More Austin Vegan Eats

Since Austin has so many great places to find healthy, vegan, gluten free and other tasty special diet eats, I thought I'd come back for round 2! Such a great Texas city that combines the hip and cool with great southern charm, check out some other fantastic places to visit when in Austin!...more

Big Apple of Ambition

Recently, I friended an old high school acquaintance on facebook who turns out to be a creative director in an amazing ad agency in New York City.  Like Don Draper status with Emmy-winning commercials and fancy ties.  I looked down at myself, sloppy and tired, brushing the cookie crumbs off my pants.Is this really where I wanted to end up?  Is this the woman I thought I’d be?...more

Healthy and Vegan Austin Eats

I left my heart in Austin, Texas! I know the song says San Francisco but Austin is a great American city that is not only the progressive, college and music town state capital, it’s also super health conscious, green and mega vegan friendly. A Texas city like no other, Austin is home to the headquarters and first Whole Foods Market, The University of Texas Longhorns, IBM, Google, Facebook and Apple as well as being the live music capital of the world....more

Hill Country Barbecue At Long Last

Racing has brought me many travel opportunities over the years. For the last four years, I got to spend a weekend in Austin, Texas in April. Racing was obviously the focus so seeking out the best tacos and barbecue that Hill Country has to offer was not necessarily in the cards. It pained me every time to leave Texas without sampling their great barbecue. More than once, I ended up stuffing my face with a brisket sandwich bought at Salt Lick’s airport outpost. It was the last chance for Texas barbecue before the long flight home and I was desperate....more

Where To Dine Healthily in Johnson City, Texas

Johnson City, Texas. Just an hour or so northwest of San Antonio, located in the beautiful rolling hill country, this is the small town that president Lyndon Baines Johnson grew up in. Being a history geek, along with my hubby, we took a day trip up to see LBJ’s boyhood home as well as to see the sprawling acreage at his Texas White House about 20 minutes west of there.A peaceful area, Johnson City boasts a population of 1,200 people. Yes, you read that correctly. So what was I able to find in this little Texas town you ask? Plenty!...more

Regaining my quilting mojo

I love to quilt, I really do, but recently one would think I was lying. I just haven't even finished a quilt in ages. I stop, start and stop again, over and over. I feel like a hamster stuck on their wheel, round and round and round I go. Shortly after moving to Texas my father even helped me purchase a long arm machine so that I could quilt my own quilts. Sigh.............I've hardly used it. I think I've found a way to get my mojo back. My friend in Alaska and I are doing a block of the month together. She's in Alaska, I'm in Texas but what the heck! We are doing it afar....more
@victorias_view If I could just figure out how to post a picture! LOL more

There's This Girl I Want My Husband to Meet

Now, settle down. I'm not talking any Alaskan version of "Wife Swap."...more

ChildHood - Installment II

Today's been quite a day. I have done positively... nothing.In order to change that I have come to add another ChildHood Installment. If you're just beginning this series, remember the beginning is the best place to start: Find Previous Installments Here:ChildHood - Installment I  ...more

Beautiful Texan Sun!

Wordless Wednesday, a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words!Beautiful Texan Sun!...more

why oh why??

Last weekend was the Texas Book Festival. I hadn't been for a few years, but the programming was so enticing and the weather was perfect for being outdoors, I really had no choice. I could have spent all day Saturday and Sunday, cloned myself, and still not heard all the speakers and panels I wanted to!One highlight was watching Lynne Rosetto Kasper craft three salads (in about 30 minutes total!) from How to Eat Weekends......more