Once You're Out Of The Box It's Hard To Get Back In

I'm going through something. All of a sudden the weirdness of life has slapped me upside the head again. "Hey gurl! It's me you're old friend Weird! Just wanted to let you know that nothings changed…It's all still really freaking weird!"...more

Music Therapy

I saw on Pinterest recently a great tag line; "The problem with real life is there is no soundtrack playing in the background"  I couldn't agree more!  With the emotions during a divorce;  sadness, loneliness, anger, happiness, confusion, and everything in between what better way to deal with it then some music therapy? ...more

Day Four: I'm Blowing This Popsicle Stand.

So, I quit outpatient therapy. I have it four days. Stays generally range from 5-10 days, so I didn't cut it that short. But I still got released as an AMA (against medical advice). ...more

Day Two: Self-Exploration Through Collage-Making.

So Thursday is Day Two of my Epic Outpatient Adventure (EOA). It starts off more promisingly, as we begin to touch on the concept of dialectical behavioral therapy, which my psychiatrist Dr. P really wants me to get into. But then somewhere around midday it all begins to go awry when once again I find myself in the craft room, being asked to a make collage that "represented myself." ...more

Is There Something You Can Share With the Rest of Us, Amazing Larry??

So I apologize for deleting my last entry. I felt too vulnerable, felt that I opened up too much, felt too humiliated. But suffice it to say, things came to a head and I had to enter outpatient day-therapy at a local hospital. And, listen. This blog entry might come off as judgmental or outright rude in some parts. But it wouldn't be me if I didn't speak my mind. This has been my experience with said outpatient therapy. ...more

Ovation Cell Therapy Review

Hi! I’m Alison.  I started using Ovation Cell Therapy on 7-16-12 and I love the product so far! I was going to do a video blog, or “vlog” as some may say, but I don’t have the patience to edit, so here I am blogging!...more
So are you still using Ovation or was this a bust?  My hare has been braking and I am looking ...more

Leave of Absence.

You guys. Sorry for my extended absence. Things have been rough.I don't know how much I want to say here, but...I've been having a really rough go of it. I've always been prone to depression (God knows) since age 17, and I've experienced bouts with self-harm. Lately I had an...an incident. Which led me to be taken by ambulance to the ER. Which I felt was unnecessary, but my husband was apparently terrified, so I guess he had every right to call 911....more

The Breakup

One awkward thing about treatment is, what do you do when you've outgrown your therapist? I mean, it's great, they probably helped you a lot. So how do you end treatment with them?...more

Music Therapy

Music can make us happy or help us cope with sadness, loneliness and anger.  If you're going through the divorce process right now, no doubt you are highly emotional.  Why not sit down with a glass of wine and your music collection to put together your divorce soundtrack.  It will have a therapeutic effect on your psyche.  Check out my song choices and let me know what songs would you add?http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/music-therapy/...more

Ice Cream...

It has been a long and emotionally trying week, so ice cream is it! The cure for most bad weeks, heck days even. I remember as a small child being told that I could have an ice cream after a shot at the doctor's office or after a filling at the dentist's office. I would even get an ice cream if I had fallen off of my bike and skinned my knee. Ahhhh-ice cream. The remedy for all the crap moments in life. :)...more