Top 10 Writing Tips from the Desk of Virginia Woolf

Here you go - 'Top 10 Writing Tips from the Desk of Virginia Woolf'! Share this infographic with the world and get some points to your karma ;) Source: Writing consultant and blog editor at Essaymama...more
Brilliant, timeless advice! Thank you. I enjoyed this!more

My Tips on Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

It's been about two and half years since my little monster came into this world and I stopped working. Although technically I never stopped working, I just started doing another job. Let's just get that out now, the women (and hey, there are men out there too and that's being dang awesome too) who stay at home with kids aren't exactly doing nothing all day long....more

A cure for Canker Sores {right in your kitchen}

I am the queen of canker sores! I usually get them because of my darn sweet tooth. I love sugary candies and fruit. If I eat too much of either a canker sore forms. It's the worst too. You can eat or drink anything with out irritating  it.  I have a cure for you though, and it's something right from your kitchen. Check out my tip on the blog today! ...more

How NOT to Make Money Writing

You want to make money writing. Specifically, you want to make money writing content. That's EASY to do. Everyone wants content, so content buyers are everywhere. A couple of days ago I received an email message from a content writer. The message provides a great example of what NOT to do to make money writing content. ...more

SEO for Bloggers in 5 easy Steps

Last night I participated in my very first Blogger Pow Wow, which also was my first group google hangout ( something else I think I need to get a better handle on).  It is so very cool to actually meet with other bloggers even if only on-line....more


Do you have a child in high school?  It’s time to start thinking about college.  Of course, you’ve been thinking about it ever since that child went to preschool and you started comparing them to other children and worried that every other kid seemed smarter or more athletic than yours.  Perhaps you wondered if it was too early to start freaking out....more
My son could have used that op-ed idea, though it would have been pulling teeth to get him to ...more

How to feed the familia quickly so you can get back to your running

Getting food on the table on a daily basis is a struggle in and of itself. Add the challenge of getting it done, plus squeezing in a run or workout and, well, something’s gotta give and often it’s the exercise.Let’s stipulate that we’re all very, very busy.That’s where I come in. In the interest of full disclosure, this chica is blessed that her kids’ abuela makes dinner on weeknights....more