Healthy and Vegan Eats in Franklin, Tennessee

If you are planning a trip to Nashville, be sure to add Franklin to your list of places to visit in the area. Home to lots of civil war and historic battlefields and haunted sites, it's also home to many musical celebrities and of course, some awesome veggie and gluten free options!...more

More Memphis Bites

With so many incredible historic locations and delicious places to dine on vegan, gluten free and overall healthy food, I just had to return for a second post. Whether you’re checkin’ out the famed Beale Street or walking through the legendary Sun Studio, there is so much tasty food in and around the music city on the Mississippi River that you gotta make time for some awesome eatin’!...more

Coming to TN in 2014: The Abortion Debate

On Friday, the Tennessee House voted to put an amendment regarding abortion on the ballot for 2014. Per the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:...more

"Don't Say Gay" Bill Passes, Star Trek's Sulu To The Rescue

Tennessee has passed a bill that prohibits discussing any aspect of homosexuality in public school classrooms grades kindergarten through eighth. Former Star Trek star George Takei, concerned about how this might affect alienated gay youth, has launched a campaign against the bill, which is slated go to the House as soon as lawmakers return from adjournment next year. ...more

to expunge queerness from society, It is, as George's fictional space-faring buddy would say, ...more

When the Wind Blows...

It was nearly 20 years ago my world was turned upside down when my second child was born, I had no clue the words Apgar scores would mean so much and that lead me to write the 3 part series the hardest thing. ...more

Education Reform Moves Ahead in Tennessee

While Wisconsin remains the face of the war over teacher's unions, a number of other states are moving to reign in out-of-control unions or reform education policies. Tennessee is among them. Not only is collective bargaining in question, but Governor Bill Haslam has a proposal to make it tougher for teacher's to get tenure....more

Conclusions of Following My Bliss: One Last Post Regarding Blissdom

Friday Fiasco On the last night of Blissdom, I had to vacate my beautifully appointed, fabulously comfortable room, equipped with its own t...more

Hi Scott,

I was actually not referring to you even though I did use your line. I don't think ...more

Learning To Pick My Battles

Often, I share about my grandfather (Daddy) and the love he showed his grandchildren. He really was a good man. He was not perfect by any means but he did not waiver on things that were out of sync with doing what was right when no one was around to see. One of his favorite sayings was “fair is fair”. Those words were usually followed up by “ball or strike”. One day, I am going to write a book about his poetic sayings....more

(VIDEO) Thousand-Year Rains Flood and Devastate Tennessee

News of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the attempted bombing of Times Square has somewhat overshadowed coverage of the devastating "thousand year" flood in Nashville and surrounding areas of Tennessee. Record rainfall in a relatively short period of time led to the Cumberland River cresting Monday at 51.8 feet. ...more

Lindsey Ferrier at Suburban Turmoil is sharing her experience and how you can help. Read her ...more