The Reality Investment:Kim Kardashian Style

I am gonna make some assumptions in this writing.  I think most of us have some guilty pleasures.  It might be reality television, that is one of mine.  It might be shoe shopping.  I have to admit I don’t have a lot of shoes.  Although,I do want a pair of Christian Louboutin’s but I don’t buy a lot of shoes.  Others might love purses.  Oh, I do have a problem with buying coats, go figure.  Anyway, I think some of us get caught up in things that don’t matter all that much and somehow we find ourse...more

Parenting Lessons Learned from Hoarders (or, How Not to Raise a Little Hoarder)

Danica would get the 1-2-3 count for escalating incidents of bad behavior. At "3", a toy would be confiscated and either donated or thrown in the garbage. I can't adequately describe for you the state of pain and fury this brought upon my girl. And then, one night this summer, I looked up from my bowl of greasy popcorn at the horrors unfolding on Hoarders. I saw an adult standing in the one remaining square foot of carpet in a room packed full of filth and TOYS, and very nearly vomited. He said, "My parents always took my toys away. Now I can have as many as I want."...more
You are so welcome! My daughter loves to collect stuff, so helping her stay organized and make ...more

Shopping For A House

Saturday mornings I enjoy watching many of the Reality ‘Home shows’. I flip between HGTV and one of my favorites Sell This House. Sell This House is on A&E....more

Must See? Maybe Not: Fall TV Season Recap

Over the last few years, we’ve watched as big name directors, actors and producers moved from the big screen to the small one (although some home theatres are competing in the screen department). And this season was no different. As we set our DVRs to our new favorites, and November sweeps season approaches, it’s time to see how the new fall lineup is faring....more
I'll definitely check it out! There's a lot of new stuff this season. And not enough hours in ...more

Just a Big Thank You for Once...for Quality Television...

I've been a little busy these days but I just wanted to stop by really quickly and say THANK YOU to the networks who had me extra busy watching so much Television recently! And it was quality television that is worth watching for once, television worth buying! So what have I seen?...more

Who Needs TV Adoption Drama When Late Discovery Adoptees Live It?

Whether its a TV show about adoption, The Lying Game, or a story line that comes up on most prime-time programming, many of us feel as though a nicely healing scab has been ripped off. At the very least, its a reminder of something we do not need to be reminded about. Most in the adoption constellation (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption professionals) would love nothing more than to ask TV writers to at least do a good job writing their 48 minute segment....more
More than 85,000 women lost their children to adoption in the State of NSW, Australia during the ...more

Women, War & Peace: Featuring Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee and the Liberian women's peace movement are featured in Women, War & Peace, a five-part PBS series that challenges the conventional wisdom that war and peace men's domain. Below, executive producer Abigail Disney describes her reaction to Leymah Gbowee's 2011 Nobel Peace Prize win. ...more
Every woman should!more

Childfree Prime Minister Julia Gillard Takes Satirical Heat

Julia Gillard has taken some heat for not having children by choice, and now it's her sex life that is being satirized....more

Take Flight with Pan Am on ABC

I was kind of excited for the premiere of Pan Am on ABC last night because I've been hearing so much about it lately I wanted to see if it lived up to its hype. But unfortunately, any show that's set in the 1960's now is obviously going to be compared to Mad Men, but Pan Am is really so different. Well, I guess it's not completely different, as it does focus on a "career" driven set of women in 1963 -- "a new breed of women," to quote the show. But I liked it nonetheless. What Pan Am has that Mad Men doesn't is adventure and espionage and international travel, giving it a little more of an edge. ...more
Interesting comment from Magtaf. Here are two posts I wrote about the program. And you are ...more

The End of an Era

Today marks the last televised episode of All My Children.  After 41 years on the air, this is just so sad.Growing up, a lot of us looked to Erica Kane for an example of a strong woman.  Were her storylines sometimes unbelievable?  Yes...but that's what made it fun!!  Evil twins, coming back from the dead, dream sequences...all served to bring entertainment to a sometimes boring day....more