Called Un-napped

Yesterday was a pretty intense all around day for me.I had to take several deep breaths almost like hyperventilating breaths, but I was trying to keep my cool....more

Tot School: Fall Theme!

For the 4 season themes - I planned to do them on the week of that season change. I was so excited for this theme and Josiah liked it a lot better than I expected him to! This was another one that I found tons of activities for. I tried not to make it too close to what our Thanksgiving theme will be, so we focused on the season/weather changes, the changing and falling leaves, and the harvest....more


Looking for something crafty to do with your toddlers favorite scribbles? There are a lot of ideas floating around out there for upcycling, here is something a little different for you to ponder :) Scribbles=Art...more

Europe with a toddler: 15 things I wish I knew beforehand

 "So, you want to bring your kid to Europe for a one month vacation extravaganza. Sounds like fun. You're nuts." (insert eye roll)...more

'Don't Do It': The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week

Time again for the weekly feature that is the wit and wisdom of a two year old. Namely, The Toddler. Without further ado, here is the tiny lady herself:1. On being melodramatic Silly Mummy is committing the heinous crime of moving a stuffed toy half a metre. The Toddler is running behind Silly Mummy, making an Oscar bid in the category of Best Toddler in a Complete Overreaction: 'Come back! Don't do it! DON'T DO IT!'2. On non sequiturs...more

Play a Game of Guess What Film the Toddler Is Talking About

The Toddler has taken a sudden interest in watching films. She has not, however, taken an interest in what films are actually called. The Toddler has developed a couple of alternative methods for identifying the film she wants to watch. The first is to point at random unrelated pictures on the TV, or indeed at the blank TV screen, and shout, 'Want to watch that one! No, not that one! No! Want to watch the one.' This method does not have a high success rate. The other method is offering descriptions of what she considers to be salient points of the film. ...more

Conversations With The Baby

The Baby has made the effort to join in the conversation between The Toddler and Silly Mummy (not to mention, debated with parrots). The Toddler therefore decides to return the favour. She will chat with The Baby about what The Baby wants to talk about. She will use The Baby's native tongue, Garble (a beautiful and nuanced language, for those who don't know)....more

The Toddler Has Left the Building

The Toddler has left the building. Actually, she hasn't. The door is locked. But she has announced her intention to leave, said her goodbyes, packed a bag. Or, at least, picked up a toy kettle and a wooden triangle. Or put an envelope on her head as a hat. That happened. ...more