Ways To Discard Old Toys

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Memories: Wooden Nesting Dolls

As a young child, I used to love playing with my dad's aunt's set of wooden nesting dolls.  Years later, when some of her belongings were being distributed among family, my dad tried to get those dolls for me, knowing I had a fond memory of them.  Unfortunately, they had been claimed before he could get them, so he happened on a new set somewhere and bought them for me....more

How About Cleaning Toys This Way?

Make time for kids!Buying toys is not an end to itself. There is so much more that comes into the picture. Maintaining and cleanliness is one such aspect of it.Some quick tips to all the parents, to keep their kids toys clean and tidy-...more

Easy ways to organize your kids toys

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3 Annoying Toys My Toddler Loves

When I was pregnant, everybody was so busy laughing at how I would never get sleep again that they forgot to warn me about how annoying toys are. Toys are great when you’re a kid playing with them, but when you are the parent replacing batteries, gluing parts back together again, or unexpectedly stepping on something toys cease to be fun.I challenged myself to select three, ONLY three, toys my toddler loves that really frustrate, annoy, and torture me....more

Leave Barbie in the Pink-Ness

Barbie and I had to have a talk this morning, she was very nervous about losing her pink kingdom.  Why?  We heard about this “Let Toys Be Toys” campaign that encourages toy stores not to continue in “gender marketing”, i.e....more

The top 5 of my Mother Go to Hell List

The Top 5 on my Motherhood Go to Hell List   There are just some things as a mother, especially those "kid" things that you didn't realize would quite annoy you so much until you had kids....more

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Toys That “DO” and Toys That Don’t

Have you ever thought if there is a connection between Toys that do a lot and your child not doing much? As a mother when I see my child playing, with a toy or any object that she is pretending to be a toy – I almost always wonder what’s going on in her mind. What is she thinking or imagining....more
I completely agree. I get so tired of "mommy this needs batteries" LIke REALLY? Can't it just ...more