Teens with weak working memory more likely to engage in risky sex

A new study from the University of Oregon, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania found that there's a link between impulse control and cognitive abilities. More specifically, the test found that teens with weak working memory skills are more likely to to have impulsive tendencies in early to mid-adolescence. It's not exactly the best time to have weak impulse control - especially with peer pressure, raging hormones, a desire to be popular, etc....more

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared.

Help! It’s summer break. My teen's out of school. And I’m scared....more

To My Stressed-Out Student Who Wants to Give Up

Dear Daughter:Please don’t give up. Don’t drop out of the race early. Don’t quit when the finish line is in sight. You’re almost there. You can do it. You won’t regret giving it your all, all the way to the end, but you might regret it if you don’t. I know you’re tired. I know you’re discouraged and fed up. I know you’re sick to death of studying those notes. I know you don’t care what “passive transport” is. And you’re right: you are never going to have to solve a quadratic equation in “real life.”...more

Tips For Traveling With Teens #Traveling

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Stories that come from stories

And The Award Goes To...

Dylan (l) and his big brother, Lane    ...more

How PROM Can Destroy Our Daughters

It's prom season. I don't even know people. My mind has been flipping around thoughts, that happen to run into my emotions and then I find myself confused and disgusted and convicted all at once.  The Prom, which is another fancy and loaded word for High School dance, is a time where students spend now on the average of $1100 to go hang out with the same friends they see all the time, every day. Yes, $1100.  A house payment.Now before I go on I have a few things to say :...more

How to Be Cool

We will make it...I think...I hope...

I have some very sweet friends that are in the midst of new parenting or parenting of little's and I know that they are struggling.  Dear ones I NEED you to hear my words.  I know KNOW that you are exhausted from sleepless nights.  You can't remember the last time you actually showered where you did more than jump in and out.  You permanently have some type of bodily fluid on your clothes. You feel as if you never have adult conversations.  You don't remember what your husband actually looks like....more

Communication! Keep Me Posted!

Communication!  Keep Me Posted!In the absence of information, everyone assumes the worst.  ~Robert McClelland...more