Skin Deep

In the 80’s, when I was in high school, I had a boyfriend who was the love of my life. We went on to date in my first year of college. And of course as young lovers do, we would break up and make up. The last time that we broke up I thought that it would be like all of the other times. To my surprise, we didn’t get back together like we had in the past. We had not called each other in nearly a month. Then, on a weekend trip home from school, I learned why I had not heard from him. He was dating someone else....more

In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye  ...more
My daughter is a senor in high school this year. It is amazing how quickly the years past. Enjoy ...more

An Introduction From Me, To You.

Hello everyone!My name is Hannah. I am a 17 year old with a lot of opinions, as you could easily imagine. My posts will vary in topics. Everything you could imagine should be able to be found here. I will post healthy lifestyle tips, beauty tips, recipes, stories, things I like, things I dislike, and much more....more

How Big is this Ship!

The way to Adanna room was filled with more turns than a mountainous highway. They had ridden several different elevators.“I hope you can get me out of here when the time is right.”  Adanna said trudging down the hallways. They reached room number 1423, on the fourteenth floor.The hallway was filled with people bustling around with trays and clothing. There were other girls her age walking from room to room giving her strange looks and whispering to one another....more

Never Assume You Know Your Teens, Even If You're Sure You Do!

A few weeks ago, I was at a funeral for an aunt that had passed away. She was almost 90, had made me laugh with her stories and memories of being a poor Polish girl growing up in Newark, NJ. She was tough and funny and smart, and left an impression on everyone she met, from family members to the people in the line at the grocery stores to the nurses in the hospital. Her sister was devastated and inconsolable, and my cousin had asked me to watch after her and stay by her side during the whole affair, which I did gladly....more

One Day

Early in the morning with bags packed, Adanna and her father began their drive to the dockyard. They had taken several trips there when she was younger, but for some reason her father stop going.“I’ll miss this old truck.” Adanna softly patted its rear panel....more

Less than half of SAT-takers are ready for college

A new report from the College Board said that only 43% of teens who take the SAT met the College and Career Readiness Benchmark.The SAT has three parts (each worth 800 points): math, writing and critical reading. The benchmark is a total score of 1550 or higher. Teens who meet the benchmark are more likely to:1. enroll in a 4-year college2. hold a GPA of B- or higher their first year at college3. graduate with a bachelor's degree within 4 yearsThis 57% failure rate hasn't changed much since 2009 - just by 1%....more

Help! My Teen is Reading Erotica!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I recently caught my daughter reading erotica. She's 14. Advice? Signed,Not Ready _________________________ Credit: itsmichelle. Dear Not Ready, ...more
I don't think its really a bad thing. She is just exploring... Stuff. (Thank God I have 3 boys ...more

The Call Every Parent Dreads: We Almost Lost Our Son

A month ago, my son was involved in a horrific automobile accident. I won’t go into many of the details of how it happened, I’ll just say that it was the time I almost lost my son....more
Good texts keep up the spirit..You touch many..more

To friend or not to friend: 3 effective tips for sharing social media with your teen

Social media is quickly growing as a multigenerational platform for people of all ages....more