Plane Awkwardness Caused by Tom Cruise

While I LOVE traveling, sometimes (um…always) I really wish I could just use some Floo powder rather than deal with the hassles of flying on an airplane.Of course, this time it was totally my own darn fault.And no, I’m not talking about the rude, rude, RUDE boy who took up more than his share of room....more

How to Visit Virginia Beach on $25 or Less

There is more to Virginia Beach, Virginia than 14 miles of fee-free public beaches. There are many free activities and events in the city, and others which charge a small admission fee. It's very easy to enjoy a full day's activities on $25 or less....more

All About Austin

I’m so glad I finally got a chance to type up all my thoughts on last week’s super fun trip to Austin, Texas. Instead of giving you a boring-ish daily breakdown, I’m just sticking with the highlights of where I went, what I ate and what I bought…...more

Five Tips for Budget-Conscious Travelers in Panama City Beach, Florida

 Image via Flickr by Dreamcious...more

Marge And In Charge

*some names have been changed to protect the guilty*Let’s just get this out of the way. Marge is not a nice person. I’m sure she has her reasons, but I’m no longer content with her “moody” label—as that would indicate fluctuations.Almost every year, we head up to the Pacific Northwest to spend a week in a family cabin on a beautiful lake. Our time is spent in one of three ways:...more

Day Trip to New York in Photos

A train ride into the city.....more

My version of Street Photography

Living, Loving, Laughing...

Riding in cars of trains

This weekend my husband and I will be taking a train up to New York City. I have never had much affection for the Big Apple with its over-populated streets, subway smells, and the city’s overall need for speed. With my husband’s increasing need to go to the city because, “that’s where things happen,” I find myself occupying space on its streets more often. The exciting part about this particular trip will not be to see its tall buildings or its incredible venues to park yourself in a chair to people watch, it will be the train ride. I loves trains....more