Holiday Gift Guide Technology & Tools

Put the fun in functional gift-giving by choosing an electronic or tech-friendly present this holiday season....more

The more we pretend to read...

I went on Facebook, saw I had a number of notifications, clicked to glance at the list, and then clicked "Mark as read." Don't ask me what was in the list. Don't ask me any details. Certainly don't give me any test over the material. But I did "read" them -- about as intentionally as my students just read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Students don't read like they once did....more

Ta-Da! : I Am Now a 21st Century Woman

My daughter showed up at our country home sporting an ear warmer which I soon learned is all the rage at university. Soon we were looking at patterns online.I crocheted one in 40 minutes, using chunky wool and a huge crochet hook, then simply wrapped wool around to pinch it in on one side. I actually managed to take a picture with a phone and emailed it to myself. Ta-da !..I am now officially a 21st century woman....more

#NaBloPoMo Day 25: Plugged In

(Prompt) How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?...more

Tech Time-Out

Time is flying and The Kraken is getting bigger every day.Since she's my last, I don't want to miss anything.But I'm stuck in this second nature of taking my phone with me everywhere I go.  Whenever I sit, I grab my phone to check up on what's happening in the outside world.And a majority of the time, when I'm sitting, it's with the baby.If I'm truly going to look back on this time with no regrets, I need to stop trading my enjoyment of cuddle time with the baby for a social media fix.So I'm putting myself in time out....more

Hi-Tech, Low Tech

One of our favorite social events of the year is The Tech Awards, sponsored by San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation....more

Dial up the patience, dial back the anger

“My computer is so slow!”Kids these days will never know a world without computers and the Internet, and they probably take these tools for granted.   However, the belly-aching about slow technology I hear comes not from the younger generation, but from colleagues old enough to know better....more

High-tech vs. Low-tech Locks

High technology doesn’t necessarily mean better, stronger or faster. It does usually mean more convenient, as the word technology is defined as “including the use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive.”...more

Aging Out of Apple

I'm among the Apple Faithful. Really, really faithful. I've used an Apple computer since about 1985 when the first Macintosh rolled off the line. I still have it on a shelf in the garage....more