Can I be friends with my therapist?

I recently dropped out of therapy. It wasn't how it sounds. I didn't just decide one day that I was above spilling my problems and decide to withdraw. It followed a logical progression.I was in therapy due to routine enrollment when I used a state-run facility to continue my post-baby anti-depressants. I knew the medication helped me and I was terrified of discontinuing it, and since I found myself without medical coverage about a year after my daughter's birth, the income-based state program was my best option....more

Aspergers in the Saddle

Aspergers in the SaddleToday we are going horse back riding for the 2nd time.  Kaden loves it!!!  Here he is riding for the 1st time.  Normally he has so much anxiety around other people.  And in the begging he was scared hidden behind me.  But, there is something about animals that soothes him.  He seems to focus more and is more willing to take direction or try something new.  Maybe I should keep a horse i the house.  HAHAHAHA...more

Angry Shrink


Cross Post: Getting Shrunk is Okay

I have frequently shared a lot about my therapist and my counseling work. This is for two reasons. First, I was lucky enough (in my opinion) to have found one of the best counselors in the business, and I believe that people can benefit from many of the stories of how she has helped me. The second reason that I am so open about seeing a therapist is to strip the shame that is associated with seeing a mental health professional....more

I Believe, Part Three

I believe that our Childhood holds a key to our adult happiness.I believe that we must face the wounds of childhood and heal our past.I believe in therapy.I believe we can find the Child within and learn to love that Child.I believe we can recovery the joy and spirit of Childhood. I believe that the Spirit is at work in the world but I do not believe that God directly causes good and bad things to happen in everyday life and in Nature, not usually....more
welI - I  BELIEVE that I have discovered a kindred soul ..Somehow I have manged to stumble upon ...more

Responses to Tragedy

This afternoon I was catching up on another episode of Awake (the fourth episode in the series). In this story line Detective Michael Britten interacts in both of his realities with a woman named Kate who babysat years ago for his now teenage son Rex (who is alive in one reality and dead in the other). In both scenarios Kate lost her sister in a surfing accident, but how she copes and deals with her sister's death and what that means for her life is very different in the two realities....more

Dear Dr Romance: I Need a Good Self-Help Book

Dear Dr. Romance: I congratulate you for your many helpful articles on the Internet. I would like to have your advice. I am male and in the last 25 years I had a therapy experience which lasted 3 1/2 years and left me with unresolved issues; shorter therapy experiences with different therapists, which I ended, because it seemed to be prolonged pointless therapy, for the sake of therapy. I am left with frustration from the futility of these experiences....more

My noodle and I

You know of the noodle? The foam rubber long tube thingy that helps you stay afloat in a body of water? You can wrap yourself around it or wrap it around you, all the while holding on for dear life while in a pool. I grew very fond of my noodle while I was undergoing physical therapy, as my therapy was in the pool, my fear is of the pool and my salvation was Mr. Noodle. Of course my noodle was a Mr. - he was a long blue thing that seemed rather masculine to me, so Mr. Noodle it was. Mr....more

The Difference Between Therapists and Blog Readers

Here in our blog world, we do the opposite -- we dissolve those boundaries entirely. We expose our rawest, most intimate feelings to each other. And other bloggers aren't our clients. They're our friends. Sure, we actively grieve our friends' losses, like friends do. But, how about those other bloggers we don't know, on whose blog doorsteps we find ourselves after blog-hopping or at the request of another blogger or through LFCA? You don't have to know these peers of ours to deeply feel the reverb of their stories. ...more
I've learned the signals for when I need to back away from trauma, be it reading one blog, ...more

Rock and/or Roll

My fist rock concert was Def Leppard on their Hysteria tour. I was 13. It was a shocking gift from my dad for my brother's 16th birthday. He drove us and two of my brother's friends across Lake Champlain to the Lake Placid Arena and dropped us off and went in search of a cup of coffee and a newspaper to entertain himself while we rocked out....more