Nonverbal Assessments Should Be Used to Identify Gifted Students

The field of gifted education exists basically to guarantee the creation and continuation of exceptional projects for gifted students. These students have notable particular needs, none of which is more critical in the educational context than the requirement for separated educational module. Separated educational module requires the production of in any event semi-isolated gifted curriculum named, if certainly, all things are considered....more

Opening doors for Afghan women

Crossposted from UN Women. The path to economic empowerment for Afghan women remains riddled with discrimination, violence and unequal access to opportunities. The biggest hurdle in front of them are negative perceptions and stereotypes. A programme by UN Women provides skills training and internship opportunities to young women graduates to kick-start their careers. ...more

Training Through Injury

I found out at the end of last year that I had been chosen to be a product tester for a new resistance activewear company called Physiclo.  They were doing a research study to see if wearing their product while training helped athletes to improve their personal best times in the half marathon and full marathon. I was beyond excited when they chose me to be one of the participants. ...more

pie lattes

Well hel-a-freaking-lo. A big ol' MY B for zero posts last week.  Oh, what's that? You didn't even notice....more

Time Management Tips for Race Training

MeganT I never heard of that app!  I use Nike+ and Runkeeper - thanks for the tip!more

MyDogLikes: Top 5 Benefits of Dog Agility

After earning his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification a couple months back, our little wiggle butt puppy expressed some serious interest in taking an agility class....more

Riding with Intention.

 Does anyone think they can hide their feelings from their horse? Even for a minute?...more


It's been just over a month since the marathon, and contrary to what more experienced marathoners have promised, I am not laboring under any kind of "runner's amnesia."I am still quite adamantly opposed to running another 26.2 miles. Ever.I guess it's a case of "know thyself."And I know, quite certainly, that my marathon experience was a bucket list kind of thing.But that's not to say my experience didn't lead to a big breakthrough.Huge, actually....more