the "instant friend" syndrome

I read something on another list that jogged a memory for me. In line with the concrete thinking that goes with Fetal Alcohol damage is the instant process of "friend-making." Because a child with this sort of damage takes things very literally, if a total stranger says to them, I am your friend, they immediately say, okay. There is no thought or judgment involved as their ability to reason out decisions has been permanantly damaged. They believe anything anyone says to them as law. They have no ability to do anything else. This proved very damaging to a therapist we once had....more

Down Deep


Battling PTSD witih EMDR and Scent Therapy

Here I am again in Dr. White, my Therapist’s home office. It’s a cozy spot full of eclectic pieces from his travels around the world. The carpet has a beautiful Indian print; the house must be at least 100 year old with lovely sweeping balconies which I can see from where I sit....more

I'm currently doing EMDR therapy too, for PTSD from childhood trauma. I'm also 2 1/2 years ...more

Feeling Safe

How does it make you feel?

The title of this post isn't just something that therapists ask ad nauseum (although it does make me chuckle when it happens) -- it's something that we don't often think about in the most literal terms when analyzing our emotions. Generally, when someone asks how something makes us feel, we use adjectives such as sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, afraid, etc. We think in terms of broad emotional categories, the answers we're used to giving in addition to saying our day was fine, our weekend was good, and our workload is busy. But how do you really feel?...more

Therapy, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Conflict, conflict resolution Counseling

Conflict Resolution / Interpersonal Conflict Are you experiencing conflict at work with colleagues, peers, a supervisor? Or at home with family members or with friends?...more

Winter Decorating with More than White

We're expecting our first snow tomorrow night. Large, lovely white flakes. And typically, when you think of winter, you think of those winter whites and gray skies. But just because it's dull and dreary on the outside, doesn't mean it needs to be on the inside. Here are some  bright whites with punch and colors for flash - all perfect for giving your apartment a bit of pizazz this winter season!...more

It's Time for Mind Sweep!

Hey, ladies! Ever feel like your mind is about to explode? Ever feel like writing a post about something you know isn't enough to do a whole post about but it just doesn't fit into the 140 character limits of Twitter? Ever wish you could just start fresh? Come to the first-ever Mind Sweep starting today! Want to know more? Join the fun by clicking here:

Mommy Meditations and Dr. Kerri Parks on ABC7 Eyewitness News: Healthy Living with Denise Dador

Mommy Meditations and Dr. Kerri Parks on ABC7 Eyewitness News: Healthy Living with Denise Dador  ...more