Toddlers & Bra-Fittings

It was that time of year again. My bras were beginning to let the team down and showing serious signs of wear and tear. So I bravely faced the Bra Fitting. I decided to wait until I was visiting my parents as I could rope in my own mother to help mind the tiny lady. She has been quite calm these days (for a toddler) and I didn't really expect any bother but still it would be foolish not to plan ahead for contingencies (toddler meltdown caused by tiredness, hunger, general just-being-a-toddler). ...more

The Mystery of the Sea

This morning we decided to go and collect some sea-shells. My ultimate aim is to paint these shells gold and silver and perhaps make a little jewellery box. But, as I’m not the most crafty at the best of times, this may or may not happen. I’m sure the shells will be painted and an attempt may be made at the jewellery box but I imagine the image in my head will be nothing like the reality!...more

Can a 3 Year Old Be an A**hole?

I hope I offend at least a few people with my well-thought-out title. ...more

Mama, It’s Time to Let Go Now...

Recently, my daughter turned two and is now enrolled in preschool. (Insert big sigh of worry here.) I knew it was something I had to eventually do, but I was convinced that I could keep pushing it off. She’s been at her home daycare for nearly two years....more

Surviving International Flights with a Toddler

Recently, we returned from a whirlwind trip to the US from Sydney, including two international flights with a toddler(15 and 17 hours, respectively) with two short (2.5 hours) flights between them. Two weeks later, we flew to Tassie (1.5 hours each way) for a week-long trip. That's a grand total of 40 hours of flight time, in one month, with a very mobile and sociable 14 month old....more

Don't Believe My Facebook/Instagram Life

We are all guilty of it. I'm guilty of it. All the time. Looking at all of your Facebook and Instagram posts (friends and celebrities included), overcome with jealousy that your life raising tiny humans looks way more glamorous and so much easier than mine. Especially when you post those family photos and definitely when you post the ones from vacation. I swear if you go by Facebook and Instagram, everyone takes these amazing, easy vacations with their little ones but me. And they all love it....more

To the awkward moms at social gatherings: You're not alone

As originally published on Sammiches and Psych MedsTo that mom sitting in the corner at the birthday party at the bounce house, I see you.I know that you’re not trying to hide from fellow mommies or avoid conversation. I know what it’s like to be out of your element. I get that small talk is a weakness and that it affects your self-esteem. Trust me when I say I’m right there with you....more

10 Ways to Battle a Tantrum

I have two boys under the age of 4, so tantrums are a way of life for us. It can be quite difficult dealing with them, but we've learned 10 good tips to help battle them and keep you sane at the same time....more

Mom Arms as featured on Mamalode

 Via Mamalode “Pick me up!” my toddler demands as we stand in one of the many lines at Disneyland. “Please just stand still, B,” I beg. “We’re almost there,” I lie. “Mama, pick me up!” she demands louder this time.&nbs...more

Called Un-napped

Yesterday was a pretty intense all around day for me.I had to take several deep breaths almost like hyperventilating breaths, but I was trying to keep my cool....more