Sunday Run-down: June 27-July 3

Even though it's been July for a couple days now, I just can't get used to the idea that July 4th is tomorrow.  It's weird!  June went by so quickly!  But July 4th=holiday, so I'll take it....more

Garmin Gets It Wrong (Again)

Image by guccio@文房具社 via Flickr...more

I'm Not Sorry

Here's a topic I've been wanting to address for a while lately: apologies.  Specifically, women, apologies, and exercise.  It's something I've danced around a bit, especially when I've posted about group running, but not something I've had a chance to address directly yet.  Until now!(How ominous is that introduction?  I hope very, because this post isn't meant to be ominous at all and I think some incongruity is in order.)...more

Definitely- men never say things like that, even when they do suck at tennis :p This is ...more

First Run of the Week

The week before last, I didn't go running until Wednesday.Last week I went running for the first time on Thursday.This week, my first run was yesterday.  I ran again today, and I plan to run tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  Even if I miss one of those days, I can still get in a solid four days of running, and not have to try to cram mileage in over two or three days because that's all I have left in the week....more

Sunday Run-Down: We Can do Better Than This

After a bad day yesterday, I went to bed thinking, "It's okay, there's always tomorrow.  I'll make up for the bad day I had today by doing better tomorrow."  Well, I don't know.  I sort of gave up on today as soon as I woke up this morning.  I don't know why, really.  I just didn't really have it in me to bother summoning the energy I would have needed to do just about anything.  And so instead of working on small tasks or just focusing on getting one thing accomplished, I threw in the towel and figured, "Why bother?"...more

It's time to play...

...Choose that marathon training plan!!...more

How to train your horse - or your husband

 IntroductionThere is nothing worse than all those Natural Horsemanship books and "How my horse chose me" and Horse whispering memoires. This (very practical, indeed!) blog here will be about how to apply the social knowledge and communication ability of the horse to the human. There are several principles of horse training, which are the same across every discipline, but are emphasized primarily in those Natural Horsemanship books and hence often disputed as tree-hugger-super-vegan-love-the-earth-philosophies and not taken seriously....more

Calling the shots by Lianne Castelino So my littlest guy had a huge moment in the sun (literally and figuratively!) last night!  He's 11 and was most thrilled when I told him a few months ago that the new baseball league he and his brother would be playing in this year also trained umpires to work league games.  Both he and his brother would be eligible to learn to umpire, if they so desired.  What's more, they would both be paid for their efforts. ...more

Strip Fat

No time to workout? This one will only take minutes…….   Some days just don’t have enough hours in it to get everything accomplished. Time is limited and at the gym you are trying to decide if it will be better to do cardio or weights. You can actually do both by doing a circuit routine. Think of circuit training as a two for one deal: It improves your strength and keeps your heart rate elevated due to a higher number of reps, constant movement and minimal rest....more

Sometimes the Progress is Between My Ears

My training partner Albert is good at weights. Just like once upon a time I used to be a swimmer and runner, he was once a body builder. We're both a good, long distance from those days (20 years for me and 15 for him), but it seems like they are imprinted. Our bodies remember how to move that way, even if the intensity level isn't the same. And our minds remember what those old intensity levels were. Albert remembers being able to bench press more than 300 pounds. I remember, very clearly, when I used to run ten miles at a time a couple of times a week....more