Some More in San Antonio

We crammed so much in during our Race to the Alamotrip to San Antonio that I had to post another article on all the great places to dine while in this awesome Texas town!...more

San Antonio's Healthy Hot Spots

Deep in the heart of Texas, you’ll find San Antonio. Home to the Alamo, Tex Mex and the Riverwalk. With tons of family friendly things to do and see San Antone is a beautiful city full of history as well as some pretty hip stuff. I had the chance to spend 5 fantastic days there, immersing myself in San Antonian culture, having been a contestant in the 1st annual Race to the Alamo! It was an experience I’ll never forget as my husband and I teamed up to form Team Healthy Voyager, taking the gold 2 out of the 3 race days!...more

The Devil's Brother Went Down to Texas

Traditional Shrimp Fra Diavolo is a garlicky, slightly spicy Italian-American dish made with shrimp and served over pasta. “Fra Diavolo” literally translates to “brother devil” from Italian. Our version of this dish is made with sweet Gulf shrimp and has an extra kick of heat....more
Excuse me while I run to get a rag to wipe the drool off my keyboard. LOL! This looks ...more

Probably the Best Vegan Mexican Food in West Texas

Recently, as a part of the enormous around the world trip of enormity, I found myself in Texas, looking for a meal.Actually, to be fair, I wasn't looking for a meal, I was looking for a wallet, and Mr had taken me on a little detour from our destination (Odessa) to a company he loves called SpecOps in Monahans, Texas.SpecOps make wallets, belts, buckles, bags and other stuff. Their stuff is made in the USA and is leather-free. Vegan by accident is vegan enough for me....more

It's Hot!!

99% of the time I love living in Austin.  This summer is that one percent that is just miserable.  The average number of days over 100 degrees in Austin is 13.  This summer?  We are already over 40 days and triple digits are predicted for the next 14 days. ...more
Still no rain!!! I seriously think rain is just a figment of my imagination!more

Texas Hill Country Peach Pie

In addition to being the center of the Texas wine industry, the Texas Hill Country is famous for its peaches....more


Holy Batman!  I've seen an odd number of bats flying around my street, and the other day, after walking the dogs, my husband showed me a picture he took with his phone of bats emerging from underneath a nearby bridge.  I couldn't believe there was a bat bridge so close, and based on the photo he took, there were a lot!  Yesterday evening, we went to get a closer look and hauled the camera and digital video recorder along. ...more

Leaving home.

I got the phone call three days before I graduated from college, four years ago this coming week. I was offered a job twelve hundred miles away and every independent, strong-willed fiber in my being yearned for it. It was only temporary; I would be back within six months of starting. The temporary made it safe and doable. I could move away from everything I knew to a place where I knew no one because it was temporary. I could play the role of a recent graduate off to make a name for herself because I knew I'd be back here soon enough anyway. ...more

"The Kindness Of Strangers-Houston" by Tracey Jackson