Next steps in wearable tech

Tech devices are rapidly evolving from those you carry around with you in a pocket to those you wear on an arm, and they seem to be getting smaller and smaller. We have the laptop as the progenitor, culminating in the smartphone and tablet....more

5 Technologies That Kings and Queens of the Past Would Love Today

The kings and queens of the past had a very cushy existence, with servants to do anything they needed or wanted done. However, their lives would've been that much more comfortable if they had access to some of the great technological advancements of the modern world.Read to discover five of the great modern inventions that would've caught the eye of history's most prominent royals....more

TECHNOLOGY TIPS: 10 Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Have you stuck with your New Year's Resolutions?...more

Cheers Grandpa

No matter how many times I experience loss, it never gets any easier. Every loss is different and significant. Even though I’m sure he’s at peace, one of the greatest men I’ve ever known passed away Saturday night, my grandfather....more

State of Women in Tech

Inspiration and Advice For Women Who Want to Achieve Success in a Seemingly Male-dominated FieldThe field of tech and related industries has long been a male-dominated sphere. 2012 figures say only 9% of CIO’s are female, which is a dismal number. It is common knowledge that women tend to pick college majors other than technology, and few of those who take up tech related majors reach high corporate positions in the field....more

Technology that verifies MOOC test takers on the spot

Ever hear of MOOCs? The acronym stands for massive open online courses: the free online courses taught by professors at leading universities.MOOC business model problems...more

Holiday Gift Guide Technology & Tools

Put the fun in functional gift-giving by choosing an electronic or tech-friendly present this holiday season....more

The more we pretend to read...

I went on Facebook, saw I had a number of notifications, clicked to glance at the list, and then clicked "Mark as read." Don't ask me what was in the list. Don't ask me any details. Certainly don't give me any test over the material. But I did "read" them -- about as intentionally as my students just read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Students don't read like they once did....more

Ta-Da! : I Am Now a 21st Century Woman

My daughter showed up at our country home sporting an ear warmer which I soon learned is all the rage at university. Soon we were looking at patterns online.I crocheted one in 40 minutes, using chunky wool and a huge crochet hook, then simply wrapped wool around to pinch it in on one side. I actually managed to take a picture with a phone and emailed it to myself. Ta-da !..I am now officially a 21st century woman....more