And the winner is ..........

Hurray! I had being trying to get hold of my illusive chum, Clare, from the blog 'Yes, His Name is Gary', so that she could judge the caption competition. And yesterday I finally succeeded. Turns out that she had been catching rays and quaffing cocktails by her Florida pool. And then in order to destress, she went and had her nails done again. Workshy wombat. And in case you were wondering who she is, I have included a photograph for you. ...more

Just because the ad says “Declutter”...

I find it very frustrating when companies try to jump on board with New Year's Resolutions people make to “get organized” or “declutter”. Granted, there are very handy tools that can help get organized, namely file folders, shelving, etc but at the end of the day, you cannot organize can only get rid of it. Getting rid of it could include either giving it to other family members (it becomes their storage “problem” then, right?), to charity, recycle it, or throw it away....more

Some great ideas Bev! Thanks for sharing!


Toy safety is a top concern for all parents

Parents know how to protect children from dangers like small toys that can be choking hazards and dangling, frayed electrical cords that can cause shock. But what about the dangers you can't see, like lead in the paint of brightly colored blocks or the chemicals in a plastic sippy cup? Here are the latest toy safety guidelines you should be aware of....more

Toddler Tricks - 22

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  You bought a few toys for your children.  You lovingly picked them from the shelf and looked forward to the absolute bliss that would surely encompass their little faces the moment they saw them.  You bring home the presents, crackle open the bag, remove them from their cardboard encasements.  And your children hate them.  I don't know about you, but presents in this house are almost always a letdown.  As if the babies were better off before....more

Dear Santa: A Parent's Un-wish List

Dear Santa, Some time in the next few days, you will receive a letter detailing an extensive list of wishes from my children. Before acting on it in any manner, please carefully consider my preemptive list of un-wishes. ...more

My son received the game Battleship for Christmas. I've already lost count of how many of those ...more

Ten Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls

When shopping for my kids this year, I was amazed at the kids' aisles of toys. It's the same thing. Boys' toys are all about building, creating, battling, teaching assertiveness and using intelligence. The girls' toys are all about teaching them nurturing and homemaking, beauty and vanity. And I am just appalled by these toys and the meanings behind them. Here is a list of toys that will foster personal growth, curiosity, intelligence, and creativity you can share with your favorite girls this Christmas. ...more

Thanks, KathyKate,

Yes, they're set up for boys -- these toys -- and so girls don't get them. ...more

Mom Sues McDonald's Because Her Children Keep Nagging Her for Happy Meals

From A woman is suing McDonald's because she claims her children are nagging her constantly for Happy Meals in order to get the toys inside. Monet Parham, a 41- year-old mother who works for the state of California is suing the fast food giant, saying that McDonald's has infiltrated her childrens' minds.  “"We have to say no to our kids so many times and McDonald's makes that so much harder to do....more


We weren't even in the humongous box store five minutes when I felt a tug on my hoodie sleeve.  I smiled down at my five-year-old son."Yes?""Mom?  The clues for the Easter basket scavenger hunt.  They were made on a computer."I raised an eyebrow.  "And?"...more

Terrific Holiday Gifts for Kids With Special Needs

Our family's holiday traditions include: nightly panic over conjuring surprises for the 24 tiny drawers in my kids' advent box, sending holiday postcards weeks after Christmas to a random one-third of the folks we love -- and answering queries from family and friends about holiday gifts for Leo, our ten-year-old son with autism. ...more
It was recently reported that 1 in 8 children will be affected by autism. A friend of mine is ...more

Too Many Toys: Tips for Buying the “Safest” Toys & Checking for Recalls

Child Psychology In Reverse Two years ago, I bought the book "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon, thinking it would be a good way to start a dialogue on giving away toys that aren't played with anymore. Wrong....more