Conversations with Charlie - Longhorn Cows

  In March the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo was in town. At school Charlie learned about the rodeo, cowboys, and other Texas icons. One of them was the Longhorn steer which was promptly declared to be his favorite type of cow....more

I have been hanging out with Bodacious Boomer all day. And dinosaurs

How exciting! Try and guess what I've been up to today? Clue: it certainly doesn't involve me hanging around 'the day after yesterday'. I've been moonlighting that's what. Or if you prefer, you could call it whoring because it makes me sound a little bit edgy like Anna Nicole Smith (but without the twin airbags or red lipstick). 'What the bloody hell are you banging on about?' I hear you cry. ...more

Lessons we are learning...

Show off! When Hannah, our firstborn, was a baby I loved to dress her up in cute little dresses and take her out and about.  Often, people would walk up to me at the grocery store, post office, or church and tell me, “She is so cute.”  I would reply, “I know!”  Brian told me the proper reply was “Thank you.”  But, I did know she was cute.  I was just agreeing with a fellow admirer....more

Jesus take the...pole?

This morning while on the other side of the house, I hear Husband hollering for me to come see something on the tv. This is what I saw. You see, I live in Spring, Texas (a suburb of Houston). Old Spring is less a town, more like an area, with old shops and the like. I've driven through once, but never stopped in. That may change now....more

The way you move on a POLE is very different then the body movements in a normal work out class. ...more


<Honeysuckle Estates Neighborhood Watch Tips: ...more

An Unexpected Trip to Texas: Granny Panties, Beaches, and Barbecue

 We sadly waved au revoir to Florida, boarded our plane, and prepared for a long day in the sky. As our connector flight arrived late in Houston, we rushed to the next gate, only to get there in the nick of time. I walked up to the stewardess, handed her the boarding pass, she looked, and replied "You don't have seats. Just wait over here." I panicked, "What do you mean we don't have seats? I checked in this morning!" "Just wait over here, please." I looked at Mr. MBA and the kids wondering what would happen next....more

The Texan on the Porch

In seventh grade, in Texas, every kid has to take Texas History…or at least they did when I hit it in 1975. As a Texan I take pride in my state and will confess that I have that Texan bravado that other Americans find quite nauseating at times….well, maybe all the time. It is the one of the few things that I have in common with George W. Bush….we both love Texas and don’t mind talking about it....more

Constituency Services Part 4: Respect, Resources and a Response

Texas Capitol  Some of my favorite memories of various excursions with my mom or field trips with my school invo...more

Goodbye to the Fighting Finn

Saturday, October 9, 2010 Goodbye to the Fighting Finn ...more

(VIDEO) Texas Mom Murders Her Two Autistic Children -- What Do You Say to Your Kids?

A 30-year-old woman in Irving, Texas, called 911 on Monday and told dispatchers she had just murdered her two children, ages two and five.  A tape of the phone call records the mother saying that she tried to poison them with bathroom cleaner and strangled them with a wire when they refused to drink it. ...more

I mulled over whether or not to respond to this one for quite a while. In the end, I decided ...more