“Homeland” Probes Terrorism and the Existential Threat

Homeland is back. Season 2 begins on September 30, and yes, you will be biting your nails. You will be stunned at how prescient the first episode is. Yet most importantly, you will be challenged to engage with questions gnawing at America’s psyche. The scab of 9/11 may have fallen away, but the scar which remains has in no way faded with time. ...more

Primetime Emmy's 2012 (Live Blog)

So tonight I decided to live blog the 2012 Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. If you plan on watching later and don't want to be spoiled then don't read this just yet but if you are like me and the temptation of who won, what was said etc.. then please sit back and relax :)...more

Must Love TV: A Girl's Love Of TV Explained

I get asked this question a lot and I figured now will is a good time to answer, people always ask me why I have a somewhat "obsession" with TV. I first got asked this question a couple years ago by a friend of mine and I actually got a little offended by it because they know I have a life (a pretty active life) but they also know that my DVR is essentially full by the end of the day....more

Electronic Nannying (Or Why I Dislike Using TV)

It seems to be a no-brainer – no parent really wants their kids in front of the TV all the time. But yet, kids these days are growing up very “plugged in”, from learning to type before they learn to write, from knowing how to use an iPad at the age of 2, from being able to memorize the entire Treehouse TV lineup by the time they’re 4 (Professor, I’m looking at you!). The fact of the matter is, electronics have a huge part in our kids’ lives nowadays – and it can be detrimental to their health and mental well-being....more

My Attention Span

I'm pretty sure that before I started spending most of my time online I had an attention span. I watched Ghandi for goodness sakes. How could you do something like that without an attention span?Now sadly that attention span has frittered away to almost nothing. Sometimes I think I should blame it on my age. Then I realize that I'm not aging at all and am still a youthful 25 year old, so I blame it on the internet....more

Apps We Love: Toon Goggles

The Newsroom!

Got 8 minutes and 17 seconds? It is well worth your time. Jeff Daniels is great!!!   My 20 year old daughter sent the video!I cried!Here are my silly wishes:...more
So I watched that first scene and was astonished, but then I continued to watch the show and ...more

Canceling Reality: TV’s Aid in Dismantling America’s Reality -- A Revisit

I wrote this essay back in 2002, and it's been about 10 years since I've read it. It's interesting to see just how much reality TV has exploded in the 10 years since this was written. And I admit I'm scared to know if this crazy, "accident on the highway" genre of TV can grow bigger in the future ... and how it can.||||| ...more

Weekend Wrap-Up

The Olympics was pretty great overall. Although I was a little consumed with them. It was a long 16 days. Some parts annoyed and incensed me. I let that out on FB & Twitter. The closing ceremonies were good overall, but long in the tooth. They could have ended after 1.5 hours and it would have been fine. They way they had the athletes jogging in I figured it was going to be a quick....more