{Weekly Training Recap}: So many fun visitors

What a week! There was so much going on, mostly all fun with just a bit of stress. It all affected my workouts a little bit, but was totally worth it. Before, I go into the recap of my workouts, I’m going to give you a little peak into my awesome week.The good: Kyle’s fam-bam came to visit. His parents, 2 sisters, and niece all braved the 12 hour drive (that turned into a 16 hour drive because of a flat tire) down to see us for a... To keep reading, click on over to my blog at...more

The As-If Rule.


Can you have success as a failure?

Why go to graduate school? To win a Nobel Prize one day? You like the work (me)? Someone has offered you a position (Paid to learn – great!)?...more

Running 101: by a non-expert runner

There are many women like me. Maybe some men as well.We were athletic in our youth and then odd things called life, children, work, laziness, and excusitis crept in. One day (technically it takes more than one day, but it’s like we’re hypnotized until something shakes sense back to our brains) we wake up a little flabby and running up a flight of stairs to break up a sibling smack down is the most exercise we get all week....more

Cheer up! It’s all your fault.

We’ve all been there: Schooling our horse, asking for something, but not getting the right answer. We try one thing and then another, the work is sticky so we try a bit harder. At the same time, the horse feels a bit more resistant.“This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.”  -Dorothy Parker....more

Back to School Time.

 It’s that time again- the sun’s a bit late in the morning. Geese are starting migration and horses are growing hair. School buses are out in full force....more

Is My Horse Suitable for Dressage?

 The 2012 Summer Olympics concluded this week....more

The Toronto Women’s Run, and other signs that I’m nuts

It’s now the final countdown to the ½ marathon that I’m running at the end of May and I’ve made some drastic decisions.To start with…umm…I’m running 21.1 freaking kilometers. So that’s pretty drastic. If you sense a note of panic creeping into my tone, you’re freaking right. Holy freak!Now that my breakdown is out of the way…...more

I'm going for a long walk

It's almost two years since my husband and I took a van-load of students to Tanzania, to visit our friends Jonathan and Rose Kyando, who lead a small church in Mbeya, Tanzania.It broke our hearts.From the valley town of Mbeya, we took the long, bone-shaking drive up into the hills to the small village of Ndaga, close to the Zambian border, sadly reknown for the many orphans left behind after migrant parents die and leave no extended family to care for the children....more

I run to be strong, happy, and for a tight tush. Sue me.

Two years ago this week I began running. It started with a hard look at what I was and wasn’t doing and the realization that I needed to change something. I had passed the 40-year milestone and being out of breath by the time I got to the top of the stairs wasn’t on my life goals. Nor was feeling frazzled by a sometimes over-scheduled and hectic life. I needed an outlet....more
I flirt with yoga and running and walking but I don't think I've found my thing yet. more