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New Year’s Day – New Beginnings All Around

I have never really celebrated New Year’s Eve. I mean, I did in my high school years and a little bit of the college years but that’s it. I was always in the restaurant business which meant that on New Year’s Eve, I was working. And that was okay with me… what better way to spend your night than making money off people who would either not remember the night before or regret the fact that they could? Not celebrating “amateur night” to bank some major coin always seemed okay in my book.My love for New Year’s Day actually came from those years....more

A year gone by

New Year’s Eve five years ago, Neil proposed to me.  He popped the question, I said yes, and three hours later he was flying in the air back to England where he worked at the time.For the four years of our marriage that followed we spent each New Year’s Eve reminiscing about the year gone by. Although we endured many struggles in our brief time together, our recollections always seemed to fall on the side of gratitude as we looked back over the year as a whole....more
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Happy Christmukkah

 ‘Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, not a person was stirring…because we weren’t there.  Instead we were off celebrating Hanukkah.As a Christian, a confused, seeking, Christian who is trying to understand the context of my faith and separate fact from fiction, I’ve found my faith seemingly more relevant the more integrated in Judaism it becomes.  Jesus, the central figure of Christianity, after all, was Jewish.  Christianity, the way I see it, is Judaism extended....more
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The Piper Christmas Tree

The Piper Christmas Tree  Remember Aunt Heather, make the tree happy and then it will make you happy~ Kyle Piper 12/2011...more

Christmas McMuffin

Some people wake up on Christmas morning to the smells of a giant Christmas bruch. Other's make homemade cinnamon buns straight from the oven.  Other probably starve themselves until the turkey is ready....more
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New traditions are good, too

Originally posted at: http://damagedcalm.wordpress.comThe holidays are all about tradition in my family. We visit one grandmother at one very specific time and the other side of the family at another. We eat the same dinner, play the same games, exchange the same gifts, tell the same stories. There’s something comforting about going into an evening knowing exactly what to expect, I suppose. But what happens when time or distance or circumstances threatens these traditional activities?...more

I choose Santa

Santa image courtesty of bjmcdonald on FlickrI  Do you believe?...more
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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Season

When we look back on our fondest memories of Christmas past, it is probably not the perfectly trimmed tree and beautifully wrapped gifts that we most remember. It is rather those joyously happy, splendidly unplanned moments that were ripe with laughter (or tears,) family, friends and fun. It is the time spent helping others, connecting with those we love and embracing the good cheer of the festivities....more

You Lied About Santa??

When I was a little girl, I remember the exact moment I discovered Santa was not flesh and blood. We lived in Phoenix at the time, and I got up late one Christmas Eve for one reason or another. As I was walking down the hallway toward the living room, I heard my parents discussing which presents were going to be wrapped from them and which ones were from  "Santa." I remember being very upset and I came around the corner, much to my parents surprise and cried " You lied about Santa? I'll never believe you again."  ...more