Do you have any Disney World Tips?

We’re going to Disney World!!!!!Can you feel my excitement? It is directly proportionate to the amount of exclamation points I use.So yeah, there is a lot of excitement!!!...more

Special Moments

I have been teaching my son lately to be gentle with me. He has a habit of getting excited and smacking people and animals, so I've had to teach him to be gentle because if not he gets scratched by the cat or people will get hurt. Lately he's been coming up to me and caressing my face how I've been teaching him and it's sweetest thing in the whole world....more

Toddler Fun: Moving to a Big Boy Bed

It seems like just yesterday that I told you all how we decided to move Jack from his crib to his toddler bed last June.  After stressing about the change, it turned out to be totally uneventful with Jack happily making the switch.It was totally fine for months too, until a few weeks ago. For some reason Jack started going through some hard-core separation anxiety from me and getting him to go to bed suddenly became a 2 hour long event....more

Why I love my toddler's wild hair

 “What are you going to do about your daughter’s hair?”...more
Thanks Denise!  I love it... :)more

I normally don't talk about poop

I should probably start this story by telling you that Jack is not a traveling pooper. In his almost three years of life, I’ve only had to deal with him pooping outside the home (or daycare or Mimi’s house) three times. Ever. Not really sure why, but I’ve just been pretty lucky that it hasn’t really been an issue.I guess the kid just likes his privacy....more

Reviewing the Kiddy World Plus Car Seat

{Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Kiddy USA; however they did provide me with a car seat to test and review. All thoughts, inappropriate blurting out of the word ‘penis’ and overuse of exclamation points are my own.}Okay guys, I haven’t really written about kid product stuff in a really long time, but I just HAVE to share this with you all in case you’re in the market for a car seat. I was recently sent a Kiddy World Plus Car Seat to try out and I’m in LOVE with it....more

If you're debating between half-day and full-day preschool, read this

If you've been debating whether to put your child in preschool, or whether to do it part-time or full-time, read on. New research indicates that full-day preschool is associated with increased readiness for kindergarten.In this study, the researchers looked at 982 predominantly minory 3- and 4-year-olds in 11 Chicago child-parent centers that run both PT (3 hours/day) and FT (7 hours/day) programs.The full-day kids were 4 years old for this study.The results after a year were that the full-day kids had higher scores in 6 subcategories compared to the part-day kids:...more

YouTube music videos about trucks: the soundtrack of my life

Having children shakes up your life. Beyond the great identity-shifting that is new parenthood, a more gradual adjustment occurs in the scenery of life: the food we eat, the hours we keep, the music we listen to. As my children grow from newborn to infant to toddler and beyond, as they develop their own schedules and personalities and likes and dislikes, the changes in the details grow more pronounced. The days of cooking complicated meals and eating at 7:00 are gone; now it’s mac and cheese with steamed veggies at 5:30....more
I had no idea this existed and really wish I had -- my grandson LOVES trucks (and planes and ...more

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Through The Eyes Of A ChildPosted on November 11, 2014by ...more

Pet Peeve: Daycare Upselling

I love our son’s daycare, I really do. He goes two days a week and his teacher is fantastic. She’s the exact right mix of super sweet and on top of things. I’m incredibly impressed how she somehow manages to have her entire class adore her AND keeps a group of 2 year olds under control. I actually feel like Jack learns something new every single day that he attends, which is great!...more
JoulesDellinger I think at a certain price point that may be true, and yours does seem to be ...more