Noise pollution right here at home

Oh my god. The noise. Make it stop.It's not that my son has noise-making toys that he likes to play with. I don't mind that. Or at least, I wouldn't mind it (much) if only he'd play with just one at a time....more

The Uprising: When Toys Come to Life

The toys are trying to kill me. I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered the source of all the mysterious bruises that keep appearing on my legs. Also, I may have a broken toe. I was sitting alone on my couch this evening, minding my own business, quietly typing away on a brilliant blog post for you. Only the living room lights were still on -- the rest of the house was dark. I thought it would just be a quiet night to sit back, write, and enjoy a nice glass of the Pinot Noir Aunt Stephanie provided as a distraction for gifting the muppets two Power Wheels. ("Do not try to drive over your brother!") I heard a slight buzzing noise behind me. I turned, slowly, as the rattling grew louder....more
Working at a preschool about killed me.more

Lego Thinks Girls and Boys Can't Play Together

Oh, Lego. Please don't make me hate you....more
It blows my mind that some people don't see Lego as a girl's toy. Do you know how much time I ...more

3 Must Have Kids Toys

   I am a meticulous shopper. I do all my research before buying anything, and I  put a lot of thought into my purchases. The following three items are absolute must haves for a toddler.  Some kids recieved these for the holidays. But in the event your little one missed out, you can still make it up....more

A Toy's A Toy

A Toy's A Toy I know at last what distinguishes man from animals: financial worries.  ~Romain Roland...more

The Dreaded Post Christmas Cleanup

 After the last of the wrapping paper was scrapped and the boxes tossed out, I lined toys up ag...more
@uhlsvancity reminds me of my little sistermore

A Boy's View of "Girl" Toys

In my book I stress the importance of talking to children about the gender messages in the media they see, and I practise what I preach.Every year at this time I look at the toy catalogues that enter our house and I talk to my older son about them. (I haven’t yet started this practice with my younger son, but I will soon.)I asked my son to look at the toys on the pages marked “Girls” in the most recent Toys R Us catalogue. I’m sharing his 9-year-old perspective because I found it interesting....more

Toy Advertising & Gender Messages: Two Retailers Offer A Study in Contrasts

Here is what I learned from the Toys R Us Biggest Toy Book that arrived in our newspaper a few weeks ago:...more

The Great Pre-Holidays Toy Purge of 2011 Made Me Weepy

Both of my sons have had birthdays in the past week. Between the presents my husband and I gave them, a joint birthday party with friends bearing gifts and the inevitable toy avalanche known as grandparents, it’s safe to say we are drowning in toys. With Christmas now less than one month away, I thought it would be a good thing if we cleaned out the toy box. (Of doom. That’s how I refer to it: The toy box of DOOM.) Surprisingly, the boys were eager to lend a hand this year....more
We do this twice a year and it does bring a little twinge. Not so much anymore, but when the ...more

Top Gifts for Boys of All Ages This Year

If you have a boy on your holiday shopping list and you feel stumped, don’t worry. I’m here with a list of ideas for gifts for boys anywhere from newborn to college-aged. Whether he’s still playing pat-a-cake or multi-player first person shooter games on XBOX, there’s a gift on here for him. I’ve rounded up some of the newest and hottest gifts for boys* this season and put them all in one list for you. You’re welcome!...more
I can't believe you suggested Modern Warfare? Totally violent and unacceptable for any age in ...more