13 Italian Superstitions

I have lived in Italy for most of my adult life and it always amazes me how superstitious the Italians are. A few, but not all superstitions even have a remedy. Just don’t do these things or you may have bad luck!1. It is bad luck to walk under a ladder. If you are climbing up a ladder and your foot slips you will soon be married. If you are climbing down the ladder and your foot slips you will lose money....more

Fall means all things apple

Nothing feels more like fall in Michigan than apple orchards and cider mills. The smell of donuts, the crisp feel to the air, the tractor rides, the unpredictable weather--it's all symbolic of the changing seasons....more

Starting Holiday Traditions From Nothing.

In a few weeks my first grandchild will be born.  This got me thinking about holiday traditions.  Or I should say my lack of family traditions.Unlike most people, my family had no traditions for Christmas. I grew up without all the wonderful yearly mileposts like birthdays and holidays.  My family were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Which meant we didn’t do anything to make ourselves feel special....more

13 Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions to Start Right Now!

As Christmas is fast approaching the holiday events are getting underway. Gunnar and I were looking around our new city of Indianapolis to find events that we want to participate in. I noticed one thing, the festivities really centered around having small children. We don’t have small children yet but I didn’t want that to stop us from participating in holiday....more

Holiday Blues

The holiday season is upon us my friends....more
FlightScarlet Thanks for the advice. Being so far away from family is difficult. Last year the ...more

Our Holiday Traditions

The Thanksgiving holiday is just a few short weeks away.  Our mailbox today filled with catalogs to tempt even the most modest gift buyer!...more

Creating Family Traditions is a Bad Idea

Hey, you, over there, taking the photos of your lil’ punkin in the pumpkin patch, put down the camera and step away from that cute family moment.I’m doing you a favor here. You may think that this is the beginning of a great family tradition that will last a lifetime but really you are merely starting down a path that will lead to pain and misery.Seriously....more

What My Kids Said When I Asked If They Think We Are a Happy Family

 The other day, I asked my children a Very Important Question."Do you think we have a happy family?"(Insert holding breath.)After several interminable seconds, my offspring--one teen daughter and one tween daughter--got back to me. Actually, they looked at me incredulously.Then they both said, "Of course. Why would you even ask?"Well.That's a relief....more
omega perire Thank you so much! I'm hanging onto these habits for dear life now that there is A ...more

What it means to be a lady

I’ve been reading the book Bringing up Girls by Dr. James Dobson, which focuses on raising a daughter that is healthy, happy, secure in her identity and prepared to face the challenges that young woman face today.  It’s a Christian-based book and has some really great lessons that I wish I’d been taught as a young girl....more