smalley would have been proud of....more

Technology...connection or disconnection?

I find it amazing how technology enables us to connect to many, as much as it can disconnect us from those who may be immediately surrounding us. Sure, the easy to use computer programs and the internet allow us to reconnect with loved ones live. Thank you to programs such as Skype!  At the same time, these same useful tools prevent us from directly connecting with those who are just right there beside us....more