Banana Brûlée with Ice Cream Recipe

… or rather, another non-recipe. Preparing dessert for dinner parties is my sore weakness. I have no problem throwing six savoury courses together but will gladly take up on anyone’s offer to bring dessert. I claim that baking cramps my style but in truth, working with flour, cream, and sugar in exact measurements frightens me....more

With Age Comes....

by Lianne Castelino It still shocks people, even now, even after all this time.   And I am genuinely moved by the reactions - every single time. ...more

Mango Salsa Recipe and How to Choose and Carve a Pineapple

Gracing tables at picnics, potlucks, or barbeques, this sunny summer salsa is always a hit.  This non-recipe is effortless to make too. Save slaving away in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. After all, it’s summer summer summer time....more

Keep Clicking That Camera Button, PhotoHand Will Do the Rest.

At the time when the borderline between professional and amateur photographers is blurring, steps in to fill the gap in the Photography ecosystem by making the last frontier - photography post production - affordable and easily accessible to an average consumer....more

Temper Tantrums What’s A Parent To Do? Self Help Tips


No, there are not any missing tips lol apparently it didn't like the copy and paste from my blog ...more

If you're a new blogger, be aware!

 I wanted to post this up here, because if there are any other newbie bloggers out there ( I'm still a newbie ), then I wanted to inform on what happened to me. I'm a new blogger, and I post up my daily ramblings, recipes, exercises, and other healthy living things. Being that I wanted to control spam commentors on my blog, I made sure to click the moderate comments button, on my blogger. On Thursday evening, after coming home from dinner with my husband, I had a comment from a new reader. This comment looked normal, and said " nice food shared...xD" by a poster named Mr....more

Reading, Writing and ?

by Lianne Castelino My soon-to-be 14-year-old son finished exams yesterday and boy did his parents ever learn a lot! We got quizzed, tested, stumped and were ultimately forced to find the right answer.  The issue is this:  do you know when to allow a child to find answers on their own and when to put that independence on hold, replacing it with parental support? ...more

Don't pick on the condiments,play with them!

  From the month our children were born we started taking them to restaurants and introduced them to the noises and smells of different cultures. As they grew older, as many toddlers and preschoolers they loved sampling the various cuisines; waiting to get the foods, however, was a different matter. Like many their age, they inevitably grew bored of the long wait....more

Potty Training Using Kotter’s 8 Step Change Process

I am in the last week of a masters level class that looks at John Kotter’s 8 step process for leading change in an organization. In this last week, we are reflecting back on what we’ve learned throughout the term....more

Quick Beauty Tips for a Beautiful, But Busy, You!

Making your own bath and body products can be a blast. It's more cost effective than buying everything you need from the store, not to mention a lot of fun. Sometimes though, there's just not enough time to craft our favorite beauty products. So here are a few quick beauty tips and diy recipes that you can create in a minimal amount of time with little to no effort. Stay gorgeous and keep crafting!...more

This post is really great... It's my favorite of the day! My 20 month old has been having some ...more