Women Business Owners Embrace Technology for Success

It has been 13 years since I wrote my first book, “The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success.”   (Where does the time go?)  My book was a precursor to “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.  It focused on strategies to help women succeed in traditional career paths as well in their own businesses.  One of the things I pointed was how important it was for women to embrace technology.   Technology was a game-changer, giving women the power to do business around the globe from their spare bedroom.  Plus, because techno...more

Boys Unplugged: The 'No Technology' Summer Experiment

In our home, Summer 2014 is officially done (the boys go back to school on Tuesday) and so is a little experiment we conducted in our household. I posted a blog about it,  ‘No iPad Minutes This Summer… Period’ in which Jackson, 6 and Asher, 5 were officially cut off from the iPad, the Internet and older cousins’ phones… the boys were going unplugged. Limited TV was still allowed. My husband and I were SERIOUS....more

Can You Please Stop Looking at Your Phone?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I just got together with a relatively new friend for a playdate. Our kids got along great, but she was constantly on her phone. When did it become okay to have a conversation while looking at your phone? I wanted to say something but thought she might get offended. Any advice?...more
As a hard-core introvert, I actually have a different view on this, and sympathy for the mother ...more

6 Insanely Useful Tips for Running a Webinar

Don’t you hate when things don’t turn out as expected? The dress you bought online is way too small.The pricey restaurant you ate at served mediocre food.Your airplane was delayed two hours.The webinar that you attended didn’t deliver on what was promised. Umm….What??!! Yeah, you read that right…...more

Wake Up People - Facebook Messenger Isn't Reinventing The Wheel!

It was a typical morning, I opened up Facebook and what do I see?  Well, a newly gone viral article talking about Facebook's Messenger App and how appalling the Terms of Service are for it.  So, since it was posted on Huntington Post, I decided it must be worth reading and gave it a shot.  I admit, as I read through it the first time I was a bit taken back....more

When Parenting Fails Become Miraculous Moments

My husband and I are "those people" with their cell phones constantly in hand. Once I came to that realization, I tried to implement some boundaries with cell phone usage at home, especially when our little one is around - so as to avoid having regular parenting fails.No phones are allowed during meal time and bed/story time. I'm trying to scale it back even further, but I admit that it's not easy!...more

Another reason to reduce screen time

On Fridays I let my son take his LeapPad to school with him so that he can play it in the afternoons. This is the compromise I've come up with as the school shows movies on Friday afternoons. I normally would not have a problem with movie time, except that the school often shows movies that are PG and not appropriate for my son to watch....more
I can't believe the daycare shows PG movies. It's ironic because the rating means parental ...more

5 reasons I still use my VCR

5 reasons I still use my VCR1. It is still operational.  I bought this lovely machiene in 1998 to take with me to college.  I used it in college, and then it lay dormat in my parents basement until I got married and moved into my own house.  My parents told me to take it or they were throwing it out.  I took it. ...more

What Don't You Know?

What Don’t You Know?We have a pinwheel as our logo at Tykester.com. It is a cheerful symbol – a bit whimsical. Makes me happy to look at it, since it conjures up playful and simpler times.Some days, my life seems to be blowing by like the blades of a pinwheel. Faster, faster, faster – and I have the feeling I’m not keeping up.Remember when you thought you knew it all? I swear there was a time when I was convinced you couldn’t teach me anything new....more

The Worst Blogger Ever

I just discovered the hardest part of starting a blog:  explaining to your mother how to log onto that blog.  Oh wait.  I forgot that she doesn’t want her name mentioned so we’ll just call her Marjorie.  Let me give you a taste of what it was like trying to help Marjorie find BlogHer.    Marjorie:  I tried to find your blog but it wasn’t on Blog.com.Me:  That’s because I am on BlogHer.com not Blog.com...more
very funny!more