Do you have a child in high school?  It’s time to start thinking about college.  Of course, you’ve been thinking about it ever since that child went to preschool and you started comparing them to other children and worried that every other kid seemed smarter or more athletic than yours.  Perhaps you wondered if it was too early to start freaking out....more
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How to feed the familia quickly so you can get back to your running

Getting food on the table on a daily basis is a struggle in and of itself. Add the challenge of getting it done, plus squeezing in a run or workout and, well, something’s gotta give and often it’s the exercise.Let’s stipulate that we’re all very, very busy.That’s where I come in. In the interest of full disclosure, this chica is blessed that her kids’ abuela makes dinner on weeknights....more

Your Writing Voice is Your Writing Voice

Your writing voice is all about digging into the you that you really sound like and using that to sound your barbaric yawp across the rooftops of the world.How do you know?Because it’s the stuff you care about the stuff you’re nervous about sharing   the stuff you’re scared to show people....more

51 Great Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

I've been blogging for just a little shy of a year now, and there are some things I have picked up along the way. Whether you're thinking of starting your own blog or you have been blogging yourself for a while now, I think there is probably something here for everyone (even if it's just affirmation). Come for the tips, but stay for the tricks to catapult your blog. ...more
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Six Things I Learned in my 1st Year of Blogging

I am learning so much from my friends in the media business who also blog. One of those friends, who is an amazing blogger, is Lauren Smith Berger. Her blog, Working Mom Magic is awesome! Since I’m in my first year, I was dying to read these tips from her and think they are important to share, so here ya go! (…and I am accomplishing #6 right now!) Thanks Lauren!Six Things I Learned in my 1st Year of Blogging...more

5 Tips to succeed with FRANCHISE!

For many, the dream of opening his own company starts with a franchise. Being part of a network can be interesting for first-time entrepreneurs who need support to develop business plans and learn how to run a business....more

Breast Compressions

A breast compression is when you squeeze your boob during a breastfeeding or pumping session, increasing the flow of milk.Imagine a water balloon with a tiny pinhole in it.  At rest, water will slowly drip out of that tiny hole, but when you squeeze, it sprays! That is what a breast compression does: sprays your milk into your baby’s mouth.Breast compressions are one of my most favorite breastfeeding tricks.  It keeps a sleepy baby awake, keeps a lazy baby drinking and speeds up the entire feeding in case you really need to pee....more

6 Tips and Tools to Help Build Your Blog in 2015

Post originally appeard on my blog: here....more

Blogging: How to be Good at it

What makes a good blog? That's the million dollar question hounding bloggers across the globe. Going digital has gone to the next level thanks to blogosphere. A blog is basically a multi utility diary that makes your presence felt, and gives you the space to let the world know what you are thinking (and why) in about 300 words per post (or even more!) So let's find out what makes a blog, really good:...more