Things You Learn As A Female Solo Traveler

I travel.  I travel a LOT.  Travel has always been a huge priority in my life, even when I couldn't afford a plane ticket.  It is something I hope to continue until I'm no longer physically able to board a plane.When I think of all my travels, one thing sticks out, I'm almost always alone.Some people might find this sad or depressing, but the reality so far from that. Some of my greatest travel experiences have been while I was traveling alone....more

The World Through a Traveler's Eyes

My friend is currently hopping her way around Paris and Prague on what is her first international trip. Getting sporadic updates here and there on Instagram, today I received an email from her saying, “Count me in for wherever you want to go.  This is so good.”  Confused, I wrote back, “I’m confused. What’s so good?” Her response? “Traveling! It’s the best!”So is another bitten by the travel bug. Infected with the love of travel that neither time nor age can cure. ...more

Planning a Disney Vacation

We have been home for a week and are trying to settle back into routine.  It's been a little difficult as Mr. K has been sick with a tummy bug most of the week....more

Let a sip of Piedirosso DOC take you to the Island of Ischia

 Tonight's wine glass is indeed a tastefully Piedirosso DOC 2013 from the island of Ischia, in the bay of Naples in southern Italy.   ...more

4 Wanderlust-Inducing Podcast Channels for the Amateur Traveler

The feeling of wanderlust is something that’s hard to ignore. Once you get the urge to move and discover new places, the travel bug’s bite gets itchier with every trip. For amateur travelers, traveling represents a new beginning that nourishes growth as a human being and it’s important to stock up on knowledge to make trips memorable....more

Winter in Whitehorse

This week was yet another illustration of why I love my Canada, the beauty of all the seasons we have.  I was back in Whitehorse ( and no northern lights again) but she was still beautiful. This is a picture that I took the end of September when I was there.  ...more

A Week in Napa - Part 3

A Week in Napa - Part 2

Gathering Stories from the Camino de Santiago

I’m working on a new project.  My goal is to create a continuously-growing online library of individual stories from the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. My hope is that these stories will inspire and motivate those who have not yet walked and provide sweet recollection for those who have.  I believe there is very powerful content out there and I would like to consolidate it....more

The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim / Camino de Santiago

The Beatitudes of the PilgrimWhile on the Camino de Santiago, I visited the Church of St. Stephen in the tiny village (eight houses) of Zabaldika, Spain.  There, a nun gave me a paper with this text.  I don’t know it’s origin.  But I do know I love it....more