Self-Milking Cows and Other Curiosities of the Modern Dairy Farm

Smart cow?  Photo by Withywindle Nature, 2012...more

A Note to My Kids on Social Media: I Was Here First

A post entitled, "A Note to Parents: How to be a "cool" parent on Faceebok (as written by a kid on Facebook)," was brought to my attention last week and I loved it! Go ahead and read it… I’ll wait here for you… Oh good! You’re back. I loved this article because she hits the nail on the head. There are SO many parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles on Facebook today that actually joined AFTER their kids did (there are also plenty who still haven’t joined but that’s another post), and have really lost their cotton picking minds on what should be common sense. In a word -- STOP STALKING YOUR KIDS. That’s not cool....more
Great post, could not have said it better myself.  I've worked in online community for almost 10 ...more

Sleeping your way to Wisdom and Intuition - in the Social Media Era

How many times you do hear the terminology "Why don't you just sleep on it?"...more

Technology Apology

We like to complain about our kids. Doing so binds us as parents, as a generation, and can be a tiny reality check on the unabated bragging in which we would otherwise indulge. And nothing is more fun to complain about than our children’s attachment to technology.Call it an obsession or even an addiction, parents everywhere compare stories of teenagers’ seemingly limitless ability to text uninterrupted or play Xbox without coming up for air. Gather any group of parents and they will nod their heads knowingly. We can’t get their attention, because it is always elsewhere....more

Fantastic Friday - Finding Fantastic Ways to Do Things

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to find a new way to shop and get your husband involved!...more

Headphone Wearing Employees - Lonely or Focused?

I never realized there was such a furor over wearing headphones in the workplace beyond the disagreements I regularly encountered with managers when I worked in an office. Apparently, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article (Workers, Take Off Your Headphones), headphone wearing employees are missing out and causing an untold drain on employers. Who knew? ...more
I completely agree with you about headphones and being an introvert. I love collaborating and ...more

Low-Tech Grandparents in a High-Tech World (A Guest Post)

We are honored to have a guest post from Krista's mom today! ...more

Technology and Family: Raising Kids in the Midst of it All

My husband has a skee ball app on his iPad that my three-and-a-half-year-old loves to play with. He's not very accurate, but he's fast. He just puts his little finger on the screen and pushes upward, in order to "roll" the ball up the ramp and into a hole. His fingers move quickly and surely over the screen, and he'll usually play until we stop him....more

Protecting Yourself During the Robopocalypse (video)

Say that 3 times fast: Robopocalypse Robopocalypse Robopocalypse. (I can barely type it.)...more
@BlogHerTech This just cracks me up!more

iPad Practice

This post is going to be a little bit of an experiment. I bought a new iPad the other day, and am attempting to learn how to use it (along with the WordPress plugin) to write blog entries. I'm sitting at a table in Starbucks today, a mug of "Calm" tea at the ready and a husband with a book sharing my space, and am all ready to start moving into the next technological frontier! ...more