Hacking the idea of traditional homeschooling

The first portion of my education was handled by nuns. Although there were other teachers, the nuns served as school principals and shaped my little mind and didn't teach me enough science....more

Why Does Everything Seem to Break At Once?

It’s a conspiracy.  That’s the only explanation I can come up with. Here’s my theory: Late at night, while everyone’s asleep, the household appliances and anything not covered under the home warranty, all start talking. “Psst, hey, Mac. Yeah, it’s me, ol’ HP. Oh, don’t act like you can’t hear me. You think you’re all that just because you’re some fancy schmancy computer and they had to put you on a layaway plan in order to bring you home and with me, heck, I get replaced every two years. We printers get no respect. Anyhows, whaddya think about messin’ with the folks who live here?...more

The Importance of Role Models in Tech Diversity

I first realized I was the exception, not the rule, around the age of 19. I was a second-semester freshman taking Intro to Programming at Johnson C. Smith University, a small HBCU in Charlotte, NC. At the time, I intended to major in Marketing and minor in Computer Science, so this was the first of my minor requirements....more

CES 2015: And That's a Wrap!

I still recall the moment that I was invited to attend this year’s International CES®, opening the email on my iPhone while on a bus headed into downtown Vancouver....more

5 Reasons Why It's Better to Talk than Text

After a few recent stories from my awesome girls, I am finally putting fingers to keyboard and giving you the top 5 reasons why talk is almost always better than text. By text I mean SMS, Facebook message or any kind of chat function on an app (yes like Tinder). What the #$% does that mean? Texting is a woefully inadequate method of communication....more

Three Ways Technology Has Changed My Brain

I was born in the wrong era. While I love technology and modern conveniences, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in an era before these enhancements....more
Yes every point you made is correct and I will go back to Luminosity in 2015 bc I notice too ...more

Affordable Tech Gifts for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year – and the most spendy, too. That's good news for the people on the receiving end of holiday gifts! According to the 2014 National Retail Federation’s Holiday Consumer Spending Survey, the average person celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah will spend $804.42 and most of that will go toward presents. As for what kinds of presents, gadgets are hot....more

Tech Tip: How to Easily Remove a Micro SIM From Your Smart Phone

Grabbing at that tiny micro SIM card inside your smart phone can be an exercise in futility, even with small fingers. Here’s an easy solution though, if you have a piece of adhesive tape handy....more

Bellashoot iPhone & iPad Beauty App

 Bellashoot iPhone & iPad Beauty Apphttp://www.beautylifegeek.com/tech/2014/11/18/bellashoot-iphone-ipad-beauty-app  Blog: www.beautylifegeek.com...more