Hosting Detox: 5 Tips to Keep you Fresh..and Sane

So you've hosted Thanksgiving, have you?! You've navigated the guests, the surprises, and the blunders, and also taken joy in the food you've prepared and the joy it brought to others.  And now, expectedly enough, you may be exhausted!  You  may also have a round 2 of hosting duties to prepare for (ie: his side of the family today or tomorrow perhaps?), or you are hosting house guests.  No need to fizzle out. I've found that there are little things I can do to help keep me fresh.. and sound in body and mind. ...more
Thanks for the tip, Robin.  There is a farmer's market nearby that I can get some cheeses, but ...more

Green Halloween

'Tis the season for black, orange and purple but let's not forget about green! While we are prepping for ghouls, goblins and sinful goodies, be sure to try some of these simple green tips so that the rest of the year doesn't become an environmental nightmare!...more
Remember the good old days when you're biggest concern was making sure your kids had a costume ...more

So You're Applying For College

Before I stopped working and became a Stay at Home Mother I worked at a private college straight out of college.  I wanted to share some tips for parents with children who are getting ready for college next year.  I hope that you find something helpful and remember to share with other parents and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  So you're applying for college, here are some great tips for you....more

6 Ways Couponing Can Hurt Instead of Help

There are times in a couponer's life when it's best to just put the coupons down and say, 'No!' Not every coupon you can use is a great deal, and sometimes there are times when it's better to not use a coupon. How do you know when to use coupons and when to close your coupon book? Once you know what to look for, it will come second nature to you. Just keep these helpful tips in mind:...more

Jump Starting Creativity

 “OOOOHhhh, where’d you get that, what is that, that is so freakin cool!”  I should be more modest, but I have to confess:  I’m fabulous.  My clothes, my bags, my jewelry, everything is a triumph of style.  As a fashion plate, I hear this all the time.  Everyone wants to Instagram, Pintrest, or Polyvore my every look…....more

My Pinterest Summer

Summer is nearing its lovely, hot-humid-long, and many-dreary-dark-days end. We are gearing up to the SCHOOL YEAR! This means we see more of his boys and my kids are back from their summer vacation in CA with their dad.To while away the days of (mostly) kid-free weekends, I put together a little Summer Bucket List....more

10 Habits of a Successful BlogHer Attendee

I know I’m only a week out from attending my first ever BlogHer conference and already I’m ready to dole out advice like a seasoned veteran. Hear me out though. I feel like my time in New York City was a complete success. I did the things I wanted to do, I met the people I wanted to meet (and more) and I came home happy and inspired and motivated. Below I’m going to share the ten things I feel led to that feeling of success. Be mindful though that these are not hard and fast rules and what works for me may not work for you....more

On The Road Travel Tips

Since we have driven to Florida almost every year since 2003 for vacation, my family is well versed in the world of “travel by car”.  Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful! Before you leave: ...more

110 Short and Snappy New Solo Business Owner Tips

Woa! Before you scan down the page. This little list is my list. These are my thoughts based on my experiences. I hope you have a very different list, you do don't you? Go ahead and share them in the comments,when you get there. ...more
Ah, love this list- especially the points about not building on someone else's land and taking a ...more

Blogging: What I've Learned So Far - Part 1

 It's been almost a month since I began blogging. In this time, I have learned an abundance of information. I've searched high and low, read well over 500 articles and browsed thousands of blogs. This is what I've learned so far:...more