Do You Trust Your Teen Alone with Members of the Opposite Sex?

What would you do if your child asks if he/she could spend a few hours at a friend's house without any adult supervision? Would it matter if the child he/she was hanging out with was of the opposite sex? As a mom of a 15-year-old daughter, I have had no problems over the years of letting my child spend time with her friends, boys and girls, so long as I knew the parents and if a parent was present while my daughter was with their child. ...more
I am the mother of teen sons. As a teen myself, a couple of decades back, my best friend was a ...more

Uh Oh - I Can't Talk About Wrinkles Anymore

I was talking to a friend who has three teenage daughters, and she was worrying that she wasn't presenting a positive example about body image to them.  She doesn't want them obsessing over their bodies, counting every calorie, and pointing out every flaw.  Since I have boys I thought I couldn't really relate, so I was just listening and agreeing at the appropriate moments. ...more

Parenting is a Funny Thing.

Parenting is a funny thing.  We grow up fighting with our own parents, convinced they know nothing about what our lives are like or what we’re going through.  We go to great lengths to push for more than they are willing to give, convinced that they don’t understand how prepared we are to handle more adult responsibility.  We yell and scream and fight when boundaries are laid down and consequences are applied.  We wonder how they could be so mean....more

Books About Girls


The cause of your kid's concussion is partly due to where you live

Where I read the headline, "Research provides new insight into rural versus urban causes of childhood concussion," I thought for sure I knew what I'd be reading. I figured it was "kids in the country get sports concussions and kids in the city get it from abuse or accidents or something." WRONG.Researchers from Western University say that youth living in urban areas (cities) sugger concussions mostly from sports. And surprisingly, hockey accounts for 40% of those! (I would have guessed football.)...more

The Joy of the Family Outing

As I look back on my childhood, I realize that many of my best memories came from the shared misery my sisters and I endured.Sharing the back seat of a Volvo for numerous trips to my uncle’s dairy farm, often with bags of cow manure for my father’s organic garden in the trunk.We had to come up with ways to fight the boredom of those five-hour car trips with only two scheduled pit stops and nothing more than some 8-track tapes and each other for entertainment.There were the times one of us dared to ask for a pet hamster,bird, or tropical fish....more

Does Age Difference Really Matter?

So I am only a freshamn in highschool and I have been friends with a guy, who happens to be a senior in highschool, and me and him are now "talking talking". I am 15 and he is 17 but he will be turning 18 pretty soon. I know my mom and dad would probably never accept me dating him considering the age difference and the "boy years" my mom likes to say. I made it clear to the boy that my parents approval may or may not come but he said he is willing to wait if thats what will have to happen....more
Age differences matter at different points in your life. When I was 19 I dated my first "real" ...more


At 15, my daughter is doing something I couldn’t do at her age.She is un-apologetically committed to being herself and it’s outright dangerous, in a world, that at every turn, demands she be like everybody else.  Her battle for originality has been hard fought, as she's had to deal with her share of tormentors who were so uncomfortable in their own skin that they couldn't rest until they saw her uncomfortable in hers. But as Tamar Braxton says, "She Won". ...more

New study finds violent video games delay moral judgement

Whenever there's a school shooting by a teen, the causational arguments start:1. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.2. It's because parents don't do their job.3. It's all the bullying.4. It's the violent video games.New research sheds some light on the controversial topic of the latter....more