Doing Laundry With The Walking Dead

My Sunday nights used to be all about folding laundry while watching The Amazing Race. I fantasized about racing around the globe and winning a million dollars, as I paired socks and folded underwear....more

Are Smartphones Endangering the Future of Television?

Since its inception in the early part of the 20th century, the television has been a mainstay in homes across the planet. With the advent of gadgets that allow us to watch movies and TV series without cable TV, however, the landscape of television is just about to change.For instance, the rise of smartphones, such as the BlackBerrry 10, iPhone, HTC One and Samsung just might pull the plug permanently for the television. Suddenly, the future of TV is no longer as certain.History of the TelevisionMade available to the public in the 1920s, the television was a huge step forward in private entertainment. By the 50s, advertising companies realized the potential of TV exposure, hence the prime rate of TV advertising, even up until today.In the 70s, additional forms of entertainment were produced for use with the television. For instance, TV attachments became popular, such as the videocassette recorder. There is also the DVD, Blu-ray, and the various game consoles which are quite popular today. You would think the TV is safe from extinction. But is there really a future for television?...more

Kids' Shows Are Annoying...And They Should Be

Hey moms and dads. I know you know where I'm coming from. It is the background music to the soundtrack of this phase of our lives. I'm talking about kids' shows. And I believe they fall under the genre of annoying.But why wouldn't they be? Their target audience is kids...and to be blunt, kids are annoying....more

Confession of a Binge: How I Lost Two Weeks of my Life to Breaking Bad

  I am an addict.I am addicted to the AMC series, Breaking Bad. My husband Juan is the person responsible for hooking me up.  He is a huge fan of the show and repeatedly tried to get me to watch.  I vowed not to get sucked into another television series.  Besides I already had a few of my own must-see TV shows. I resisted Juan's efforts but then, with mounting peer pressure from friends who were hosting a Breaking Bad finale party , I succumbed....more
@StephSkjefstad I was so glad to watch the finale with friends. I felt like we were all part of ...more

TV vs. the Movies: Which Does Better By Women?

I live in Los Angeles where saying that you don’t like movies is tantamount to claiming atheism in a church. But I don’t like movies, generally speaking. In contrast, I quite like TV. Does this seem weird?...more

Comfort TV

I love television and I refuse to apologize for it.  I don't really care if it's considered "mind-numbing" or "wasteful" mostly because I don't believe it is. Sure, there are shows that seem like they'll lower your IQ just by turning them on, but there are also shows whose complex plots and beautiful writing could rival beloved books and plays. There are a few shows that I love to the point of a comfort.  These are the shows I put on when I'm feeling down or bored, when I want something familiar, or when I just want a day of PJs and tv.  ...more

Why I don't watch my fav TV shows on TV

Sounds like an impossible thing, but I don't watch my favorite televisions shows when they are current.  Why? Two big reasons:1. Don't care for commercial breaks2. Don't like having to wait until the next episode in a seasonSo what do I do? I wait until a season comes out on DVD. That way I don't have to watch commercials and, if I want to [which I usually do], I can watch all the episodes of a season all in a row as if it were one giant-length movie. So satisfying!...more
We buy some things on DVD. Right now we're watching a number of shows we missed the first time ...more

Bravo! Top Chef Kristen Kish Dishes on International Adoption

There are lots of ways to get hooked on Bravo’s Top Chef, some of them less savory than others. But the main reason my small family has now watched all ten seasons, playing catch-up for several years by downloading previous episodes, has nothing to do with cooking, fist fights between contestants, or what glamour-puss host Padma Lakshmi is wearing. It’s about my son’s identity as a Vietnamese adoptee....more
This is a fabulous post. Sometimes it seems adoptees' stories most told are those where the line ...more

Our Deep Twisted Relationship With TV: Why I Can't Quit 'Downton Abbey'

More than a week after the Downton finale, I’m still thinking about what went wrong. I happened upon both major plot twists via spoilers, and yet, they were awful just the same. Awful because they were tragic and because they had me wondering if the writing is losing me. All the same, it seems it will be an eternity until the next season begins. Like Losties to the Island, Downton, I can’t quit you....more
@ColleenBlooms It's ironic that after all the shows trying to be "the new LOST", it was a grand ...more

10 Moments to Watch for During the 2013 Academy Awards

Tonight's the night movie fangirls an fanboys wait for every year. You can keep your Golden Globes, your MTV Awards and your Critics Choice Awards of (insert city here), because tonight's the Big Kahuna:  The Academy Awards.Kind of like the finales of Downton Abbey, we bitch about them, we wail about them, we rip our hair out about them, but still we watch.  Still we watch....more
@Lisa Thomson Thanks Lisa!  Yeah, I like Joaquin too.  And at least he's not boring.  Jennifer ...more