Autumn Flavors

So, this is post 2 for NaBloPoMo and since I'm not sure how to relate "fall" at this time of night (or morning to be exact), I'm going with the prompt for flavor(s)....more


Tonight my mom messaged me on Facebook to tell me a hillarious story. Paige, my eldest daughter is visiting her and dad in California. Here is the initial message:"paige and I are so bored we are messaging each other......I am in bedroom and she is in living

Being An Atheist

I've thought about this post for well over a week. I had a quite disappointing and painful experience with someone, who basically told me that I was a bad person because I didn't believe in the Christian god. First I just brushed it off, but soon I noticed that I actually did hurt. ...more

New Year's Resolutions: My Family's Story of Torture

In two days on Christmas 2012 I'll be at my moms house. Me and my family will do the customary exchange of gifts, eat a fabulous dinner and finish with dessert: left over cookies and cakes served the night before at my cousins house. Everyone is relaxed. The stress of shopping, wrapping, hiding presents is over. After two days of celebrating Christmas Eve and Day, we're all kind of talked out. I have the kind of family that can endure silence. Small talk. We watch the kids play with there presents which tire us out. Round two of eating commences....more

Ornament Tradition for the Kids

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmFor those of you with little kids, here's a Christmas tradition that we've been carrying on since ours were knee-high.We kinda like it, and you may, too.Each year, Santa puts an ornament in their stocking. Some years they've been higher quality ornaments, and other years they've been cheaper, it doesn't much matter.Santa always puts their name and the year on the bottom of the ornament, so they don't get them mixed up in later years....more

Christmas Traditions

This time of year presents itself with many traditions for our family. One tradition we have is to go visit Santa with our best friends. We’ve been going to the local mall together for the past six years. When the kids were little, my friend and I would take the kiddos first thing when the mall opened during the week. We were able to avoid lines and the kids were usually in pretty goods moods....more

Creating a Tradition of Good Deeds on Birthdays

I believe in Karma....more

Magic Pockets: The Little Joys We Bring Our Kids

When I was three, my favorite dress was “the dress with the magic pockets.” It was homemade -- of course -- in a cotton print, and my sister had a matching one. Each dress had two patch pockets, and every time my mother dressed me in it, I would find a marshmallow in one of the pockets. This delighted me, I think, more than it did Susan; I had an insatiable sweet tooth....more
This piece of writing and this piece of parenting just combined to make something beautiful. ...more

Lost Traditions

I'm a pretty old-fashioned girl.  Not I do have an independent streak a mile wide!  But there are some things I do that are a throwback to another time.I enjoy needlework.  I crochet, cross-stitch, needlepoint, hook rugs, and make jewelry.  I enjoy giving something to a friend that I've made with my own two hands.  On a quiet evening at home, sitting with a project brings me contentment....more
 @Jerrilynn I think it's a beautiful gesture. Happy Mother's Day! Fondly, Robinmore

Mother’s Day Heirlooms

I have mentioned several times before how I love to incorporate traditions to help establish our family legacy. However, Mother’s Day seems to cause a hiccup. This year instead of staying in pity party mode for my own inequities of this day, I have decided to establish a plan (of course) to make Mother’s Day a lasting legacy in our home....more