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And The Award Goes To...

Dylan (l) and his big brother, Lane    ...more

How PROM Can Destroy Our Daughters

It's prom season. I don't even know people. My mind has been flipping around thoughts, that happen to run into my emotions and then I find myself confused and disgusted and convicted all at once.  The Prom, which is another fancy and loaded word for High School dance, is a time where students spend now on the average of $1100 to go hang out with the same friends they see all the time, every day. Yes, $1100.  A house payment.Now before I go on I have a few things to say :...more

How to Be Cool

We will make it...I think...I hope...

I have some very sweet friends that are in the midst of new parenting or parenting of little's and I know that they are struggling.  Dear ones I NEED you to hear my words.  I know KNOW that you are exhausted from sleepless nights.  You can't remember the last time you actually showered where you did more than jump in and out.  You permanently have some type of bodily fluid on your clothes. You feel as if you never have adult conversations.  You don't remember what your husband actually looks like....more

Communication! Keep Me Posted!

Communication!  Keep Me Posted!In the absence of information, everyone assumes the worst.  ~Robert McClelland...more

My Husband Is A Great Big Brother To Our Son

My husband knocks on the car window, and our son turns as he’s walking toward the school. My husband waves; my son waves back, then turns toward the school again. He takes a couple steps, and my husband knocks on the car window again. Our son stops, turns to look at his dad waving again and shakes his head. Then a smile spreads across his face and he wriggles his fingers at him and turns back toward the school. “What was that for?” I ask. If our son was six, and on his way into elementary school, it would have been cute, but he’s fourteen and in middle school. ...more
That's so sweet!   Preparing kids for life's embarrassments must be a guy thing.  My husband ...more

Seven Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

One day, you find yourself on the wrong side of the car. And your rightful place, the seat behind the wheel, is occupied by your eager teen. Not only that, you have just voluntarily given her the car keys. Rules on teenage driving vary from state to state, but not matter how the law handles that transition, even after twenty lessons with a driving school, and even after having passed the road test, you still end up with one green driver at the wheel. Your wheel. ...more

6 Slang Words I Actually LIKE!

A few posts ago, I wrote about high school slang.  My kids are all in high school now, and they will be the first to say that I am the nerdiest mom in the world (whatevs).  I was thinking, though, that some high school words that they use today really describe that I want to say, in way fewer words!...more

Program Your Teen to Eat Healthy

When it comes to preparing nutritional meals for children, teens are the hardest to cater to. With their increased independence they often skip family meals and opt for fast food over healthy home-made meals. It is more fun to eat out with friends. Junk food is fun...more