Top 10 places to visit in Barcelona

If you are a family, a student or a couple wondering what to see in Barcelona, you’re at the right place. We are going to provide you with a small guide so you can mark a route of monuments, places to visit, activities ...Or did you think that you were going to run out of things to do in the city?...more

Our First Disney Cruise Experience!

Hey, beautiful people! We are back from our Disney Cruise and we had such an amazing time. The service on the ship was amazing. The food was amazing. The weather was amazing and our daughter loved it! My husband did a great job planning and organizing this for us. Thank you, Disney Cruise Line, for starting our year exciting and magical!...more

Panama, You Never Disappoint!

Five nights in Panama is simply not enough.  The 9am departure of the close to 5-hour, non-stop flight from Washington Dulles to Tocumen International coincided with the beginning of the ceremony of the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United Sates.  And, with the kick-off of my birthday celebrations.  Perfect timing....more

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Disneyland Dollar

Our family recently went to he happiest place on earth. I'm not a Disney fanatic or anything but I grew up in Southern California, so Disneyland is just a thing you do. You know. For the kids. But let's face it, it's hard not to fall under the spell of all that fantasy and wide-eyed magic. There's always a little something for everyone, whether it's the nostalgia of practically throwing up on the teacups or the breathless terror of jolting halfway to your death on Space Mountain....more

What to do in Tampa FL

Tampa is the most famous city in Florida. It is the largest town in the Florida Bay area. It has become one of the most tourist attraction city for various reason like sightseeing, beach, etc. As it has become very popular among tourists because of its tourist's attraction areas, many expensive hotels, pools and golf courses and other facilities are increasing. You can visit here with your family, friends or alone. In every way, you will fall in love with this city....more

The Best Accessible Places to Visit in the UK with Disabled Children

It can be extremely challenging for parents to find accessible places to take their disabled children, which can make any kind of holiday or trip particularly stressful. It is important that you know in advance just how accessible a destination is, as otherwise, it could end up being a very chaotic, difficult, and miserable trip for all. Fortunately, there are a few fantastic family friendly accessible destinations around the UK to consider. Science Museum, London...more

5 Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List in 2017

With the end of 2016 and new years resolutions now well under way, one of your resolutions may have been to travel more and take your family to places you've never been before in the country. There are always the well-known fun and frills that you might find in the big cities or high end resorts, but there are other rentals and resorts you may have never thought to visit. If you like to see some of America's most picturesque locations, here are a few places you should consider booking in 2017....more

Best Travel Deal Sites

Credits: House of fortune...more

New Year’s Resolutions Every Traveler Should Make

The world always seemed much bigger when I started travel writing, and the editors would always tell me that the places I wanted to write about were too exotic. There was a time when people considered Australia and South Africa just too far away. Now there are plenty of non-stop flights to just about anywhere you want to go....more


You'll find two level of answers of why people travel. The first is probably the most obvious one the reason we quote to others and present ourselves. We travel to ensure that we learn more about the world, know more about different cultures, attend activities and are able to see views....more