Dogs Comfort Cancer-Warriors

Anyone battling cancer deserves not just every treatment option available, but every comfort option too. We’re now learning that sometimes that “comfort option” comes with a wet nose and questionable breath. Just last month, a study conducted by researchers at Mount Sinai Beth Israel became the first of its kind to document the benefits of animal-assisted therapy for adult cancer patients. Over 40 patients were involved in this study, reported in the Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology. I’ve read many such reports, after spending years as a research analyst....more

Expressive Therapeutic Writing: 16 Tips For Beginners (Free Download)

Hello, everyone! Remember when I published a blog post about Expressive Therapeutic Writing? Remember how I said to stay tuned for even more tips on how to get started with your own writing? Well, it's finally here! I am pleased to offer a completely free list of 16 tips for beginners (and the pros) for you to download! Just visit my blog and click on the post "Expressive Therapeutic Writing: 16 Tips For Beginners (Free Download)" to find the link....more


I walked down the empty corridor, the modest heels of my pumps clicking satisfyingly on the tiles. After a three-hour night class, I couldn’t wait to get home for dinner and an icy drink, so the clicks echoed quickly, pertly....more

Full Moon, Agitated Hearts

As is my way, I was racing the clock, squeaking in to the meeting two minutes late. In my defense, I was hustling because I had stopped to buy a baguette to set out during the meeting, in case anyone needed a late-afternoon snack. While at the store hunting down carbohydrates, I had also grabbed a latte. Three shots of espresso were hitting my bloodstream, working magic on my burning eyelids and oxygen-hungry brain....more

Does Therapy Really Help?

When I was a kid, my mom taught me many things.  (Duh, really?  Was that even a necessary sentence?)  She taught me many things, and most of them were what you could consider “different” than what a lot of other parents taught their kids.  You see, my parents are Christian Science, a religion most people either don’t know about, don’t understand, or just flat out confuse with another religion (like, hmm, Scientology for example). ...more
A Healthy Woman Thank you so much for the encouragement!  And, thanks for sharing your own story!more

ElectroTherapy Unit for Pain Relief

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsEnter here: Psst. Hey you…runner. Can you read me? I have something amazing to share with you…Yeah, I’m talking to you. Come here....more

All the Mentally Ill Shooters Were in Treatment

We have seen a cascading avalanche of violence unfold since the events at Columbine showed us that a couple of dissatisfied teens could yield great force upon a school with easily acquired weapons of convenient distruction.   Which is most memorable?    Do you think more of Gabby Giffords and the great things she could do had not a mentally ill youth put a bullet in her brain while his parents tried to discern what he was up to....more

Knowing When to Seek Professional Help

No, I'm not referring to hiring a housekeeper or a personal chef, I'm talking about finding a professional to talk to.  A therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc. Last week was a rough one for me.  I had been dressing my face in a smile and plowing through the myriad of things that were on my plate....more

Reflections on Charlotte (Or What I Learned About Life From My Therapist's Death)

Until a year ago, Charlotte was my therapist. I use the word “my” loosely, as I hadn't had a session with her for close to four years. But she was the person I sobbingly met with when I was 18 years old and in the throes of depression, and with whom I built a relationship—fluidly moving in and out of contact—over the following decade. ...more

When does therapy benefit gifted adolescents?

Gifted adolescents are no more prone to social or emotional difficulties than other teens.1  Yet, the burden of feeling different from peers, and attempts to offset stigma and rejection, create a unique set of conflicts. At a point in their development when social acceptance seems essential, many gifted teens go to great lengths to hide their abilities from others....more