I went to my first PFLAG meeting. Nobody was there.

      I went to my first parent support meeting, i.e. PFLAG (http://community.pflag.org/Page.aspx?pid=194&srcid=-2).  ...more
I have had this experience with other self-help groups - you finally get up the gumption to go, ...more

Giving Birth to a Unicorn: When Your Child Comes Out as Transgender

I thought I was liberal. I thought I'd evolved from the person I was in my youth: conservative, religious, and specific to this post, a hater of gays and lesbians. It's been a long and frequently shameful road to the person I am now (or the person I thought I was now). The person I am now truly believed that I was a good person, a someone who accepted the LGBT community wholeheartedly. ...more
Reading this makes me so comforted, it is a struggle for parents too but some of them are ...more

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Yup, it's Girl Scout cookie time.Those girls time it just right. Just as your New Years diet resolve is weakening, they come a'knocking.In case you need a little nudge toward an extra box of coconut-caramel Samoas, here are 10 good reasons why you should buy Girl Scout cookies....more

Welcoming a New Blogger to the Fold

Saturday, my blog celebrated seven years in the "Burghosphere" ... a significant milestone. When I look around Pittsburgh's blogosphere - I see only two political bloggers of longer duration and a handful of familiar faces from back in the day. And that's fine - its the nature of the beast (er, beat?) I've been struggling as how to keep the momentum going while my own energy and attention are drawn in so many directions. I noticed two key things.First, I just can't carve out enough time to devote to each issue. ...more

Storytelling on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Whether you know it or not, since 1998 November 20th has been set aside as the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day for remembering the tragically high number of transgender men and women who have lost their lives to violence. Tonight there will be memorial vigils held in cities across the nation. Candles will be lit, and stories will be told....more
The transgendered community was vital in the repeal of DADT, many of whom served our country ...more

When My Husband Came Out as a Woman

My husband came out to me as a woman this summer, three days after our five-year wedding anniversary. We were supposed to have our first date with a babysitter that night, but she bailed on us. Instead, we went out as a family for an afternoon drink at the local pub, fresh from the pool where I spent pretty much every day this summer with our four-year-old daughter. It was a damn good wedding anniversary. I think we were both feeling that our marriage had arrived at its strongest ever....more

Leave the Pregnant Man Alone!

After a nine year marriage, Thomas Beatie, who became famous in 2008 for giving birth to a little girl, and his wife Nancy are calling it quits. Beatie was born a woman but began transitioning to male in 2002, taking testosterone and having his breasts removed, but kept his female reproductive organs so that he could have children-- three, to be precise. Despite his pregnancy, Beatie told Barbara Walters that "I felt like Nancy's husband, and I felt like the father of my child." ...more

Transgender Response to Girl Scout Calling For Boycott

A few days ago, news started making the blog rounds that a 14-year-old Girl Scout named Taylor was calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the Scout's support of "transgender promotion." BlogHer posted about the issue, although the video has since been made private. I made transcript of the original video out of the worry that it would be taken down....more
I loved this, and I really hope that girl gets the education she needs to understand trans* ...more

Girl Scout Calls for Cookie Boycott Over Transgender Inclusion

If a 14-year-old girl named Taylor had her way, I'd have said "No thanks" yesterday when my friend suckered me into buying four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. (And by "suckered" I mean "asked." Thin mints? Twist my arm.) Taylor and Girl Scouts USA watchdog outfit HonestGirlScouts want to hit the Girl Scouts where founder Juliette Lowe likely never thought they'd live: a boycott of cookie sales. Taylor speaks at length in a YouTube video about the danger of the inclusion of a seven-year-old Colorado resident named Bobby Montoya in a local Girl Scout troop....more
I haven't bought their cookies since they started adding my worst allergy HFCS, high fructose ...more

Kids’ Gender Stereotypes —Let’s All Relax

  (To see the photos that go with this text please click on my blog:    http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com/     Back in the seventies, when I was giving birth to my three children, we young Manhattan mothers were determined that we would not impose gender stereotypes on our kids. ...more