Visiting London This Summer? Here's What You Should Do

London summers are really hit or miss. Near the start of this year's summer, we had two straight weeks of chilly, driving rain. Luckily, that's passed and we've reached some pretty warm temperatures. Needless to say, I'm taking advantage of it like woah. Between strolling around our local parks (London's are the best), discovering back streets, and going to cool things like steam fairs, we've been out and about as much we can....more

American Adventure- World Records & Wine

So on Monday, after 5 full days in Wilmington we headed back to Lexington. This post might be quite short. The very first bit of the trip was brilliant, after that it got a little tough and not that much fun!...more

Healthy gym, conference + festival eating: here are all the resources you need

Friends! My brother + almost-sister-in-law tie the knot this week, so I’ll be largely away from the internet. If we’re buds on Instagram, though, we can “like” each other’s visual updates and laugh together about our adventures. Come say hi!...more

My American Adventure- Wilmington, North Carolina

Hi Beauties(A special shout out to Emily who says i'm "precious" online and in real life) Hope you're doing well.So we left Wilmington yesterday and I decided to write about my highlights of the trip....more

Weekend Getaway: Durham, North Carolina

Last month, we hightailed it over to Durham, North Carolina (that's in the US, folks) to throw my sweet big sister a baby shower. North Carolina is the state in which I was born, the state in which my sister and more recently, my mother, live, and the state we plan to move to post-London.It's a lovely state, that North Carolina. Beautiful as all get out, relaxed, friendly, and super happening, too. We were there for just a few short days but we sure did make the most of it. Here's what we got up to:...more

You Looking At Me?

I am one of those people who enjoys eating cereal for dinner...not eyeballs.   Tonight, I had Special K and a banana and loved every bite.  Everyone always ask me if I love the food here in China.  For a "foodie", China would be paradise.  For a non-foodie like me, it's challenging.  But not only do I really, really not like eating weird stuff, I get sick so easily.  So, travelling all the time, I am constantly invited to go to business dinners where I get to watch but not eat the food because I know, without a ...more

Fullness of Life: Traveling With Family

There is hardly a more significant activity a family can do than travel together. The benefits are innumerable. It bonds you in activity and adventure. It creates diversity in the necessarily routine everyday life of raising children. It presents the opportunity of unending educational input in the guise of fun and relaxation. The possibilities of where you can go and what you can do are virtually limitless. Here are some ideas. On the Road ...more

The Loveless Cafe in Nashville

The other day I did something very exciting. I met up with a blogging friend - the blogging friend that got ME into blogging 8 years ago. Until this past weekend, we had never met in person.We met at the landmark Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.Read about our adventure Here...more

In Miami with Kids? Don't Miss Lincoln Road

 Miami Beach is a perfect destination for a family getaway. Lately, the restaurant scene has been changing dramatically, with up-and-coming chefs opening new places all over town. Miami is bringing a more sophisticated scene to that same old hotel-by-the-beach vibe that used to be the theme back in the 80s and 90s. If you're in Miami with kids, Lincoln Road is my favorite spot to bring the whole family. Located between West Avenue and Washington Avenue, Lincoln Road is a pedestrian-only promenade at the epicenter of South Beach....more

TRAVEL: A Day Out With Thomas Event at Greenfield Village

Can anyone tell me if there is a toddler who doesn’t love Thomas? (Not me, but you never know.)...more