Help Wanted: Friend With Benefits

I need a friend with benefits.  Let me clarify: A friend with technical benefits. Those other benefits that immediately came to mind would be all well and good, but I'm aiming for a friend who can assist me where I am not able to help myself -- if you get my drift....more
@victorias_view Thanks for reading! Yeah, I agree with you on the vlogging-- it is a little scary!more

The Best 404 Page. Period.

I have officially found my favourite 404 page of all time. For now. Until something kewler comes along. But this is soooooo kewl, I think it'll be a while.Here's a bit of context: is a suggestive namea mobile web app to locate restaurants. And being a bunch of hard core geeks, they put together a wicked kewl 404 page. What makes it the best? It's a mini movie. Nay. It's a mini action movie. A missing page, a special ops team, guns. COME ON!Now before you watch the video, check out the (voluminous & equally awesome) 404 message:...more

Tips for Staying Connected to Your Teen. . . .

Bonding with your teen sometimes it is so hard to bond with our kids. When they are young it’s easier because you have a captive Audience. Every little thing you do is amazing to them and vice versa. Then they grow up And learn to walk and talk and make their own friends and have this life that may not include you anymore. I have a 14-year-old son and sometimes I wish I could transport myself into one of his video games to get his attention. I take advantage in the mornings though! I use our walk to the subway and in the subway as a way to connect....more


I sheep, therefore I am.  Yeah, no. I don't. I don't really take in others' sheepling opinion. Not particularly when I have an opinion of my own that came from research and/or experience. ...more

Would You Hire Someone Better Than You?

Would you be okay with hiring someone better than you? I'm fairly new at this company, which is doing sufficiently well to warrant a bit of a hiring frenzy in certain areas. It is not a perfect company on the technology side (the business model is darn close to perfect for the space), but it is a fantastic place to work. So I referred some of my colleagues who are still at my previous shop, which was a hard place and getting harder. One of them is getting called already by HR. The other, more senior one...not yet....more

Handwriting: Lost art or just not necessary anymore?

I’m not sure when this happened, but somewhere along the line, I have lost the ability to handwrite.Seriously. My hands can’t form letters with a pen anymore. They fight me and form these swishes that are loosely tied together and shape what looks to be a word. Or maybe not....more

I love giving and receiving a handwritten note. It just takes me forever to get one written that ...more

Service with a Smile

by Lianne Castelino How I wonder, I wonder, I wonder???  Isn't there a song with that line in it? ...more

If Google is God, Apple is Jesus

It isn't long after entering the realm of blogging and social media that one becomes acutely aware of the power of Google.-Google is far and away the most commonly used search engine. -Google dangles its top secret algorithm, almost tauntingly so, at big business and SEO gurus alike. -With a click of a mouse, Google can knock out major players like JCPenneys for not playing by the rules.And if that isn't enough? Don't forget that "Google" has become a verb....more

Way to get on BlogHer! And with the awesome Mac/PC post, no less. ;)

NotJustAnotherJennifer ...more

Weinergate and Other Technology Fails

While everyone else was discussing what the Weinergate incident and its coverage said about modern American politics and journalism and hypothesizing about politicians' inability to keep themselves out of sex scandals, she began counting the times technology had inadvertently cast her into deeply mortifying situations. ...more

A few ago, I was so angry after a meeting with my boss that I sent an IM to a co-worker calling ...more


There was a video gone viral the other day about a father who smashed his child’s cell phone to bits and pieces when he found she was sexting. Reactions ranged from nominations for “Father of the Year” to condemnations for exhibiting such violence.My first thought was that the message of “no” could have been conveyed in a calmer manner- then I remembered the times I lost my cool when my children did something dangerous.  Finally, I wondered if there was ever a parent-child discussion about the proper use of cell phones and the dangers inherent in them....more