Comfort TV

I love television and I refuse to apologize for it.  I don't really care if it's considered "mind-numbing" or "wasteful" mostly because I don't believe it is. Sure, there are shows that seem like they'll lower your IQ just by turning them on, but there are also shows whose complex plots and beautiful writing could rival beloved books and plays. There are a few shows that I love to the point of a comfort.  These are the shows I put on when I'm feeling down or bored, when I want something familiar, or when I just want a day of PJs and tv.  ...more

Bravo! Top Chef Kristen Kish Dishes on International Adoption

There are lots of ways to get hooked on Bravo’s Top Chef, some of them less savory than others. But the main reason my small family has now watched all ten seasons, playing catch-up for several years by downloading previous episodes, has nothing to do with cooking, fist fights between contestants, or what glamour-puss host Padma Lakshmi is wearing. It’s about my son’s identity as a Vietnamese adoptee....more
This is a fabulous post. Sometimes it seems adoptees' stories most told are those where the line ...more

Our Deep Twisted Relationship With TV: Why I Can't Quit 'Downton Abbey'

More than a week after the Downton finale, I’m still thinking about what went wrong. I happened upon both major plot twists via spoilers, and yet, they were awful just the same. Awful because they were tragic and because they had me wondering if the writing is losing me. All the same, it seems it will be an eternity until the next season begins. Like Losties to the Island, Downton, I can’t quit you....more
@ColleenBlooms It's ironic that after all the shows trying to be "the new LOST", it was a grand ...more

10 Moments to Watch for During the 2013 Academy Awards

Tonight's the night movie fangirls and fanboys wait for every year. You can keep your Golden Globes, your MTV Awards and your Critics Choice Awards of (insert city here), because tonight's the Big Kahuna:  The Academy Awards.Kind of like the finales of Downton Abbey, we bitch about them, we wail about them, we rip our hair out about them, but still we watch.  Still we watch....more
@Lisa Thomson Thanks Lisa!  Yeah, I like Joaquin too.  And at least he's not boring.  Jennifer ...more

Why FX's 'The Americans' Is TV's Best Show About Marriage and Family

Prepare to forget everything you think you know about Keri Russell and her role as an introspective college student who got the most famous haircut in primetime television history.  Felicity is all grown up now.  And she's a spy.  Not a hero spy either.On FX's new hit show The Americans, she plays Elizabeth Jennings, a Soviet spy in an arranged marriage of convenience with her husband Phillip (played by Matthew Rhys, of ABC's Brothers and Sisters), who's also a spy....more
This is my new favorite show and you have articulately illustrated exactly why. I'm fascinated ...more

'The Walking Dead' Returns: How New Parenthood Is Like The Zombie Apocalypse

I see my life -- as the parent of a 1.5 year old -- in the characters' quest for survival.  The show tells the story of a small band of survivors after modern society has been destroyed by a zombie outbreak.  What "The Walking Dead" is really about -- its theme -- is about  keeping your humanity and spirit in the face of hardship and a complete disruption of your previous world....more

Is Social Media Killing Television or Making it Better?

It’s always fun to talk about television with my friends, both online and offline. It takes an activity that can be lonely and turns it into something of a party. As someone who has more friends inside the computer than outside, I get that. As someone who works from home and is a mom of young children, I get that. Social media is a good way for me to be, well, social about media. ...more
I didn't read for fear of seeing Downton Abbey spoilers.  Answering the question to the title - ...more

The Great Debate: Toddler Tube Time

Now that my son has reached toddlerhood the time has come for me to experience first-hand what I've heard other parents discussing (or more like arguing over) for years...the never-ever ending debate: How much TV time is too much?Here is the guilty party in question:(Looks pretty innocent to me!)...more

Loyal Traveling Television

Loyal Traveling TelevisionWhen I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships.  ~Andy WarholWith Christmas behind us, many people are putting their new gifts to use, especially the electronics.  This year, my sister got me the iPad3 with retina Display.  Boy was I surprised!  I didn't expect that at all, and a really gracious gift it was....more