SEO Tips For The Work At Home Mom

I have to be honest with you all, I just found out what SEO stood for earlier this year! It stands for Search Enging Optimization (SEO).  I never understood the importance of a few key things to put into place every time I publish a blog post. The internet is an ever changing space and a few things have changed when it comes to getting found online. Now that you work at home and have a website/blog, how do you drive traffic to your site? Here are a few SEO Tips To Follow1. Write intriguing content....more

What I Have Learned (So Far) As An Esthetician

Lately I have have gotten a few emails from estheticians who are just starting out in the field, asking if I have any words of wisdom for them. I figured that must be a sign from above to do a post on the subject. Plus this way I won't have to keep typing the same thing over and over....more

Tips On Saving Money

It is the time of year when people are vacationing and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  If you are one of the lucky people who actually make a lot of money, doing what you love, then great for you.  If you are like the majority of people who are just getting by then an exotic trip may not be feasible…but wait, here is where we come in.  We have compiled a quick list of ways to save money so that you can plan a fabulous getaway next year....more

Make up tips for the first date

You’ve been finally asked to go out on a date with the boy of your dreams! You want to leave the best possible impression on him? You can achieve it effortlessly by following our tips below....more

11 Blogging mistakes

I read a good article today called, 11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time on reading it I could identify with some of the mistakes, not too many of them I hope! The article is aimed more at commercial blogs but its well worth a read....more


Soon we will be traveling, cooking and gathering, all in the name of the Thanksgiving holiday. From the meal to the holiday shopping to the last leftover, as a nation we will be consuming and spending like nobody's business. And while we must take this weekend for holiday fun and tradition, we really must remember that Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and being grateful for what we have. And what we all have is a great planet and resources that we need to protect so this coming Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to go green. ...more

How to Survive Teething

Teething is the bane of my current existence. Cranky baby during the day, short or no naps and very little sleep at night. H got her first tooth at 4.5 months, S and I were quite surprised. H barely showed any signs of teething at all, we thought to ourselves “Hurray! We have a baby whom teeth will not be an issue!”Nay my friends, nay....more

Moving Days 1 & 2

 I am not a fan of moving or packing. It is exhausting and not really all that fun. I've had two days of moving so far and if I'm being honest I am over it. Haha. I still have all my big furniture left; the bed, desk, dresser and book shelf. But I have moved all of my bathroom stuff, clothes and all of my little knick knacks/ decor items. ...more

Long Run Tips

Long runs can be daunting. Waking up on a precious weekend morning at 6 AM while the rest of the world is sleeping can be tough. But getting home 3 hours later knowing you've already run 18 miles is a great way to start the day....more