A vacation by myself (and to myself)

The commitment I make to my hobbies and interests is pretty lackadaisical, and I like it that way. To me, hobbies and interests shouldn’t involve commitment, goals, or any aspiration of achievement. I read a great piece recently by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between a career, a job, a hobby, and a vocation. (Interestingly, what led me to read it was that I thought it said “vacation,” and was going to be about work/life balance. But it turned out to be even better, since it’s really about the things we do that make life meaningful.)...more

What to Do When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

Winter Storm Jonas has hit the East Coast, shutting down the NYC transit system and the NY State Governor issuing a travel ban on the roads. Whether it's rain, snow, sleet, or fog, unfortunately bad weather for travelers means cancelled or delayed flights. If you've ever planned to travel during times of inclement weather, here are three easy tips on what you can do when your flight gets cancelled or delayed....more


We arrived in Fairhope the day after Christmas, when a forty five degree chill accompanied a spectacular orange, purple and crimson sunset on the bay. The camellias were in bloom, contradicting the holiday decorations and the season altogether....more

Why Traveling to "Find Yourself" Is the Worst Idea Ever

When I wanted to find myself, I didn’t go some place far away and secluded like an ashram in India. The distance was too great and I still considered myself Catholic at that time; so I went for the next best thing. Image via Shutterstock ...more
I agree with you that finding yourself is an inner journey and can happen at many different ...more

What to Pack for a Family Ski Trip

Sightseeing in DC and C-ville

 CharlottesvilleWe spent New Year's Eve at a winery in Charlottesville, Virginia celebrating my cousin's wedding....more

Explore Bryce Canyon Country and Garfield County in Utah

 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Utah? Do images of vast valleys, red soil, unique rock formations, desert, arches and mountain peaks appear in your mind’s eye? Photo credit: BryceCanyon.com ...more

Hotel Review: Parador Resort and Spa

 Parador Resort and Spa is impressive and not just because it was built on a privileged location and breathtaking surroundings. There is so much more than meets the eye!The spacious Pacific Vista suites are located in Las Suites Building, on the highest point of the resort. The room...more

Tips for Surviving a Gluten-Free Allergy in Europe

Europe can be a challenge for those with a gluten allergy.Particularly if, like me, you're from a place that has a wealth of gluten-free fresh baked goods options, and a plethora of international/ethnic food options (The Bay Area in California), not to mention a Whole Foods supermarket in every city.  ...more