I tried doing a blog before and it didn't work out. I think now I'm ready to talk about things. I believe blogging can be a form of therapy. I've done therapy before and it gives you some good tools to use when out of the counselor's office. Of course, it also helps you spot when your friends are self-medicating.  ...more

Need Advice

I don't know how many of you have experienced this but Camryn has started fighting therapy. Every time we go she starts crying during PT and OT. The therapists asked me to wait outside yesterday because she was so upset and kept trying to come get me to comfort her. It broke my heart listening to her cry from down the hallway. When I first started therapy I heard kids crying and I was so grateful Cam was so well behaved. But, she has become that kid. What are some tactics you use to make this better or easier?...more

Are we too afraid be sad or angry these days?

If you've ever been told to "calm down" when you were angry or "cheer up" when you're sad then you know how infuriating it feels to get such inane advice in the face of strong emotion. Social media itself has become one big happiness quote after another, each telling us all to look on the bright side....more

Strike While the Iron is Hot

I was at the chiropractor's office the other day praising the massage therapist in her office. ...more

Stripper Damage

     Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder. Is there such a thing?                                             What is Stripper Damage? PTSD Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder. Is there such a thing?         ...more

Once You're Out Of The Box It's Hard To Get Back In

I'm going through something. All of a sudden the weirdness of life has slapped me upside the head again. "Hey gurl! It's me you're old friend Weird! Just wanted to let you know that nothings changed…It's all still really freaking weird!"...more

Music Therapy

I saw on Pinterest recently a great tag line; "The problem with real life is there is no soundtrack playing in the background"  I couldn't agree more!  With the emotions during a divorce;  sadness, loneliness, anger, happiness, confusion, and everything in between what better way to deal with it then some music therapy? ...more

Day Four: I'm Blowing This Popsicle Stand.

So, I quit outpatient therapy. I have it four days. Stays generally range from 5-10 days, so I didn't cut it that short. But I still got released as an AMA (against medical advice). ...more

Day Two: Self-Exploration Through Collage-Making.

So Thursday is Day Two of my Epic Outpatient Adventure (EOA). It starts off more promisingly, as we begin to touch on the concept of dialectical behavioral therapy, which my psychiatrist Dr. P really wants me to get into. But then somewhere around midday it all begins to go awry when once again I find myself in the craft room, being asked to a make collage that "represented myself." ...more