Male Therapist: "So tell me how this works?"Detective Michael Britten: "I'm awake with my wife and I close my eyes, I open them and I'm awake with my son."Female Therapist: "And this has been happening since, the accident?"Male Therapist: "So you begin working on one case here, in reality, and then suddenly you begin working another case there, in your dream."Detective Michael Britten: "It completely feels real to me."...more

Saw the First Couple Episodes of Legend of Korra

So far so good! I really like the character so far, she seems to be the most adorkable tomboy ever, and I enjoyed her interactions with her teacher and the "pro bender" kids. I confess I mostly skimmed both episodes because of the buffering on the site. I am really not sure what I think about the "equalists." Generally speaking, people get mad enough to protest because they have a legitimate beef.This seems to be played more as they do not have a beef, but then again, Korra is sheltered and the initial encounter with the soap box ranter is seen from her perspective. ...more

The Real Housewives of Orange County:Slade Ended the Party!

I get caught up in the Reality scene from time to time. I hope you are a kindred spirit and enjoy some snark!...more

Alison McDonald Is Changing Hollywood

Game Changers is a series of interviews with awesome women who are changing the landscape of the web. Alison McDonald is many things: Comedienne. Writer. Sister. Single. Very Single. ...more
You are too funny! You need to do a tv show or a movie. Are you listening Hollywood? Best to ...more

And the Winner Is … !

This is Media Darlings’ first Academy Award season and we’ve begun what we hope will become a yearly tradition. In honor of the Awards, we’ll choose a different theme and bring you the best of that category. This is the year of the piglet, so put on your top hat, grab your silk purse, and join me on the red carpet for the Piglet Hall of Fame Awards. The envelope, please! ...more

Downton Abbey

One of the reasons my mind has been a bit preoccupied is that I've been watching the first season of Downton Abbey. OH MY GOODNESS! I am in love with this series and I'm not even through the first season. What a wonderful show and I can now understand why it was such a hit at the Emmy's! If you have the time please watch, catch up and enjoy this fabulous show. I mean, by the third episode my mouth was hanging open! Wow, really WOW!...more

Bethenny Frankel:Emulate the Bitch DON'T emulate the SKINNY!

Photo CreditSee that picture of Bethenny?...more

Toddler Tricks - 80: Use the Television, your kid continues to do something she's not supposed to do. Two, you're not sure if all your talking at her is sticking. She seems to understand everything you say, down to the very subtle nuances of conversation, but when it comes to "don't do that," she pulls a blank face. Maybe she really doesn't yet understand? Haha, no. Maybe she's reached the age of selective hearing. Time to gear up.Solution:...more

Michelle Duggar makes me Smile, NO Laugh!

Lightening rods! Yep. Talking Lightening rods today.  Not politics but faith, well kind of. Faith shared through Reality television.  The Duggars (do you live under a rock, don’t worry my husband does too) a family on TLC  has chosen to live their life on television proclaiming they live according to the word of God.  I do find it funny they chose to participate in REALITY TELEVISION it seems like such a contradiction but that is another debate....more
Oh, my goodness, this post really did strike a nerve! I missed it being syndicated and an old ...more