Six Romantic Places to visit in The UK for Literature Lovers

The United Kingdom has produced some of the most beautiful words ever written, by some of the most iconic and memorable Writers. It is no wonder therefore that there are so many corners of our little island touched by a literary hand. Our literature and places are intertwined in that we cannot help but envision a city, a village or a stretch of hillside through the eyes of the Writer’s who immortalised them within their work.  ...more

7 tips on how to bargain while traveling

Let’s face it – it is really difficult to resist all the shopping temptations while traveling. Those colorful stalls at local markets are like magnets, attracting visitors with their pretty trinkets, handicrafts or artworks. Ok, maybe your will is stronger than mine. I’m constantly working on it. But you have to admit, that it’s almost inevitable to buy something on the way.Negotiating prices with taxi drivers is another part of traveling , where some bargaining skills are crucial....more

Serenity Areas Onboard the Disney Fantasy!

25 signs you are addicted to travel

  1. You just clicked to read this post, because deep down inside you know it will be about you.2. Every time you hear the word ‘travel’ your heart beat quickens a little bit. And seeing an amazing travel photo feels just like meeting a person you have a crush on.3. Buying plane tickets is your perfect drug, which gives you a natural high and puts you in a state of joy for a couple of days....more

Child Safety at Disney

 Preparation is the key, make a plan....more

My First She Knows Expert Article: I'm not a picky diner, I have serious food allergies

Thank you to SheKnows! I am now a SheKnows Expert and my first article is live on the site!I'm not a picky diner, I have serious food allergiesSitting at brunch before the conference, I did not want to make a fuss, so I ate the pineapple stained red by the strawberries. As the roof of my mouth began to swell like I just ate a piece of pizza straight out of wood-burning fire, I knew I was still allergic....more

Błędowska Desert - Poland

BŁĘDOWSKA DESERTNot far from Olkusz is the Błędowska Desert. This is the biggest desert in Europe and it just happens to be situated a short drive from where we stayed in Poland....more

a love triangle

Charleston.Oh, you beautiful, magical land of the Chucks. I've been wanting to write a p...more