There's No Reset Button for Stepparenting: Tips for Resolving Conflict

We have those moments with our mothers, or sisters, our children, and even our husbands. No one is safe from an outburst. It could come at the worst of times, and it could come at the best of times. But what happens when you have that outburst and say something that hurts your stepchild? Well, it’s no different from saying something hurtful to your biological child, your own mother, or even your husband. The problem is the relationship surrounding the situation....more
Love the steps you have here, and will for sure be rereading them, but i just had to come and ...more

Betwitxt & Between or Stuck in the Middle Muck

My 13 year old daughter has been awake for nearly 3 1/2 hours today, this being her first day back from a 9 day vacation with a friends family, and i'm ready to send her back to Hawaii.Her talents are vast, the most impressive of which is to turn me from perky and chipper to monster-troll-crankypants mom in a phenomenally short number of seconds.I have buttons, she knows how to push them - nothing new there in the mom/daughter relationship department.But that isn't the reason for this post, my second if the day - it's that kind of day....more

Empty Nesters for the week

Tattoo Me Stupid


'Sticks and Stones May Break Some Bones But Online Comments Can Be Killers' by Tracey Jackson


Recapturing the self-love you were born with.

Kam and I had a discussion by text last night that really got me thinking about things I want my husband and me to tell our daughter when she comes along and is old enough to understand. Well, actually, it's something I think about all the time, but it prompted a good discussion with my husband....more

Talking to Teens: It's OK to Be Unique

My blogger friend Heather from Hangry Pants described toxic people in the most eloquent way: She called them Flower Cutters. Flower Cutters are people who are quick to slam you, to make you feel small and worthless with a cruel remark. A perfect example of a Flower Cutter statement, according to Heather, is, “You are soooo lucky you can eat all that chocolate cake and not get fat. I would be like a WHALE!” Snip, snip. Thanks for cutting my flower. ...more

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Thought provoking questions to get children talking about summer camp.

Candy CohnAssistant Camp DirectorMaine Arts Camp ...more

The Sensationalization of Teen Pregnancy

I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write about this controversial subject. After all, it could happen to anyone, right? Wrong! I am not one of those parents who will let their kids run wild with the laid-back, "cool parent" attitude of "kids will be kids". Key word here is "kids". Second key word being "parents". Q: Why do "kids" have "parents"?A: To keep them from harm and help them make moral decisions. ...more

Forever 17

I had to read your post twice just to make sure I read it right. It is ...more

Keep Those Kids Reading This Summer

As children jump off the bus singing, “School’s out for summer,” parents everywhere begin to panic about keeping their children occupied during those long, hot summer months. I loved summer as a kid. It was easy, breezy and relaxed. I often curled up under (or in) a tree and read for hours upon hours. Of course, I didn’t have the wealth of technology at my fingertips that kids these days do, but I still think that summer reading is important for our children....more

Since my kids love books they don't need a lot of encouragement to read, but I still sign them ...more