Moms: Is the GLEE GQ Cover Too Sexy?

GLEE may be corny, but that's part of the fun: a bunch of high school dorks find their inner Britneys, and in the process, show the rest of the school that their too cool to be crammed into lockers....more

Halloween with Older Kids: I'm Totally Over It

Halloween is next weekend, and neither of my children have settled on a costume. My son (in 5th grade) wants us to make plans to go trick-or-treating with some friends of his, but he can't decide what he wants to wear. I'm not particularly looking forward to an evening of tromping around just so that he can get all jacked up on sugar. My daughter (7th grade) wants me to make her a costume, but she's not sure what, and also can't I please just drop her off with friends and then cease to exist? ...more
@Waffle-Wednesday I love this!! you are officially my halloween hero.more

Teen Reads Week: Why This Grownup Reads Young Adult Novels

I mean, I just like good books and a lot of these books, as QuentinFinch says, are simply just good. Isn't that reason enough? But as I kept talking to her that day as we ducked in and out of stores, I realized that it was more than that they were just good. I came to a conclusion much like Liz's - I like these books because while they often deal with topics every bit as gritty as much lauded literary fiction, they end differently....more
You absolutely took the words right out of  my mouth! I read YA, historical fiction, sic fi and ...more

How to Keep Our Teens Safe

Ok, so I thought I had given my 18 year old son all the basic instructions so that he could get along, on his own, without mommy being around. Cooking, laundry, managing a checking account and writing a check, writing thank you notes, sewing a button, ironing a shirt… But it seems that there was a huge gap in my teachings: personal safety on the streets....more

I don't think it matters how old our children get we will always worry about them. Once a ...more

Reviving Ophelia - Must Watch Lifetime Movie for Parents and Teens

The Lifetime Original Movie, Reviving Ophelia, is inspired by the best-selling book by Dr....more

3 Books on How to Help GenY Become Adults

The stories are all over the newspapers. The younger generation known as GenY, Millennials or Digital Natives do not want to grow up and become adults. I have found three excellent books that explore the reasons why, and what we as parents can do to ensure that this next generation grows up to lead happy and healthy adult lives. ...more

Oh, Does It Look Easy?

Now I hate to hear people whine and complain as much as the next person but being a mom aint easy. Being a single mom is even more stressful, although being a mom in a bad marriage sounds worse. It's six of one, half dozen of the other.   ...more

Bringing up Baby: Tips for Raising "Good People"

A Parent's Worst Fear Aside from the all-consuming desire to keep my kids safe from any number of terrible tragedies that I can imagine in my mind's eye, my biggest fear as a parent is that my Darling Boys will grow up and do something horrible and violent. Think about the news stories you hear about on TV or read about in magazines involving wayward, outcast, or misfit teens that bring guns to school or the ill-adjusted, irrational men who shoot their former colleagues after losing a job. It's almost always males who commit such crimes. Why this is I don't know. Nonetheless, this image scares me. ...more

It's Time To Quit Smoking: Are E-Cigarettes the Answer?

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were at the mall doing some back-to-school shopping and walked by a kiosk selling what looked like cigarettes. We both thought it was odd, but we assumed it must be some type of "quit smoking" device. As we walked by I noticed a sign that claimed it was a "clean" way to smoke. At the time we just rolled our eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, and wondered why anyone would want to pay money for something that looked like a cigarette but wasn't? ...more
@Pheisty Completely agree.   The unfortunate thing here is money.  Money rules all and ...more

What did they do with their big people’s pants?

Lately, it seems that all people in grade 8 to grade 12 are in a constant stage of angst...blame it on TV, school friends, the internet-whatever...but the issue remains that these kids are one confused and pained bunch of people.  Some of my children’s friends are being dragged around the adult arena of messy divorce.  What gets me really angry is a small group of parents that choose to pull their teens into their emotional wars.  What did they do with their big people’s pants?  Take them off at the door in exchange for low cut skinny jeans and a rotten attitude?&nbs...more