Stop what you're doing and read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, NOW!

Aristotle and Dante Discoverthe Secrets of the UniverseAristotle and Dante has been on my TBR for a short time and I'm so DING DANG happy that I finally got to read it. My advice to you? Stop and read it NOW. Go straight to your local independent bookstore and snag a copy of this gem now. You won't be sorry.You know I love opening lines, right?...more

The Evolution of Friendship

Going into summer last year before seventh grade, I had a huge group of friends. I went to parties and hung out with all of them on a regular basis. I never felt alone. At the time, I thought a good friend was simply someone with similar humor, someone who was caring and supportive....more

Why Dad needs to keep his voice down

I read a lot of studies about parenthood. A surprising number of them uncover changes that need to be made in the Mother's behavior, because either the study didn't cover Dads as well, or it saw Dad's behavior as not having a significant effect on the child. ...more

5 Most Productive Ways For Teens To Spend Summers

As the summers are just around the corner, the quest for listing down interesting activities also accentuates. Kids are easy to handle. But, teenagers could be a real ordeal. Making sure teens stay proactive throughout the break and not indulge in unproductive activities used to be a tough task at hand for most moms but not anymore.Here are the 5 most productive ways for mums to help their teenagers spend summers:1) Gardening...more

Where is your phone right now?

When I am work, I carry my mobile phone with me from meeting to meeting. I do not want to do this, but should I get a call from my son's school, I want to be able to answer it. I try to keep it on silent, so it will not ding during meetings, and I try to remember to turn the volume back on at the end of the day in case my husband calls while I am driving home from work. (I am not always successful at remembering either of those things - sorry, Honey!)...more

The Number One Rule for My Daughter's iPhone

We gave our oldest daughter an iPhone for her 11th birthday. She is now 13. For two years, we have followed a consistent rule for the phone, and I believe this rule has helped our family adapt to technology in a balanced way. Image: Simon Yeo via Flickr via Creative Commons license The Rule is Simple ...more
Laura Kosloff Excellent point Laura: "The benefits far outweigh the downside of possibly missing ...more

Employment in high school: Should you encourage your teen to work?

 As a high school kid, I had a couple of different jobs. First, I worked at a shoe store selling athletic shoes, but I quit when school, sports, and band became too demanding (I know what you’re thinking… band. Yes, I am proud to say I was a band geek.). Then I switched to working only during the summers for a lawn & landscaping business....more

How Texting Brought Me Closer to My Daughter

There are many horror stories about the damage that can come from poorly timed and inappropriately made cell phone texts. Especially by teenagers. I admit that all of these stories affected me and were a big motivator in the reason for why I waited quite a while to get my own teenage daughter her first cell phone. This past Christmas however my husband and I decided it was time. I did not expect that her getting a cell phone and being able to text would bring us closer together. ...more
Thank you! Really took this to heart. I'm so afraid of the news about tech and kids and their ...more

10 Quick Tips for A Successful End To the Exchange Year

Host families: be understanding, but don’t give up on house rules1. The second half of the exchange year is perfect time to relax with your student and enjoy the son/daughter relationship.  For these last few weeks, think about all that you have learned and how your life has changed....more