The Real Housewives Fans are Some Seriously Interesting Fans

I have mentioned on this site many, many times my love or my weird obsession for the Reality Series Shows, “The Real Housewives” These shows are on Bravotv which is owned by NBC Universal. I started watching years ago with the very first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They aired in the summer, I was bored, was flipping and landed on the show. Now, many moons later I am now a ‘pop-in’ watcher. I guess, something attune to watching Soap Operas or when you start to ‘fall out of love’ with your favorite show....more

Bored at home

Day 3 - and I am still blogging. This is the highlight of my daily routine these days as I have not many interesting things to do. As I told you in my last blog, I am out of work at present. So there is no real need to get up early in the morning. My husband has recently had a major heart surgery, so he is at home too. ...more

Toddler Tricks - 73: Shut It Off

Problem: The TV is on. Again. You needed to make breakfast or dinner and switched it on for the children. And then never switched it off. Or they asked for it specifically after nap, and watched it for ten minutes then wandered off, but they don't want you to shut it off. Or they're still watching it. They'll watch it for hours. Whatever kind of television-watching toddler you have, you, as the parent, feel like the TV is on just too much.SOLUTION:...more

Can Watching 'Family Guy' be Meditation?

I got up today at six o'clock to do some meditation.  Then I realized that I don't know what meditation is.  So I'm sitting here, with my eyes closed, wondering when "It" will hit me.  I used to get up at six on Saturdays when I was a kid to watch cartoons.  I was so engrossed, that, I have to wonder, is watching something as banal as "The Road Runner" a form of meditation? Then where do we draw the line?  Is watching pornography meditation?  ...more
You are right, it is a gift, but maybe a right, to have quiet time. We need to respect that for ...more

Five ways to dispose of your boss - Mythbusters style

Is there someone in your life who just drives you nuts? Do you have a meddling mother-in-law, a bombastic boss or a nagging neighbour? How frequently have you daydreamed about blowing them up? If you’re anything like me your answer is “often”. Sadly though, the best that regular people like us can hope for is a nasty paper cut or an unfortunate photocopying accident. But if I was a Mythbuster, the possibilities would be numerous and far more exciting....more

NaBloPoMo 15  Not much to write about today, but as I was watching TV thinking of inspiration, I started thinking that everyone can relate something in their life to a Seinfeld moment. At least several times a day, I can think of something that I can relate to an episode; or a line I can quote. It's funny, but as time is passing, it seems less people know about Seinfeld and so it's getting harder and harder to make the reference. Blank stares all around. Anyway, one of my favorite shows of all time. Enjoy!...more

Entertain Me NOW... please!

If you read me yesterday, you might remember my saying to keep an eye out for certain companies that are no doubt aiming for the top of the tech list? There's a new leak on an upcoming HTC smartphone that will encase a 1.5GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. What does this mean in layman's terms? It'll be one fast mo-fo. Your phone is Wile E. Coyote and this new HTC Quad-Core Superphone currently titled as the "Edge", is the Road Runner. ...more

The Reality Investment:Kim Kardashian Style

I am gonna make some assumptions in this writing.  I think most of us have some guilty pleasures.  It might be reality television, that is one of mine.  It might be shoe shopping.  I have to admit I don’t have a lot of shoes.  Although,I do want a pair of Christian Louboutin’s but I don’t buy a lot of shoes.  Others might love purses.  Oh, I do have a problem with buying coats, go figure.  Anyway, I think some of us get caught up in things that don’t matter all that much and somehow we find ourse...more

Parenting Lessons Learned from Hoarders (or, How Not to Raise a Little Hoarder)

Danica would get the 1-2-3 count for escalating incidents of bad behavior. At "3", a toy would be confiscated and either donated or thrown in the garbage. I can't adequately describe for you the state of pain and fury this brought upon my girl. And then, one night this summer, I looked up from my bowl of greasy popcorn at the horrors unfolding on Hoarders. I saw an adult standing in the one remaining square foot of carpet in a room packed full of filth and TOYS, and very nearly vomited. He said, "My parents always took my toys away. Now I can have as many as I want."...more
You are so welcome! My daughter loves to collect stuff, so helping her stay organized and make ...more

Shopping For A House

Saturday mornings I enjoy watching many of the Reality ‘Home shows’. I flip between HGTV and one of my favorites Sell This House. Sell This House is on A&E....more