Why the Best Time to Travel Is With a Baby

Congratulations, you just had a baby. Maybe travel is the last thing on your mind right now. Maybe you think that when the baby is bigger, more independent, travel will be easier. Well, I’m here to tell you that it won’t be and that the best time to travel is with a baby.Why we stopped travelling with our children...more

Imagining a Life in the Red Chairs

Jerome, Arizona, is high up. It's not as high up as some towns in Arizona but it seems to be everyone's favorite high up town. It is old and carefully quirky, all the rust is artful and intentional and the mood is specially crafted to make visitors regret many of their life decisions.Why don't we live up on this mountain so we could sit in these red chairs?...more

Impromptu Flower Press from a Coffee Sleeve

I came up with a simple solution for pressing rose petals after an out-of-town wedding, using a cardboard coffee sleeve and a hair clip. ...more

Bucket List Destination: Indonesia

  Do you believe in signs? How about synchronicity?Those unexplainable yet obvious occurrences that happen (when you least expect it) yet they make you stop and make you wonder. Well, I have been seeing signs and noticing them so in the past few days....more

A Tiny Cup of Heaven: Drinking Coffee in Italy

Italians are serious about their coffee. My husband, Blythe, is also serious about his coffee. Here are his thoughts on the Italian coffee drinking experience....more

A Strategically Located Embassy for a Capital Visit to DC

You've got some pretty impressive neighbors when you're staying at the Embassy Suites Washington DC Convention Center. The President, for example, lives just down the street. The first night we were in town, we were wandering around after dinner and ended up strolling by the White House....more

What to Pack for your Eat-Pray-Love Trip to Find Yourself

If you’re inspired by movies like Wild, Tracks, or plan to eat-pray-love your way to purpose and contentment this spring break, you’re going to need a few survival essentials. The path to finding your purpose is a steep one, both challenging and revelatory, unique to every individual yet universal in certain lessons and necessities. So regardless of whether you’re planning a one year trip around the world, or just amping up to finally make that cross-country move or climb the corporate ladder at your dream job, these are the tools you’ll need....more


 What makes  a perfect Road Trip? Good company and a destination in mind. Ok, so there may be a little more to it than just that....more