Children and Technology: How much is TOO much?

The other night we watched a show about how much the world is depending on technology today. One of their examples were airplane pilots vs. the computers of auto pilot features. It said that on an average flight from Denver to London, the pilot has his hands on the controls for maybe three minutes. The rest is auto-pilot and up to the computers. Isn't that scary to think about? I would have a hard time trusting a pilot I didn't know personally to fly me, let alone trusting a computer to fly me across the world. ...more
Interesting post.  I am guilty of sticking my kids infront of tv or games to stop a tantrum or ...more

Bedroom Boob Tube

Before you get all excited, this is a G rated blog! Since I posted yesterday about The Snoring Saga that inhibits a good night's sleep for me, I thought I would follow it up with a sleep inhibiting habit that occurs nightly in our house....more

Predictive analytics”: technologies that read your mind

There’s an app that can practically read your mind via your mobile device. The technology is called predictive analysis, and Google’s Now app is at the forefront. Other apps that utilize predictive analysis include Grokr and Osito: predicting the smartphone user’s next move.How does this work?...more

Me and My Non-Smart Phone (The Day I Realized that I'm a Fuddy-Duddy)

My kids swear that we are the last people on earth to not have a data plan with our phone service. They might be right too. Having just a regular cell phone—texting option only—is such a rarity that when I recently tried to replace my old phone, the Pink Dinosaur, as my daughter called it, I couldn’t. AT&T offered only one model of phone without data plans. I call it extortion, a phone company’s empire forcing me to comply with their money-making scheme. My kids call it keeping up with the times. ...more
Ginny Marie Pecked2DeathByChckns Oh my goodness, completely forgot about those. I never owned a ...more

Next steps in wearable tech

Tech devices are rapidly evolving from those you carry around with you in a pocket to those you wear on an arm, and they seem to be getting smaller and smaller. We have the laptop as the progenitor, culminating in the smartphone and tablet....more

5 Technologies That Kings and Queens of the Past Would Love Today

The kings and queens of the past had a very cushy existence, with servants to do anything they needed or wanted done. However, their lives would've been that much more comfortable if they had access to some of the great technological advancements of the modern world.Read to discover five of the great modern inventions that would've caught the eye of history's most prominent royals....more

TECHNOLOGY TIPS: 10 Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Have you stuck with your New Year's Resolutions?...more

Cheers Grandpa

No matter how many times I experience loss, it never gets any easier. Every loss is different and significant. Even though I’m sure he’s at peace, one of the greatest men I’ve ever known passed away Saturday night, my grandfather....more

State of Women in Tech

Inspiration and Advice For Women Who Want to Achieve Success in a Seemingly Male-dominated FieldThe field of tech and related industries has long been a male-dominated sphere. 2012 figures say only 9% of CIO’s are female, which is a dismal number. It is common knowledge that women tend to pick college majors other than technology, and few of those who take up tech related majors reach high corporate positions in the field....more