New Technology Low Battery..!

Do you remember that day you were at a party and your battery died in the middle of a selfie hunt. What were your immediate thoughts? "fun died with it?, party was over too? I should write a feedback letter to this  phone company.?"Whatever it was I’m sure you felt like urgh new technology but low battery!For us sunrises and sunsets from the phone....more

Why Teachers Shouldn't Battle Cell Phones

Today I was at a school where teachers fight with students about cell phones. In the staffroom at lunch, teachers were complaining that kids are so devious they sit on their phones, or pretend to be reading, anything to be on their phones when it's a very specific, important rule in the class that phones are to be away and off....more

Why Improving Your Connectivity is Important in Today's Relationships

 Whether personal or professional, it’s undeniable that strong relationships are important. Forging new and maintaining existing relationships are fostered through communication and interaction. In a world as modern and as fast paced as ours, what does it mean to connect? ...more

Doodle 4 Google

If you have an aspiring young artist, their creative artwork could possibly be featured on Google’s homepage for a day.  Students in grades K-12 can enter this year's  Doodle 4 Google  contest , through December 7, 2015. One national winner will also take home a $30,000 in college scholarship....more

If My Grandmother Had an iPhone

Sometimes I feel guilty about screen time. Not my kids’ screen time - I can easily rationalize every precious second of that - but my own.The other day I read an article shaming mothers for using their smartphones in front of their kids, and then I felt ashamed, because I read that article on my iPhone in front of my kids....more

Google Easter Eggs

Image Credit : Robert Scoble/FlickrIf you're like me, you probably use Google on a daily basis. But did you know that in addition to providing users with a ton of useful applications, Google has a fun side. For instance, they have some great Easter Eggs. No, not the kind of eggs you eat. I'm referring to those hidden surprise gems that pop up when you search for certain words or phrases....more

New iPhone & iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

The record-breaking 4+ million pre-orders of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus caused quite a stir recently, as did the release of iOS 9. And while there were some surprises – Wi-Fi Assist threw some people for a loop – overall reception has been fantastic....more

How Moms Can Transition Children into the New School Year

Summer's end and the arrival of the first day of school can feel like a real blow to kids who legitimately expected the season to last forever. Meanwhile, moms are torn between celebrating six hours of alone time five days a week and being sympathetic to end-of-summer shock. ...more

Oh sure, coding is fine. But without a classical education you are nothing but numbers

Or worse, just one number, lost in a crowd of ones and zeroes. I am so pleased to be reading stories like this one (warning, it's looooooong), about how tech's new hottest thing is the "useless" liberal arts degree....more

In Conversation with Laurie Cheek, CEO of

  In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels. ...more