Me and my little shadow

I was looking through our family photo albums when my son plopped himself into my lap. (Full disclosure: I love that he still does that.) He was about three years old in that particular album and as we looked through the photos and I told him stories, I realized how much time he spent following me around. If I was in the kitchen, he was there. If I went into the laundry room, he was there. If I went on any chore, he was there. I recall wondering if my privacy and sanity were ever going to return....more

Ending the Bedtime Battle

Ending the…...more

How My Toddler Has Changed the Way I Travel

Traveling with a toddler changes the way you travel for many obvious reasons. I can forget about staying in hostels, late nights at pubs and jam packed itineraries; and honestly, I could care less about the way I used to travel.Traveling with my almost 2-year old has changed the way I travel for the better and I am never looking back....more

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I’ve most certainly written about how much stuff we have in our home and wondered if I could live in a tiny house.  I know the answer is no, but for the desire for simplicity and the ease of cleaning, I’m still daydreaming....more

When Two Become Three: New Additions and New Emotions

When Two Become Three...more

6 Things That Smell Just Like Motherhood

Having been a mom for a little while now, I consider myself an expert on the subject of stink.  ...more

No Shame in my Crying Game

Today my toddler made me cry in the grocery parking lot. I had reached my breaking point after a string of unfortunate events in the aisles, none of which are too interesting. But the series finale included her throwing her Elmo figurine at the poor elderly man in the checkout line. He was just trying to help me pick up my dropped juice pouches. So for aiding the enemy, he got an Elmo straight to the face.  ...more

Toddlers & Bra-Fittings

It was that time of year again. My bras were beginning to let the team down and showing serious signs of wear and tear. So I bravely faced the Bra Fitting. I decided to wait until I was visiting my parents as I could rope in my own mother to help mind the tiny lady. She has been quite calm these days (for a toddler) and I didn't really expect any bother but still it would be foolish not to plan ahead for contingencies (toddler meltdown caused by tiredness, hunger, general just-being-a-toddler). ...more

The Mystery of the Sea

This morning we decided to go and collect some sea-shells. My ultimate aim is to paint these shells gold and silver and perhaps make a little jewellery box. But, as I’m not the most crafty at the best of times, this may or may not happen. I’m sure the shells will be painted and an attempt may be made at the jewellery box but I imagine the image in my head will be nothing like the reality!...more