5 (More) Knitting Tips for Beginners

Looks like it’s time for another of these posts. I’ve been knitting since October and I’m having a lot of success with it. I’ve learned a lot since my last 5 Knitting Tips for Beginners post, but I still have a lot to learn (like switching colors–still not there yet. It’s on the list of things to do as soon as I finish this afghan I’m working on)....more

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Summer

The soaring heat, shining sun and kids running free means summer is finally here! After a brutal winter for most of the nation, the long, warm sunny days are a welcomed change. So much so that most folks will be spending more time outside, celebrating, eating and having a grand old time. But it's easy to overdo it food wise and sun wise. I've compiled some simple tips that will help you survive, and still very much enjoy, summer! Make sure you wear sunscreen!!...more

What's in a Name? mom.NINJA?

There is some exciting news in the land of domains and URLS. The WWW and our friends at GoDaddy have released a whole lot of awesome domain extensions....more

An Awkward Girl’s Guide to Networking

As an awkward girl, networking is the bane of my existence. I really can’t even describe how much I hate it. We’ve already talked about my lack of conversation skills, so the idea of making small talk with a bunch of people I don’t know is just not appealing to me. But with all of that said, networking plays a vital part in surviving today’s society. It can be hard to find a job, friends or even relationships without it....more

I will follow you

Disclaimer: the author of this post cannot be held responsible for making you hum this song for the next few months....more
FascinatedBee  Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I don't exactly know how I did it, but ...more

Turn Your Day Around

“When life brings you lemons, make lemonade.” Throughout the day everyone has encountered problems along the way that can completely alter the rest of your day. You’re moody…stressed out…and just plain tired. We’ve all been there, but somehow we forget how we can turn our day back around. We wanted to give you some positive tips to push you through your negative situations. ...more

The Minimalist Guide To A Good Marriage


How To Garden Even If Your Thumbs Are Dumb


5 Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

I'm most definitely not an expert, and I will never claim to be… but right now, I'm just your friend. Sitting across a cafe table, a couple of steaming cups of our favorite drinks between us like they belong there as the woodgrain of the table top weaves it's way around the base of our mugs. We're sharing stories, exchanging knowing nods and smiles because we've all been there… we still are. We're in the throes of this parenting thing. In the trenches of diapers, picky eaters, potty training. and homework (sometimes, lots and lots of homework)....more

7 Quick Tips to Garden on a Budget

I have some good news and some bad news about gardening. The bad news is that it can cost a fortune to have and maintain a garden… but the good news is that it doesn't have to! One mistake we all make when it comes to our gardens is not having a clear idea of how much we are willing to spend on it. We go into it without having a plan of attack, and end up spending way more than we had originally wanted to. ...more
katespov  that is such a great idea! I haven't ever heard of that before, but it would be ...more