5 Reasons Brands Don't Want To Work With YOU

As a blogger I have fast become accustomed to the whole blogging scene. You can work with brands, run competitions, get paid to blog - whatever.But sometimes, brands will not want to work with you.I know this.I feel your pain.The PR Request hashtag can help you connect with brands, and ask for products. It can also be brutal. You might never get responses - I mean, what more can you do??...more

How Do Personal Trainers Stay Fit?

Who doesn’t want to know how a professional takes care of business?  We've all read the articles: "What Does A Genius Do To Help Remember Important Tasks?" (They apparently focus on one task at a time.) or “What Does Jennifer Aniston Do to Have Sexy, Beautiful Hair?” (She uses "Living Proof," her own haircare line, go figure.) or the most recent one I read: “How Does Oprah Relax?” (She takes Sundays off.) I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years.  During these past two decades, I have helped a lot of people lose weight, get fit, feel better, and live longer. In this time I, myself, have actually gotten leaner and healthier too.  I have a lower body fat percentage at 44 years old than I did when I was 30 (take that middle-age!), and I can still beat people younger than me in a foot race and in the gym – however the recovery time is a tad bit longer than it used to be. These are the top 6 things I do to stay in shape. ...more
GeekFitness Thanks for your feedback - always great to hear from our peers. Glad you enjoyed the ...more

The Career Girl's Survival Guide

This week, I hit the six month mark at my new job. Which also happens to be my first career job. Which also happens to be the first time I have ever worked an 8 to 5 schedule for longer than a summer break....more

What’s Going Down: Where to Go After Work Below 19th Street

You just sent your last work email of the day.Per this afternoon’s GMail chain with your friends, you have been tasked with choosing an after-work destination in Manhattan that fits the following criteria:Ugh. I can’t be in Midtown for one minute longer. I had a late lunch. I’m not THAT hungry.Let’s go somewhere fun with a good scene, that’s not difficult to get into. Time to head to one of these bars below 19th Street:...more

Sure fire Ways to Improve your Canvas Printing Skills

Today, everyone has a chance to test their skills in the art of photography, thanks to the digital world of photography. One of the best ways to display a perfect photo is to print them on canvas. However, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to create the best shots that are attractive enough to be designed and framed.Here are the guidelines you may try.1)      On the quality front ...more

Last Summer Staycation

It's sad, summer is almost over ; ( But Fall is pretty awesome as it brings Halloween, crisp air and lots of pretty colors.But we can still have one last summer blowout this Labor Day weekend! For many who have already started school or are on a budget, getting way out of town might not be an option so I've compiled some fun ways to have fun this last summer weekend in your own hometown!Soak up the fun and sun before it's gone for another year!...more

Why I won't read your blog

These days it seems everyone has a blog. Which is great but it doesn’t mean your blog will be a successful one or you will make money with it. The key to a successful blog is in understanding your niche and audience. Why I Won’t Read Your Blog is an article to help you to stand out in the crowd and to support you with your business goals....more

No More Overdue Books: Getting Digital with Your Local Library

Greetings, Bookworms!I’ve told y’all a time or twelve how much I adore reading on my kindle. (Sorry physical book purists, this post will be of no interest to you. You have my full permission to daydream about unicorns and puppies and singing penguins.) One of the biggest drawbacks for me when I first got the kindle was that I had to pay for all my books. Sure, there were free classics, which is great, but a girl cannot live on classics alone. There are always free titles available too, but the only stuff I wanted to read I had to pay for....more

How To Name Your Book Club

Howdy Bookworms! A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by the fabulous Annabel Smith and she asked what my most popular post of all time was. ...more
LOL, that's fabulous!more