My Pinterest Summer

Summer is nearing its lovely, hot-humid-long, and many-dreary-dark-days end. We are gearing up to the SCHOOL YEAR! This means we see more of his boys and my kids are back from their summer vacation in CA with their dad.To while away the days of (mostly) kid-free weekends, I put together a little Summer Bucket List....more

10 Habits of a Successful BlogHer Attendee

I know I’m only a week out from attending my first ever BlogHer conference and already I’m ready to dole out advice like a seasoned veteran. Hear me out though. I feel like my time in New York City was a complete success. I did the things I wanted to do, I met the people I wanted to meet (and more) and I came home happy and inspired and motivated. Below I’m going to share the ten things I feel led to that feeling of success. Be mindful though that these are not hard and fast rules and what works for me may not work for you....more

On The Road Travel Tips

Since we have driven to Florida almost every year since 2003 for vacation, my family is well versed in the world of “travel by car”.  Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful! Before you leave: ...more

110 Short and Snappy New Solo Business Owner Tips

Woa! Before you scan down the page. This little list is my list. These are my thoughts based on my experiences. I hope you have a very different list, you do don't you? Go ahead and share them in the comments,when you get there. ...more
Ah, love this list- especially the points about not building on someone else's land and taking a ...more

Blogging: What I've Learned So Far - Part 1

 It's been almost a month since I began blogging. In this time, I have learned an abundance of information. I've searched high and low, read well over 500 articles and browsed thousands of blogs. This is what I've learned so far:...more

Retro Diet: Fewer Calories In, More Calories Burned

 I'm hungry! My stomach is growling and though I love that the numbers on the scale are on a downward trend, I'm still hungry. Losing weight is not easy, I guess that's why so many of us are overweight. I know what the nutritionists, dieticians and health care providers like myself tell you, that it's possible to lose weight and never be hungry, but I don't think that we/they are being 100% totally honest. To lose weight, you're probably going to have to deal with the occassional hunger signals from your stomach and as it turns out, that's a good thing....more
Hi NurseBarb:  Glad to have found you and to have read your post.  The information is applicable ...more

3 Simple Laundry Tips

For some reason I always end up ruining my "cool" clothes. I'm not very stylish. Every time I buy something that approaches being stylish, I ruin it. Well, "ruin" is a relative term...especially since the advent of blogging and Pinterest.So, I decided I was not going to end up trashing the few "cool" clothes I had just because I had "ruined" them somehow. I hopped on the Internet and decided there had to be a way to rescue my poor articles of clothing. Here's what I found. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!...more

Sickness Demons, Be Gone!

I'm so glad I have older kids. I want to start by saying that.I just spent the last 24 hours of my life the sickest I have been since my kids were born. (They are 10 and 7 now, for some reference.)...more
 @tattedmom That made me spit out my coffee!  Very funny.more

How to Teach A Child to Bike

Yesterday we celebrated our first ever family bike ride. And by that, I mean that no child needed training wheels or chose to ride a scooter instead. Woo-hoo Anabelle! You learned to ride a bike! Each child was very different in the learning process....more

Pump Yourself Up

Yes, we know it’s a giant petri dish, Pump It Up. They have one in almost every city. Maybe it goes by a different name in yours. There are HUGE, inflatable slides and obstacle courses. It’s fun, but the pain that comes with it is as bad as paint ball. The bruises still create mounds and welts, black, red and blue to match the décor. ...more