Red Fraggle is a Feminist Icon

It wasn’t until I learned that I was pregnant with Theo that I suddenly realized how very little I knew about babies and children. My response to this was to immediately go out and buy a ton of books about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. I also went online and joined a bunch of pregnancy and parenting communities. After sifting through all of the information available to us, Matt and I began to try to come up with the Best Plan Possible for raising our kid. Because, you know, that’s totally a thing that’s going to work out....more
@Karen Ballum I would love, love, love a Fraggle movie. I wonder if the death of Jerry Nelson, ...more

Those Days Are Gone

Donetta Sifford...more

And then a woman with face tattoos screamed at me until I cleaned.

So I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. Actually, I learned two. One, working from home is the best thing that was ever invented by humanity. True story. And two, too much reality tv will give you nightmares about people with face tattoos. Let me explain. ...more

ABC's "Nashville": A Little Bit Country and a Whole Lot of Drama

Nashville premiered on ABC television last Wednesday at 10pm.  If you’re anything like me, you had to be begged or bribed to watch it because of the title.  It’s not that I dislike country music.  In fact I love country folk and bluegrass and even some alt country.  Nevertheless, I never “got” the Southern ambiance, and I wondered if this series would make any sense to me.  I once spent a year attending school in Knoxville, Tennessee and let me just sa...more
@Rita Arens  That makes two of us!  She's my new television hero, that's for sure.more

Which of the New Fall TV Shows Will You Be Watching?

It’s that time of year again: All the broadcast networks are rolling out their new prime time programming. Some are derivative of past years' hits and some have a dash of originality, but at the end of the day, the whole TV tapestry starts to feel like Frankenstein, where pieces of tropical islands are sewn together with mobsters, detectives and aliens -- all hoping desperately for a visit from the Nielsen ratings fairy....more
It occurs to me that the poll is missing one of the best of the new TV series this fall ...more

When Do You Give Up on a Story?

It happens to everyone. You’ve been watching a TV series for years, but the plot has gone south, the producers killed off your favorite character, and you can’t figure out why you’re still wasting your time on it. You’ve gone out to a movie or rented one only to realize that the acting is about as fresh as the gym socks at the bottom of your laundry basket. You’ve been struggling to read the same chapter of a book for the past month, and it has become your favorite cure for insomnia....more
I have actually closed a few books in my time, and even though I was already about 1/2 way. I ...more

All I want is ONE channel with my internet!

Moving is stressful.  Not only do we have countless boxes to pack and unpack, but moving involves setting up or moving utilities, television, internet, and other services.Moving is also expensive as we work to re-arrange and re-fit our previous lives into our new spaces -- bigger and smaller. Of these hassles, probably the area that creates the most stress is the establishment or changing of basic services --including and especially television and internet. ...more

“Homeland” Probes Terrorism and the Existential Threat

Homeland is back. Season 2 begins on September 30, and yes, you will be biting your nails. You will be stunned at how prescient the first episode is. Yet most importantly, you will be challenged to engage with questions gnawing at America’s psyche. The scab of 9/11 may have fallen away, but the scar which remains has in no way faded with time. ...more

Primetime Emmy's 2012 (Live Blog)

So tonight I decided to live blog the 2012 Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. If you plan on watching later and don't want to be spoiled then don't read this just yet but if you are like me and the temptation of who won, what was said etc.. then please sit back and relax :)...more