My 3 favorite spots to eat in Big Sur

This was my NaBloPoMo entry for November 5th, but somehow it didn't go through yesterday. It still counts to me, since I posted it on my blog yesterday ;-) ...more

3 Ways to See Central America While Working

If they could, some people would travel forever. They would enjoy the cherry blossoms of Asia in the spring, bike through cool European summers, and lie on Central American beaches in the winter. The desire to travel isn’t the problem — the lack of money is. Most people are limited by the number of vacation days allowed by their jobs or the funds in their bank accounts. However, there are plenty of opportunities to travel and earn money — especially in Central America. Here are a few examples....more

How to spend a perfect weekend in San Diego?

It seems like San Diego has it all, right?  It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and tourists love making weekend getaways there. Here are some peculiar activities you can make and places you can visit to spend a nice trip or vacations in there, you will see that you can't definitely get enough of this beautiful place. ...more

Dottie's Kolaches in Heber, Utah

I can’t remember the first time I heard about kolaches, but I do remember first making them myself maybe 5 or 6 years ago off an archived newspaper recipe. A kolache is a beautiful little baked pastry with choose-your-own filling. They’re labor-intensive and taste best hot out of the oven, which puts them in the same category as donuts and cinnamon buns: learn to make them, appreciate them, and then pay a professional baker to make them for you....more

remember when

When I first started this blog back in 1997 (just kidding. But sometimes it does feel that long. Except no one would ever want to read eight-year old Emily's thoughts), I really just started this because I like to write. I like to write, I like to tell stupid, silly stories, and so one day Yippee! It's MLE was born and brought home from the hospital so that I could write down those stupid, silly stories. ...more

Top 6 Places you Should Visit In Florida

If you are wondering where to spend your holidays, whether you are looking to just relax and chill at the seashore or enjoy a thriving art scene with a healthy dose of nightlife, you can’t go wrong with Florida. With a coastline that stretches on for hundreds of miles, Florida is especially perfect for the beach lovers out there. Florida has a lot of beaches to offer, but if you are staying in Orlando, you cannot miss out on the scenic sights of Cocoa Beach....more

Why Traveling Charitably is Traveling Fashionably

Even though many people picture a vacation as a time to simply relax and unwind, it’s also a great way to help out people around the world while you explore. There are numerous ways you can be charitable and philanthropic while you travel.Go on a Volunteer VacationImage via Flickr by Frontierofficial...more

Loreto- Where the Mountains Kiss the Sea!

Loreto- Where the Mountains Kiss the Sea! Looking for an undiscovered outdoor adventure? A destination away from the beaten path while providing you with fresh local cuisine, outdoor activities, history and culture. Then look no further then Loreto, Baja California!  ...more