Want To Be A Travel Blogger? Ready for 75 Steps For A Single Post?

Think Being A Travel Blogger Is Easy? Think Again!Who wouldn't want to be a travel blogger? It sounds like the best job in the world! And, as I know from personal experience, it can be! But it's also a lot of work - in fact, there are 75 steps involved in creating just a single blog post and I bet it's the same for foodie, fashion, lifestyle, and parenting bloggers too. Even when you're pursuing your passion there is a lot of work involved!...more

Wine Country Migration: Moving from Sonoma County to the Central Coast

I worked in family owned wineries in Sonoma County for 7 years and enjoyed (mostly) every minute of it. During those 7 years, I worked in three of the major regions in Sonoma County: Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Valley...more

Blogher Pro 2014, San Francisco... from my heart...because I know not everyone could have attended

THE ARRIVALPort Of Spain, Piarco Airport...more
Jenny Lauck Thank you Jenny.....Glad to touch you.more

Starting a New Life Chapter in My 30's

I'm about read to embark on a journey I didn't foresee for myself.Going back to graduate school in my 30's for a degree that will not only not guarantee me a job, but which does not, on it's own, even make me competitive to receive the jobs I am interested in.So, Why am I doing it?...more

Tips for traveling with your kids – Part 1

With lots of holiday time coming up, the kids’ school schedules are opening up and that means time and opportunity for doing some serious traveling beyond the old weekend warrior thing. Whether that means a trip to grandma’s halfway across the country or a family vacation, traveling with kids always comes with both challenges and rewards.Here are 4 quick tips and ideas to help minimize or mitigate the challenges and help maximize the rewards of traveling with your kids....more

Surreal Scotland

This week's Photo challenge by The Daily Post,Converge, immediately brings to mind an  amazing road trip to Scotland.The medieval style of architecture in old town Edinburgh as well as Glasgow is at once both intriguing and intimidating. In the pictures featured in this post the convergence of building, human and nature elements is clearly visible.The first picture is on the highway to Edinburgh, Scotland....more

The Loco-Motion

From my blog, Take It Easy published on 21 November 2014In the late 50s/early 60s, when I was a boy, car ownership was much less prevalent than now. We were in the majority: we didn't have a car. This meant that holidays and days out were usually taken by train. Of course, this was part of every little boy's dream in those days: when we grew up we wanted to be Casey Jones. I am old enough to remember the noise and mess of steam trains, before diesel and electric power came along. It was fabulous!...more